12 Best Spotify Playlist Pitching Services in 2024

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Spotify is an excellent platform for releasing and promoting your music. As you already know, there are countless playlists on this streaming platform. 

Therefore, using a Spotify playlist pitching service can take your promotion to the next level. These music promotion services can connect you with independent playlist curators on the platform and help get your music placed on targeted playlists. 

While it’s possible to promote your music on your own, working with a professional can be even more beneficial.

When it comes to Spotify playlist placement, many Spotify promotion companies are available, but some can be expensive. However, some options offer affordable assistance in placing your music on the right playlists for your target audience.

To help artists starting out in their careers, I have compiled a list of the top 12 Spotify playlist pitching services to try this year. 

By working with the best Spotify playlist placement services, you can get expert marketing assistance and increase your chances of growing your fanbase, learn more about managing your Spotify account, artist appearance, and much more. 

So don’t hesitate to reach out and get your tracks heard by the right listeners.


How Can a Spotify Playlist Pitching Service Help Your Career Grow?

Using a Spotify playlist pitching service can provide you with organic promotion and help an artist’s business grow in several ways:

  1. Increased visibility: Including your music in a popular playlist can expose your own music to a larger audience, potentially leading to more streams, followers, and, ultimately, increased revenue. When you get more exposure and gather around real listeners, you can get that coveted spot on Spotify’s editorial playlists more easily.
  2. Professional guidance: A Spotify pitching service can provide professional guidance and expertise on the most effective strategies to include your music in Spotify playlists.
  3. Time-saving: Submitting your music to Spotify playlists can be a time-consuming process. A Spotify playlist pitching service can take care of this process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Unlock the door to success and pave the way to your first million streams with proven promotion strategies!
  4. Networking opportunities: Spotify promotional services may have connections within the music industry, not just playlist owners, which could lead to collaboration opportunities or other business ventures.


Is Playlisting a Scam?

The world of playlisting is murky. It’s like the Wild West of music promotion, filled with sheriffs and outlaws. 

So you might be wondering, “Is playlisting a big, fat scam?” The short answer is no if you work with the right playlisting services!

Some legit playlist pitching services can help you get your songs in front of new ears, bump up your stream counts, and even help you land on Spotify’s editorial playlists. These good guys in white hats make sure your music is heard far and wide.

But like any industry, there’s a dark side. Some companies promise the moon and the stars but deliver zilch. They might even use bots to artificially inflate your stream count, which is unethical and can get you booted off Spotify. 

So yes, some aspects of playlisting can be scammy, but not all of it. The trick is to separate the wheat from the chaff.


How to Choose the Right Spotify Playlist Promotion Service for Your Needs?

best spotify pitching service

When choosing Spotify playlisting services, it’s important to do your research and consider the following factors before you try pitching your music:

  • Cost: Compare the cost of different pitching services to find one that fits your budget. Remember that the most expensive service is not necessarily the best, and you may find a service that offers similar services at a lower price.
  • Reputation: Look for a service with a good industry reputation. Check out online reviews and ask other musicians or industry professionals for recommendations.
  • Services offered: Consider the specific services that the service offers and whether they meet your needs. Do they provide placement strategies, research the most suitable Spotify playlists for your music, or personal consultations with industry professionals?
  • Success rate: Look for a service with a proven track record of success in getting music included in Spotify’s playlists.
  • Transparency: Choose a service that is transparent about its process and communicates what you can expect from its services.

Having realistic expectations about the results you can expect from a Spotify pitching service is also a good idea. While these services can be helpful tools for promoting your music, there are no guarantees that your music will be included in Spotify playlists.


Tips for Using a Spotify Playlist Pitching Service Successfully

Here are some tips for using a Spotify pitching service successfully:

  1. Research different services: Look for a service with a good reputation within the industry that meets your needs. Compare the cost and success rates of different services to find the one that is the best fit for you.
  2. Have high-quality music: Make sure your music is high quality and ready for public consumption before submitting it for consideration. It includes having professional-sounding recordings and properly formatted metadata.
  3. Follow the service’s submission guidelines: Each service will have its submission guidelines, so be sure to follow them carefully. It includes providing all required information and submitting your music in the correct format.
  4. Be patient: It can take time to get your music included in Spotify’s playlists, even with the help of a pitching service. Be patient and continue promoting your music through other channels while you wait for a response.
  5. Keep an open mind: While it’s natural to have specific playlists or genres in mind when submitting your music, it’s also important to be open to other opportunities. A Spotify pitching service may have connections and insights that could lead to unexpected opportunities for your music.
  6. Keep track of your results: Keep track of the results of your submissions and use this information to improve your future submissions. Consider what worked and what didn’t, and use this information to refine your approach.


