13 Best TikTok Music Promotion Services in 2024

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Welcome to the grand ballroom of digital fame, where TikTok holds the crown and your music awaits its royal introduction. But let’s face it, getting your tunes to tango in this vast ballroom can feel like finding a needle in a digital haystack. That’s where the magic of TikTok promotion services comes in, serving as your personal DJ, mixing and amplifying your tracks to get the party jumping.

In this groove-filled guide, we’re not just going to nudge you onto the dance floor; we’re going to turn you into the life of the party! We’ll explore how these services can take your TikTok presence and, eventually, your music career from a quiet hum to a roaring chorus, how to pick the one that plays your tune, and how to shimmy around potential slip-ups. And because we know you’re itching to get started, we’ll spotlight the 13 best TikTok music marketing services that are making waves in the digital sea, ready to take your music on a viral voyage:

  1. SoundCampaign
  2. Playlist Push
  3. Omari MC
  4. YouGrow Promo​​
  5. SpaceLoud
  6. Plugged Promotions
  7. UseViral
  8. One Submit​​
  9. Indie Music Academy
  10. Upfluence
  11. Pearpop
  12. TokUpgrade
  13. Fiverr


Does TikTok Promotion Work for Music?

Ah, TikTok! A video-sharing platform where music and moves blend into a viral masterpiece. But let’s cut to the chase: does this social media giant really do wonders for musicians? Imagine TikTok as a massive concert, and you’re the fresh face on stage. Every beat of your song, every rhythm, has the chance to echo through millions of smartphones.

Remember, it’s all about capturing hearts in mere seconds. Your music becomes a wildfire, igniting trends and setting playlists ablaze. However, it’s not just about getting your tune out there; it’s about making it stick, making listeners hit that replay button and think, “Hey, this artist gets me!”


What Features Matter Most in TikTok Music Promotion Services?

Now, let’s talk tools of the trade. In the enchanted forest of TikTok promotion, some trees are taller, some have deeper roots. What matters is finding the tree that suits your swing.

  • Target Practice with Your Audience: It’s like having a map in a treasure hunt. You want your music to land in the lap of listeners who’ll do more than just hear; they’ll listen, and they’ll care.
  • The Engagement Scorecard: Likes, shares, comments—they’re the applause at the end of your performance. More applause, more spotlight.
  • Masterclass in Content Crafting: This is where the magic happens. You’re not just throwing music into the void; you’re crafting a narrative, a vibe, a reason for listeners to say, “This is my jam!”

Stretching beyond just a promotional push, these services are your backstage crew, ensuring that each performance on the TikTok stage leaves the crowd roaring for more. They help you strike the right chord with posting schedules, trending content advice, and even scouting for duet partners in this digital concert.


How Can These Services Boost a Musician’s or Creator’s TikTok Presence?

Think of your TikTok presence like a rocket ship. You’ve got the fuel (your music) and the rocket (your talent), but how do you make sure you really take off? That’s where a TikTok music promotion service comes in, playing the role of mission control. They offer a strategic boost, propelling your content into the stratosphere of views and likes.

Imagine the service as your co-pilot, navigating the vast universe of TikTok trends and helping you find your own orbit. They ensure your posts aren’t just floating in space but are on a trajectory to stardom, with a flight plan that includes consistent posting, jumping on the right trends, and making galactic-level collaborations.


What’s the Typical Cost and Pricing Diversity Among Providers?

Now, let’s chat about the dollars and cents of it all. TikTok promotion services come with a price tag as varied as a box of chocolates. You’ve got options from the budget-friendly “just-a-taste” package to the “whole-shebang” premium deal. It’s like shopping for the perfect outfit: you need one that fits not just your style but also your wallet.

Some services offer a sneak peek with trial offers, while others go all-in with comprehensive campaigns. It’s essential to find that sweet spot where the cost aligns with the potential spotlight your music can bask in.


Are There Risks Artists Should Be Aware of When Using These Services?

Let’s not forget the potential banana peels on this TikTok dance floor. As with any shiny tool, TikTok promotion services come with their own set of risks. It’s like a game of snakes and ladders—you want to climb up, but watch out for those slides!