Spotify Pitching Services to Promote Your Music

Some pitching services may be superior to others depending on what you, as an artist, seek to enhance your marketing strategy. I’ve compiled a list of the top 12 platforms you can use to get your music heard by the right audience so that everyone can get what they need.


Top 12 Spotify Playlist Pitching Services

The top Spotify pitching and placement services, in my opinion, based on research and personal experience, are:

  1. SoundCampaign
  2. Indie Music Academy
  3. Playlist Push
  4. Daimoon Media
  5. Omari MC
  6. Playlist-Promotion
  7. Boost Collective
  8. Groover
  9. SubmitHub
  10. SubmitLink
  11. MySphera
  12. Soundplate


I strongly advise learning more about each tool’s functionality to help you decide which service to use. So, let’s examine the key factors you should consider when contrasting these 12 Spotify pitching services.


1. SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

SoundCampaign is a music promotion service that offers a straightforward and easy process for artists to get their music heard by Spotify curators.

How does it work

To use the service, all you have to do is upload your song and set up the genres for your campaign.

You will be notified of any updates or changes to your track because everything operates independently. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your campaign is running smoothly and efficiently.

For artists just starting out in their careers, budgeting can be a concern. Because of this, SoundCampaign has implemented a special “Artist Protection Program” that enables artists to get their money back within 14 days of the campaign’s conclusion if they don’t receive curator reviews for their songs.


The average price of a campaign is around $150, though this can change depending on how many curators you want to hear your song. Each campaign guarantees that your song will be analyzed by at least six curators globally, increasing your chance of being added to a popular Spotify playlist.

Before a campaign begins, SoundCampaign clearly states all expenses and fees, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the service. 

If you have a limited budget, you can choose how much you want to spend on the campaign, and SoundCampaign will provide an estimate of the total number of curators who will be notified about your track. This allows you to better understand how your budget is being used and what level of exposure you can expect from the campaign.

It’s worth noting that each campaign is limited to one song and runs for 14 consecutive days, giving curators enough time to listen to and analyze your track. After the campaign ends, you’ll receive an update on the status of your song.

Ultimately, when it comes to promoting your music, it’s important to work with a company that can deliver results. At SoundCampaign, we connect artists with hundreds of trusted curators and offer a high success rate for getting your music on their playlists. 

We understand that your budget and time are valuable, and we strive to make your investments worth it.


2. Indie Music Academy

Indie Music Academy Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Indie Music Academy is a Spotify promotion service that stands out for its unique approach to helping its clients.

How does it work

Indie Music Academy’s Spotify promotion service is a top choice for those seeking to build their streaming numbers through playlisting. The service offers personalized campaigns, pitching your music to playlists that have been personally verified as legitimate.

Ryan Waczek, the founder of Indie Music Academy, has extensive knowledge of how to differentiate between playlists that use bot streams and those based on human streams, making him a trusted source in the music marketing industry.


For those looking to ensure they are getting organic streams, Indie Music Academy is a great option, starting at $297 for 10,000 guaranteed-real streams. Two Story Melody reported that they ran a campaign for one of their artists, and the results were great! The campaign generated 31,000 real streams in just one month, which is very impressive.

The service is focused on providing legitimate and organic Spotify playlist placement that drives organic growth, meaning that the streams come from real people.

They don’t just provide engagement but also offer education on how to promote music on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms. They believe in teaching real-world music marketing principles rather than just providing shortcuts. 

You can sign up for Indie Music Academy for free and access their training portal, where you can learn advanced techniques for marketing your music on Spotify. 

Many people in the music industry are looking for shortcuts or paying others to promote their music, but learning how to promote your own art and advance your career can be a more rewarding and effective approach.


3. Playlist Push 

Playlist Push Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Playlist Push, a playlist music pitching service, allows artists to pitch their music to playlist curators on Spotify. It is designed to benefit both artists and curators, as it helps artists increase their chances of being featured on a playlist and provides curators with a steady stream of new songs to consider.

How does it work

The process of using the service involves targeting a specific group of music curators, which may require more time and effort than some other tools. Pricing for the campaigns is flexible, with payment options including major credit cards and Google Pay.