You need to be wary of services that promise the moon but deliver a handful of stars (read: fake followers or fleeting engagement). Also, keep in tune with TikTok’s evolving policies; you don’t want to be that dancer who steps out of rhythm.

Partner with services that value authentic growth over quick fixes, ensuring your rise to fame is as real as your beats.


What Are the Best TikTok Music Promotion Services in 2024?

As the digital symphony continues to evolve, finding the right stage for your music becomes crucial. In 2024, the spotlight shines brightly on TikTok, a platform that’s redefining music promotion. But amidst this sea of opportunities, which services stand out?

Let’s dive into the top 13 TikTok music promotion services that are hitting the right notes and turning artists into trending sensations this year.


1. SoundCampaign

best tiktok music promotion services

: SoundCampaign positions itself as a pivotal tool in the music promotion arsenal, especially for TikTok. By submitting your track to hundreds of TikTok video creators, SoundCampaign offers artists a chance to go viral and reach new audiences.


Key Features:

  • Broad Creator Network: Access to over 5,700 TikTok creators ready to feature your music in their videos.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Keep track of campaign progress with live stats and detailed reporting.
  • Customizable Campaigns: Flexibility to set up campaign details, including track information, video concepts, trends, and hashtags.

How It Works: Artists submit their track on SoundCampaign. Once the campaign is set up and activated, it runs for up to 14 days, with videos published by creators featuring your song. The process is designed to maximize exposure on TikTok.

Pricing: The average campaign with SoundCampaign costs around $80. Naturally, campaign pricing is dynamic and will vary based on the specifics of your campaign as it is set up.

What Sets It Apart: SoundCampaign’s unique approach lies in its ability to connect artists directly with a network of TikTok creators, bypassing the need for a personal TikTok profile. This, combined with its robust analytics and customizable campaign features, makes it a comprehensive solution for TikTok music promotion.

Ideal For: Artists seeking to leverage TikTok for music promotion, wanting to tap into a new audience and make their song trendy. Particularly beneficial for those looking to combine TikTok promotion with other platforms like Spotify for a holistic music marketing strategy.


2. Playlist Push

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: Originally a champion in Spotify promotion, Playlist Push has expanded its expertise to TikTok. Renowned for connecting artists with a vast network of creators, the service breathes visual life into your music by intertwining it with TikTok’s dynamic content creation.


Key Features:

  • Vast Network: Access to over 3,500 TikTok creators, collectively reaching over 930 million followers.
  • Artist-Centric Platform: Automated, user-friendly process with constant updates and easy access to support.
  • Content Creation: Paid TikTok influencers create videos featuring your music, fostering organic growth.

How It Works: Submit your track through a streamlined application process. Your song is then shared with TikTok creators who craft videos to your music, ensuring widespread exposure.

Pricing: Campaigns begin at $380, scaling up to cater to different promotional needs and budgets.

What Sets It Apart: Playlist Push stands out for its predictable results and extensive reach within the TikTok community. It offers a unique blend of musical promotion and visual storytelling, set against the backdrop of TikTok’s expansive user base.

Ideal For: Artists seeking to expand their presence on TikTok through visually engaging content, while benefiting from a straightforward, automated promotional experience.


3. Omari MC

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: Omari MC, a familiar name across various music platforms, extends its reach into the world of TikTok. Known for its integrity and artist-focused approach, Omari MC offers influencer-based TikTok promotions, ensuring organic and authentic exposure for artists.


Key Features:

  • Extensive Network: Access to influencers across TikTok with a cumulative following of nearly half a billion.
  • Organic Promotion: Focus on genuine, organic reach rather than just likes or follows.
  • Multi-Platform Reach: Besides TikTok, promotions extend to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram.

How It Works: After reviewing and providing feedback on your song, Omari MC connects it with their network of TikTok influencers. If an influencer resonates with your track, they request to feature it in their original content, ensuring a fitting and effective promotion.

Pricing: Not explicitly mentioned, suggesting a personalized approach based on individual campaign requirements.

What Sets It Apart: Omari MC’s commitment to authenticity and quality over quantity sets it apart. Their process ensures that each song is not just promoted but matched with the right influencer, fostering a natural growth in exposure and reach.

Ideal For: Independent music artists seeking organic growth on TikTok, who value integrity and a personalized approach to music promotion, along with the opportunity to extend their reach across multiple platforms.


4. YouGrow Promo

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: YouGrow, a European-based music promotion agency, stands out for its global approach and professional service. Offering a blend of ads-based and influencer-driven promotions, YouGrow caters to artists looking to make a mark on the international stage, especially on TikTok.


Key Features:

  • Global Network: Strong international reach, beneficial for artists aiming for a worldwide audience.
  • Ads and Influencer Campaigns: Dual strategies using both TikTok ads and influencer collaborations.
  • Diverse Platform Promotion: Services extend beyond TikTok to Spotify and YouTube, providing a comprehensive promotional package.

How It Works: For their influencer campaigns, YouGrow pitches your music to a network of creators who then generate videos. This influencer-driven approach aims to create a ripple effect, encouraging more creators to use your music. The ads-based method focuses on boosting account and video visibility, leading to impressive follower growth.

Pricing: Campaigns start at an accessible $77, scaling up based on the tier and reach, with options going up to almost $600.

What Sets It Apart: YouGrow’s blend of affordability and global reach is a standout feature. Their approach combines raw follower growth with the potential for organic engagement, offering a comprehensive promotional strategy.

Ideal For: Artists targeting a broad, international audience on TikTok and seeking a professional, well-rounded promotional strategy that combines the power of ads and influencer influence.


5. SpaceLoud

best tiktok music promotion services

: SpaceLoud is a music promotion service that connects artists with TikTok influencers. It focuses on leveraging these influencers’ extensive social media followings to amplify your music.


Key Features:

  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaboration with influencers to maximize your music’s reach.
  • Broad Audience Access: Influencers have large, diverse audiences, offering wide exposure.
  • Artist Control: Choose influencers that align with your music style and brand.

How It Works: Artists submit their music to SpaceLoud, which then pairs the track with suitable influencers. These influencers create content featuring the music, thus promoting it to their followers.

Pricing: It ranges from $14 to $60 per month, with the option for artists to set their own budget for campaigns. A 14-day free trial is also a great way to test the waters! 

What Sets It Apart: SpaceLoud offers a unique approach by allowing artists to actively participate in selecting influencers, ensuring a better match for their music’s promotion.

Ideal For: Artists looking for an effective way to promote their music on TikTok through influencer marketing, with a focus on maintaining control over the promotional process.


6. Plugged Promotions

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: Plugged Promotions enters the TikTok music promotion arena as an emerging service. It’s recognized for its influencer-based campaigns, steering clear of inauthentic strategies like bot followers or fake likes.


Key Features:

  • Influencer-Driven Campaigns: Focus on real engagement through content created by influencers.
  • Affordable Options: Offers accessible entry-level campaigns for artists testing the waters.
  • Multi-Platform Promotion: Not limited to TikTok; they also promote on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.

How It Works: Artists can start with a modest investment for a significant number of views. The service orchestrates campaigns where your music is featured in influencer content, aiming for a natural spread of your sound.

Pricing: Campaigns begin at $150, offering 20,000 to 75,000 views. Multiple tiers are available, with the highest tier reaching up to 410,000 views for $1,500.

What Sets It Apart: Its standout feature is its affordability, making it an attractive choice for artists on a budget or those new to TikTok promotion.

Ideal For: Up-and-coming artists seeking a cost-effective way to gain exposure on TikTok, especially those who are cautious about investing heavily in promotional services.


7. UseViral

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: UseViral stands out in the TikTok music promotion landscape with its comprehensive approach. It focuses on connecting musicians with influencers and utilizing targeted marketing strategies to boost music visibility on the platform.


Key Features:

  • Influencer Collaborations: Partnerships with TikTok influencers who create engaging content featuring your music, ensuring broad reach and engagement.
  • Targeted Marketing: Use of strategic marketing to attract users interested in your music genre.
  • Versatile Promotion: Suitable for various music genres, from mainstream to niche, leveraging TikTok’s diverse user base.