According to the FAQ section on their website, the average cost for a Playlist Push campaign is around $450. However, it is not possible to get an accurate quote until all the necessary steps to initiate a campaign have been completed, as multiple factors can affect the total cost.

According to Trustpilot reviews, artists using Playlist Push also receive feedback from curators about whether or not their music was selected for a playlist, giving them valuable insights into the decision-making process and what curators are looking for.

Playlist Push is a Spotify promotion service that caters to both playlist curators and musicians seeking increased exposure. The service focuses on helping musicians get their music noticed by playlist curators who are most likely to be interested in their music. 

In a review of Playlist Push’s services, Two Story reported favorable results from a $325, month-long campaign for a track, with 40,000 streams over several months.


4. Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Daimoon Media is a well-respected promotional company that has been in the industry for a while and understands the needs of its clients. They offer various promotional services for Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, designed to help you grow your audience and reach.

How does it work

In terms of Spotify, they offer two main services: Spotify Play Campaigns and Spotify Playlist Promotion. The Play Campaign involves Daimoon Media sending your track to a wide network of radio stations, DJs, and other promoters to gain additional exposure and interest in your music. They have a variety of options to choose from, so you can find the right fit for your music and goals.

One of the things that sets Daimoon Media apart is their reputation among their clients. They have a good track record of helping artists grow their popularity on Spotify, and their customer support is excellent. If you have any issues or questions, you can get in touch with them at any time, day or night.

They also have a user-friendly portal (in a way similar to Playlist Push but less difficult to use) that allows you to track your campaign and see which lists you’ve been pitched to, including any rejections. This makes it easy to keep track of your progress and see how your campaign is doing.


Daimoon Media doesn’t show pricing upfront—you have to fill out a form first.

For example, if you want to get the most out of the organic growth features of SoundCloud, you will pick a repost campaign. The next step is to decide how many new followers you want. The next step is to add your URL and pick the genre that suits you the best.

In the end, they will tell you the cost to promote that track. For a SoundCloud campaign, it’s around $99. Plain and simple, but a bit confusing.

Overall, I highly recommend giving Daimoon Media a try if you’re looking to grow your audience on Spotify. They have a lot of experience in the industry and know how to work with the Spotify algorithm to help you get on new playlists and reach more listeners.

They’re especially good for electronic music, with a number of lists specifically designed for that genre. So if you’re an electronic artist, give Daimoon Media a shot and see what they can do for you.


5. Omari MC

Omari MC Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Since 2014, the Omari MC team has delivered outstanding results for artists and has received hundreds of “excellent” reviews on reputable review websites. They have been the top Google ranked “best music promotion service” for years for a good reason!

Omari is a reputable company that provides organic and natural promotion on Spotify, not just Spotify! Additionally, they provide YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok music promotion

In their network, they have more than 250,000,000 playlists and channel subscribers across Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram and are trusted by more than 18,500 artists.

How does it work

The setup process takes just a few minutes, and the services are tailored to your needs, so the more you use them, the better the results will be. If you have the budget to work with Omari on a full project, your chances of success are even higher. 

They are a pleasure to work with and set clear, realistic expectations from the start. Their packages are affordable and accessible to any musician.

In addition to their effectiveness, Omari does a great job of explaining how their services work and why they are effective. Their Spotify promotion service focuses on optimal playlist placement to give your tracks maximum exposure. 

If you want to get your new single placed in multiple playlists with tens of thousands of followers, Omari may be the right choice for you. 

They have a proven track record of helping artists grow their popularity on Spotify, and I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re looking to do the same.


You are presented with a number of promotional packages, each with a different price point (ranging from $67 to $697 depending on the package you select) and timeline. These packages can help you get your music on more Spotify playlists and increase the attention your tracks receive.

Omari is well-known in the industry and has a strong online presence, which is a testament to the quality of their services.


6. Playlist-Promotion

Playlist Promotion Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Playlist-Promotion is one of the Spotify promotion services that help musicians increase their visibility and reach on Spotify by getting their tracks placed on relevant playlists. 

Their website claims that they have a network of over 3,000 playlists that span all genres, with new and niche genres expanding daily. 

There are at least 1,000 followers on each playlist. Their database’s largest playlist has more than 1.2 million subscribers.

How does it work

The way they work is simple. Musicians can choose from a range of promotional packages depending on their needs and budget. 