How It Works: UseViral pitches your music to their network of TikTok influencers, who then create content around it. This not only promotes your music but also encourages other creators to use your track, amplifying its reach organically.

Pricing: Not specifically mentioned, but the service is implied to offer value for money with its effective promotional strategies.

What Sets It Apart: UseViral’s ability to cater to all music genres and its focus on organic growth through influencer partnerships make it a versatile choice for artists seeking to tap into TikTok’s vast and varied audience.

Ideal For: Musicians aiming to broaden their reach on TikTok, regardless of their music genre, and who value the power of influencer marketing coupled with targeted advertising strategies.


8. One Submit

best tiktok music promotion services

: One Submit positions itself as a leader in the realm of online music promotion. Crafted by music artists, this service is tailored to efficiently spread your music across multiple platforms, including TikTok.


Key Features:

  • Wide Network Reach: Access to over 1,500 Spotify playlists, blogs, online radio stations, and YouTube channels.
  • Diverse Promotion Channels: Ability to send music to various platforms, including Spotify playlisters, bloggers, radio stations, record labels, YouTube music channels, and TikTok influencers.
  • Curated Selection Process: Each submission is evaluated by a curator, ensuring a quality fit for the artist’s music on the respective platforms.

How It Works: Artists submit their music to One Submit, where it undergoes evaluation. If approved, the music gets added to playlists, blogs, or YouTube channels. This not only widens the audience but also helps in leveraging Spotify’s algorithms for greater recognition.

Pricing: Not explicitly detailed, suggesting personalized pricing based on the campaign and platforms chosen.

What Sets It Apart: Its focus on triggering algorithmic recognition on platforms like Spotify, along with its wide network, makes One Submit a comprehensive solution for artists looking to enhance their digital presence across multiple channels.

Ideal For: Artists seeking to promote their music on a variety of platforms, from streaming services to social media, and who value the combination of reach and algorithmic strategy in their promotional efforts.


9.  Indie Music Academy

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: Indie Music Academy, led by Ryan Waczek, has expanded its reputable Spotify promotion services to include TikTok. Known for their effective approach, they now offer influencer-based campaigns tailored for TikTok promotion.


Key Features:

  • Influencer-Based Campaigns: Collaborations with influencers to create content featuring your sound or song.
  • Flexible Promotion Options: Suitable for artists with or without their own TikTok profiles, promoting original sounds or song clips.
  • Customizable Reach: Choice of different levels of reach, catering to various promotional needs and audience sizes.

How It Works: You provide Indie Music Academy with the music you wish to promote, select your desired reach, and they connect your music with relevant influencers. These influencers then create videos featuring your music, expanding your visibility.

Pricing: The “Starter” campaign is priced at $697, guaranteeing exposure to a cumulative audience of at least 250,000.

What Sets It Apart: Indie Music Academy offers a unique refund guarantee if the promised influencer collaborations or video creations do not materialize, ensuring a risk-free investment for artists.

Ideal For: Artists looking for a tailored TikTok promotion that combines the assurance of influencer collaboration with the flexibility of reach and a satisfaction guarantee.


10. Upfluence

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: Upfluence steps into the arena of TikTok promotion with a broader scope, catering not just to musicians but to brands of all sizes. With a suite of tools distinct from typical music promotion agencies, they offer a unique approach to influencer marketing.


Key Features:

  • Influencer Discovery Software: Provides access to a comprehensive database of creator information to find influencers that match your brand or music.
  • Direct Influencer Collaboration: Encourages direct engagement with influencers, potentially leading to long-term relationships.
  • Multi-Platform Capabilities: Extends beyond TikTok to include promotions on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and more.

How It Works: Artists and brands use Upfluence’s software to identify suitable influencers. The process involves more direct involvement, as you will be working directly with influencers, fostering potential long-lasting collaborations.

Pricing: Upfluence is on the pricier side, and interested parties need to contact their team for a custom quote.

What Sets It Apart: Unlike other services focused solely on music, Upfluence offers a versatile toolset that applies to various types of brands and artists. Their approach emphasizes direct interaction with influencers, diverging from the typical agency model.