Each package includes a specific number of Spotify playlist placements, and musicians can select the genre and style of the playlist they want to be featured on. 

Their team reviews all the music submitted to them before running a campaign, so they only work with tracks that are of high quality and fit the style of the playlists they are targeting. 

The whole process looks something like this:

  1. Industry professionals on the team will listen to each song and evaluate it. The rest of the process starts once you have the approval.
  2. To get you the best outcomes and the most exposure, their team designs your Spotify promotion campaign based on the genre and mood of the song.
  3. Within two to three days of receiving your song, their curators will create the initial Spotify playlist placement.
  4. You will receive a thorough report that lists all playlist names, the number of followers and direct links to each one.

Once a campaign is launched, Playlist-Promotion partners with legitimate playlisters who care about building sustainable lists to ensure that the tracks get maximum exposure. 

They also provide detailed reports on the progress of the campaign, so musicians can see where their tracks have been placed and how many streams they are getting.

The streams are undoubtedly legitimate. The Playlist-Promotion team partners with legitimate playlisters who are concerned with creating long-lasting lists. You can learn more about their methodology in this video

In addition, they listen to your music and review it before launching a campaign. This means that while you might be turned down, you can rest easy knowing that these guys won’t just steal your money and disappear.


The price of their service depends on the package you choose. For example, if you want to get 100k playlist followers, the package price is $350. The price goes as high as $2,900 for remarkably 1 million followers.


7. Boost Collective

Boost Collective Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

The main selling point of Boost Collective is that they provide the resources needed to handle a variety of tasks in one location, including distribution, mastering, press/PR, cover art creation, and, of course, Spotify promotion. 

The agency employs a distinctive credit-based business model; essentially, artists buy credits that can be used to pay for any of those services.

How does it work

The way they work is simple. Choose the size of your campaign by searching for your song(s) in the campaign builder. The more playlists they add your music to and the larger the campaign, the more they will promote it.

Once a campaign is underway, Boost Collective collaborates with reliable playlisters interested in creating long-lasting lists to ensure the tracks receive the most exposure possible. Your music is submitted to hundreds of curator playlists by Boost Collective. 

To give you the best results possible when you run a campaign with Boost Collective, their team listens to your song and adds it to the playlists that are most appropriate for it.


According to their website, Boost Collective is completely free. There are no hidden fees at all.

With their extensive promotional services and a great network, they can provide a significant boost to your popularity. 

Also, with a team of experts on hand to help you develop a targeted and effective promotional strategy, Boost Collective has all the tools you need to boost your popularity on Spotify.


8. Groover

Groover Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Groover is a music submission platform that aims to make it easier for artists to get their music heard by Spotify curators and industry professionals. 

Since its founding in 2018, Groover has established itself as a top choice for musicians looking to promote their work and connect with industry insiders. 

The platform is especially popular in Europe and has helped numerous artists secure playlist placements, radio plays, and other opportunities.

How does it work

One of the key features of Groover is its submission process, which is designed to be quick and easy. To get started, artists simply need to add their song to the platform and select the curators and industry professionals they want to submit to.

Artists can then customize their submissions to highlight the strengths of their music and increase their chances of being accepted. Finally, artists can send their tracks to their chosen destinations with just a few clicks.

One of the benefits of using Groover is the feedback that artists can receive from curators and industry professionals. 

Within 7 days of submitting their music, artists can expect to receive comments and insights that can help them improve their craft and increase their chances of success. 

Additionally, if a curator or industry professional is interested in an artist’s music, they may provide their contact information so that the artist can stay in touch and potentially secure further opportunities.


They claim their pricing is simple and transparent. Each submission costs two credits, or “Grooviz,” which is equivalent to about $2. This fee is then equally split between the curator/pro and Groover.

Overall, Groover is a valuable resource for musicians looking to promote their music and connect with industry professionals. 

With its simple submission process, fast feedback, and wide range of opportunities, Groover is a platform that can help artists take their careers to the next level.


9. Submit Hub

Submit Hub Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

SubmitHub is a music promotion platform that was launched in 2015 by a music blogger who wanted to create a transparent way for artists to promote their songs.

How does it work

The platform allows artists to submit their newly-released songs to a large number of curators, including Spotify playlisters, bloggers, and social media influencers, for a small fee. 

Unlike some automated platforms, SubmitHub requires artists to select the curators themselves, and curators are required to listen to the track and provide at least 10 words of feedback, unless they decide to add the song to a playlist. 

According to the platform’s averages, about 14% of submissions end up getting placed on playlists.


SubmitHub uses two types of credits – standard and premium

Standard credits are free and allow artists to send their songs to curators and receive feedback on why the song may not have been selected for a playlist. 

Premium credits, on the other hand, must be purchased through the platform’s payment system and allow artists to have their song placed at the top of a curator’s dashboard, requiring them to listen to the song for at least 20 seconds and provide at least 10 words of feedback, unless they add the song to a playlist. 

Most blogs on the platform require 1 credit per song, so using 10 credits allows an artist to have their song assessed by up to 10 different music bloggers.

It’s important to note that SubmitHub does not guarantee results, only that your song will be listened to. While this model may be less risky than platforms that guarantee plays, it does make the investment a little riskier. 

Additionally, feedback from playlist curators on the platform can sometimes be disappointing in terms of quality. Despite these potential drawbacks, SubmitHub is a very popular platform that allows international artists to connect with curators worldwide and is considered to be a fair value for money.


SubmitLink Spotify Playlist Pitching Service


SubmitLink is an online music promotion platform launched in 2019. With a community of over 5,000 industry professionals, SubmitLink aims to provide a transparent and effective way for artists to promote their music.

How does it work

The SubmitLink platform allows artists to directly submit their songs to specific music industry professionals that fit the genre and style of their music. Artists can browse SubmitLink’s industry contact profiles to find relevant curators, bloggers, and A&R reps.

To submit a song, artists must provide details about their tracks and select the industry pros they wish to submit to. SubmitLink uses credits, which artists must purchase, to make their music submissions. Each token allows one submission to one industry professional.

The platform is transparent—industry contacts must listen to at least 30 seconds of any song submitted and leave feedback on what they liked and did not like.

Artists can see if their song has been listened to, view any feedback, and get notified if their track gets added to any curated playlist or blog.


SubmitLink uses a credits-based pricing model with tiers ranging from $10 for five credits to $800 for 500 credits. Each credit allows one submission, enabling artists to target relevant contacts cost-effectively.

Overall, SubmitLink offers a transparent and focused platform for artists to connect with the right industry professionals and get their music heard.


11. MySphera

MySphera Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

MySphera is an online music promotion service founded in 2012. It aims to help artists get their music featured on relevant Spotify playlists, social media platforms, and other tastemaker outlets to reach new audiences.

How does it work

The MySphera promotion process unfolds in four key steps:

  1. Artist submission: Artists submit their music through the MySphera platform.
  2. Expert analysis: The MySphera team, composed of experienced music professionals, carefully analyzes the submitted tracks.
  3. Targeted pitching: Based on their analysis, they pitch the music to relevant tastemakers and curators with a high potential for successful placements.
  4. Artist notification: Artists receive notifications whenever their music gets featured on playlists, social platforms, or other relevant channels.


MySphera offers affordable plans to help artists reach music lovers and promote their new music. You have three options at your disposal.

The Basic plan costs $19.99 per track with strategic Spotify playlist placements over a 21-day campaign. The Premium plan costs $29.99 per track for a 30-day campaign.

The Bundle plan offers five premium campaigns for $134.99, saving artists up to $15 compared to individual purchases. 


12. Soundplate

Soundplate Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

Soundplate is a comprehensive music solutions provider offering boutique record label services and a sophisticated music technology platform. 

Soundplate also offers a targeted playlist submission service that strategically places artists’ music on key Spotify playlists aligned with their genre and audience.

How does it work

Soundplate empowers artists to reach new audiences and gain greater visibility across leading streaming platforms. Their focus extends beyond simple music placement with the addition of Soundplate Clicks, a proprietary smart link technology.

DIY musicians can easily manage and create links directing fans directly to their music on their preferred platforms. This tool fosters engagement through features like pre-save campaigns, bio links, and visually appealing email signatures, boosting fan acquisition.

With Soundplate Clicks, artists can quickly build pre-save campaigns, sharable bio links, visually engaging email signatures, and more to boost fan acquisition.

Additionally, Soundplate gives artists access to an Artist Profile service. This centralized hub consolidates all social media channels, event listings, music links, and other content, creating a single destination for fans.

Soundplate helps independent artists save time while expanding their streaming presence and fanbase through its submission platform, built-in marketing tools, and profile pages.


Soundplate offers a free Basic plan for their Soundplate Clicks, including two links/pre-saves and basic analytics.