Ideal For: Musicians and brands seeking a more hands-on approach to influencer marketing, looking for potential long-term partnerships across various social media platforms, and willing to invest in a comprehensive, versatile service.



11.  Pearpop

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: Pearpop presents a unique model for TikTok promotion, recommended for its innovative approach. It’s not exclusively for musicians; instead, it caters to a wide range of businesses looking to leverage the TikTok platform.


Key Features:

  • Project Pitch and Creator Submissions: Artists and businesses upload project pitches, then receive video submissions from creators until the target view count is achieved.
  • Guaranteed End-Result Metrics: Assurance of achieving specific campaign goals, such as a certain number of views.
  • Broad Business Appeal: Suitable for various types of businesses, not just limited to musicians.

How It Works: You create a project pitch with specific guidelines and a target. Creators on Pearpop then respond with their videos, contributing towards your campaign’s view count goals.

Pricing: They doesn’t have set pricing and subscription plans. Pearpop can be on the higher end in terms of cost, as highlighted by the example of Sean Paul’s campaign, which cost $10,000.

What Sets It Apart: The platform’s model of project pitches and creator responses makes it distinct. Pearpop provides a creative way to engage with influencers, ensuring that campaigns reach their target metrics.

Ideal For: Brands and artists with a specific vision for their TikTok content, who are willing to invest in a more bespoke promotional approach and are looking for guaranteed campaign results.


12. TokUpgrade

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: TokUpgrade brings to the table an advanced automation system for social media promotion, asserting its ability to organically grow audiences and enhance content visibility effectively on platforms like TikTok.


Key Features:

  • Advanced Automation System: Uses sophisticated technology to organically grow your audience and boost content engagement.
  • Transparent Promotion Process: A detailed explanation of their promotional methods is available on their website, along with showcased collaborations.
  • Flexible Tiers and Payment Plans: Offers Standard and Premium tiers with the option of weekly or monthly payments.

How It Works: TokUpgrade employs an automation system designed to increase your audience and engagement on TikTok organically. Their process and past collaborations are clearly outlined on their website for prospective clients.

Pricing: Starting price is $15 per week. The pricing structure caters to different budgetary needs and promotional goals.

What Sets It Apart: Its claim of a high rate of users upgrading to the Premium service suggests customer satisfaction and effectiveness. The service’s focus on organic growth through automation makes it a potentially strong choice for budget-conscious users.

Ideal For: Content creators and businesses seeking an affordable yet effective way to organically grow their presence on TikTok, with the added flexibility of choosing their level of investment.


13. Fiverr

best tiktok music promotion services

Overview: Fiverr is recognized as a versatile platform offering a wide range of freelance services, including music promotion. Its open marketplace format makes it a potential goldmine for finding affordable and effective TikTok promotion services.


Key Features:

  • Varied Service Providers: Access to a plethora of individual creators and influencers offering TikTok promotion services.
  • Affordable Options: Known for its cost-effective solutions, Fiverr can be an attractive option for those on a tight budget.
  • User-Reviewed Services: Availability of user reviews and ratings, helping to gauge the effectiveness and authenticity of the services offered.

How It Works: Users can browse through various service providers on Fiverr, such as Chocolate Land and Taylor Red, who offer promotion through their popular TikTok accounts. These services range from posting your music to large audiences to creating engaging content around your tracks.

Pricing: Known for its affordability, Fiverr allows artists to choose from a wide range of pricing options, depending on the provider and the specific services offered.

What Sets It Apart: Fiverr’s diverse marketplace offers a unique array of promotional services, giving artists the chance to explore different strategies and find a match that suits their specific promotional needs and budget.

Ideal For: Artists looking for a variety of promotional options at an affordable price, and those who prefer to handpick their promotional strategy from a wide range of individual service providers.


Final Thoughts

Navigating the vibrant world of TikTok videos, sounds, and services that can promote music can be an exhilarating journey. As we’ve explored various services, each offers a unique melody to elevate your way of promoting music.

Remember, the right promotion can turn your tunes from hidden gems into viral sensations. Armed with knowledge and options, may your music find its rhythm on TikTok and other music streaming services while getting your music heard worldwide. Here’s to your success in the ever-expanding digital universe of the music industry.

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