For more advanced features, the Pro Unlimited plan ($20/month) provides unlimited links and pre-saves, detailed analytics, artist page creation, and additional marketing tools like geo-targeted event promotion and Facebook retargeting.

Soundplate offers custom pricing plans for labels and enterprises with all Pro features plus added capabilities for managing multiple artists.

Artist page building is included within the Pro Unlimited plan pricing, while playlist submission through their platform carries a separate fee of $15 per playlist.


Choosing the Best Spotify Pitching Service for Your Needs

Let’s make an overview of the best Spotify pitching services we covered in this article.


User reviews






Artist protection



starts at



Automated Extensive Yes

$80 per campaign

Indie Music Academy


Manual Limited No

$297 for 10,000 guaranteed-real streams

Playlist Push


Automated Extensive No

$450 per campaign

Daimoon Media


Automated Limited No

$69 per campaign

Omari MC


Automated Limited No

$67 – $697




Automated Limited No

$390 – $2,900


Boost Collective


Manual Extensive No




Automated Limited No

$2 per submission



Automated Extensive No

$6 for 5 credits



Automated Limited No

$10 for five credits to $800 for 500 credits



Automated Extensive No

$19.99 per track



Manual Limited No

$15 per playlist


Companies You Should Avoid

Okay, we’ve established that not all playlisting services are equal. So, how do you spot a rotten apple in the barrel? Here’s what to look out for:

  • No transparency: If the company is super secretive about its methods, it’s a red flag.
  • Guaranteed success: Nobody can guarantee your song will go viral with guaranteed Spotify playlist placement. Anyone who says otherwise is probably stretching the truth.
  • Incredible low prices: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Quality playlist pitching takes time and resources.
  • No track record: Do your research. If they have little to no evidence of success, it’s a no-go.
  • Bad reviews: Word gets around. If other artists have had bad experiences, chances are you will, too.
  • Unrealistic promises: Look out for outrageous claims like “get on Spotify’s Top 50 in a week.” Even with the best playlist, it’s not that easy.


Avoid companies that exhibit these red flags. Stick with established, reputable services that offer realistic promises and transparent methods. That way, you can ride the playlisting wave to the top without getting wiped out.


Final Thoughts

Spotify is a popular music streaming service used by millions of musicians and music lovers worldwide. The platform offers a wide variety of music from diverse artists, making it easy for people to discover new music they may not have encountered otherwise. 

However, with such a vast and competitive platform, it can be challenging for artists to get noticed and build a fanbase.

It is where Spotify’s promotional services can be valuable. These services help artists submit their music to curators, who create and manage playlists on the platform. 

By getting placed on popular playlists, artists can reach a larger and highly engaged audience and gather potential fans. 

Organic promotion is the key!

However, it’s essential to take the time to carefully research and choose the reputable and best Spotify promotion services. Many options are available, and not all may be reliable or effective. By taking the time to consider your options carefully, you can increase the chances of your efforts resulting in real growth for your fanbase.

SoundCampaign on Trustpilot has an impressive 4.3 score and is the best platform for playlist curators. Using our platform is super easy; all you have to do is upload your song and set up the genres for your campaign. The whole process is then up to us. 

SoundCampaign has a special “Artist protection program” that enables you to get your money back within 14 days if you don’t receive any review from the curator for their song.

Create your first campaign now.


FAQs About the Best Spotify Pitching Services

The success of promoting your music on Spotify depends on what you’re aiming for and how much you’re willing to invest. There are great options like playlist promotion services, getting into social media marketing, teaming up with influencers, or even running specific ads. The trick is to pick a strategy that vibes with your audience and overall goals. So, get creative and choose what feels right for your music!
You can pitch your music to Spotify through various channels. The primary method is Spotify for Artists, which allows you to submit unreleased tracks for playlist consideration. Additionally, you can explore third-party playlist pitching services, collaborate with curators directly, and engage in social media outreach.
A good pitch on Spotify involves several key elements: 1. Optimize your Spotify for artist’s profile 2. Submit quality music 3. Research playlists 4. Craft a compelling pitch
It’s advisable to pitch your music well in advance of the release date. Spotify playlist curators often plan their playlists, and submitting them early gives them time to review and consider your track. Aim to submit your music at least 2-4 weeks before the release date to increase the likelihood of playlist inclusion. However, the timing may vary, so check Spotify guidelines and the preferences of individual curators or playlist services you’re targeting.
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