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best time to release music

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There really is the best time to release music, in case you’ve ever wondered whether there is such a thing. Everything counts, from the best time of day to release music to the best months to release music. You must carefully consider when you will release your music because, too frequently, musicians rush to release something without taking into account the best time to release an album.

The following text will teach you when the best time to release music is. I will also share some great tips regarding the process of preparing your release to help your music career soar to new heights.


When Is The Best Time To Release a Song?

Every season and every month has its own benefits and drawbacks. Knowing what is happening in the new music releases at particular times will help you make the best decision possible regarding the best time to release on Spotify. You also need to know what you want to gain from your release. Let’s dive into what is going on in the music industry in a year and when is the best time to release a song.


Best Months to Release Music

Ever ponder whether there is a secret time of year to release your newest song or album? There is no one solution that works for everyone, but the timing can undoubtedly affect how people react to your music. Each month has its own set of advantages and disadvantages for the release of music, from battling the holiday season noise to riding the wave of summer hits. Discover what each month has to offer and learn how to plan the release of your next major work by reading on.


best time to release music
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Why are January and February Great for Your Music Release?

Since it’s the least competitive, the first two months of the year, from January to March, are frequently the best for new artists to release music. It’s the ideal time to introduce yourself to bloggers, journalists, radio program directors, etc. because the media is looking for what will be popular in the upcoming year. Don’t forget that your listeners are also looking for some fresh sounds and ideas at the beginning of the year.

Pro tip: Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest sales periods of the year, so think carefully about your release then.

If you decide to put your music out during this period, songs that are upbeat and that get your body moving to tend to do great. Adding to these are the lyrics with a positive message. Don’t forget that we all make “New Year, new me” resolutions, which is why workout songs are very popular at this time of year (not just because we ate too much over the holidays). However, February is ideal for love or anti-romantic songs (for those who don’t fancy Valentine’s Day) and generally songs about love, relationships, and similar topics.


Reconsider March for Your Music Release

If you’re a relatively unknown artist, avoid releasing music in March. At that moment, all media outlets are occupied with reporting on the events at South by Southwest, also known as SXSW.

The situation is different, though, if you intend to perform at SXSW. In this case, releasing your track(s) in March is something you should totally do. It may help get your work seen by publications so they can use it in articles about the event or for further promotion. Even if you aren’t performing at SX, you should attend because it is a great networking opportunity and will help you gain more exposure before your next release.

The mood of songs that do well in March is often similar to that of previous months. These are light, feel-good songs with an uplifting message or upbeat, happy, or party-like sounds.

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April and May Can Be Great for Gaining Exposure

The touring season has now started, and SXSW has ended. Also, remember that Record Store Day is also happening this month. Consider collaborating with your neighborhood record shop and conducting some related promotion.

Positive and hopeful songs are suitable for this period, but also songs about money (remember that in the US, April 15 is tax day).

May is an excellent month to release music because the summer festival season is just around the corner! If spreading positive summer vibes is your thing, now is the time to release energetic music full of summertime celebration.


June, July, and August Are Festival Months

June and July are the best time to release on Spotify because classes are out, and festival season is in full swing. Attempt to land some festival gigs if you can. Festivals are a fantastic setting for performing your newest tracks and gaining a lot of exposure. Festival mania can work in your favor.

Be mindful of major sporting events and the Fourth of July, because that’s when many people take vacations; consumer, media, and concert attendance will be low during these times.

The festival season begins to wind down by the end of August, and the start of the school year arrives, but the summer vibes are still very much alive. Consider releasing energetic, summer/beach fun anthems.


September and October Are Great for Aspiring Artists to Release Music

Now is the perfect time for emerging artists to truly shine. Everyone in the industry is back at work, and now that school has started, students are back in the classroom. So, everyone is paying close attention to the new music that is being released. Music with autumnal vibes is doing great: cozy, moody, ambient, sad, poetic, alternative, etc. Halloween falls in October, making this the ideal time to release some badass, spooky, fierce music.


November and December Is the Most Competitive Period in the Music Business

The most challenging months to release an album are typically November and December. Since all established and major independent labels release their newest tracks, the public and the media frequently pay attention to established acts. As a result, there is less room for unsigned or local acts.

Of course, this is a fantastic time to release a song that is related to the holidays, the New Year, or both. However, due to the market’s extreme saturation, themes other than those associated with holidays or the end of the year rarely succeed.

Pro tip: Covering a popular holiday song and posting it on, e.g., YouTube could be an excellent way to start a teaser campaign this time of year. You can do this to increase your fan base, connect with the fan bases of other artists, and keep your name out there during the hectic holiday music season.


best time to release music
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The Best Time and Day of the Week to Release New Music

According to statistics, people stream music the most on Spotify and Bandcamp on Fridays between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Generally, it’s much better to release your music early in the morning or early in the evening, whatever the day you choose.

The best choice, though, is when you anticipate receiving the most active response from your audience.


When Is The Ideal Time To Release A Music Video?

One of the best strategies for increasing your fan base is to create a music video for your song.

Organizing a video premiere is among the most important events to plan. This can be a DIY event using tools like setting up a YouTube premiere and creating a Facebook event. The video should be released at a similar time to the song’s debut on streaming services, regardless of the marketing strategy.

While some marketing experts recommend releasing the song and video simultaneously, others argue that the video should be released after the song. The second option enables listeners to develop a stronger bond with the music. Later, the video can assist in expressing the song’s artistic viewpoint through a compelling visual.


What Else Can You Do to Maximize the Impact of Your Release?

Finding fans can be greatly impacted by treating the timing of your music release with the same care that you gave to its recording and completion. Decide on a branding and marketing strategy for your music first. Make a budget for marketing. Efficiently promote your music and get more interviews, positive reviews, and Spotify playlist additions. Think about adding a PR manager to your team to help you with promotion.

In order to improve your streaming platform stats from the very beginning, it’s crucial to start promoting a single well in advance of its release. Don’t forget to contact the media and radio stations two weeks prior to the release of your music so you can follow up right away. Finally, to ensure that your listeners are interested in your new material on day one, post frequently before launch.


As I’ve already said, I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to be featured on various Spotify playlists. One of the best methods for promoting any new release is through Spotify playlists.

You can directly pitch your single to the editorial team of Spotify by using Spotify for Artists if you plan and schedule your release in advance. It’s worthwhile for every artist to submit, even though it’s infamously difficult to get in.

Pitching your release on Spotify For Artists more than seven days before the actual release date is crucial. Your song will then show up in the “Release Radar” playlists created by your Spotify fans.

Regardless of how well-liked Spotify’s “official” playlists are, it would help if you also consider other users’ playlists. These playlists, which sometimes have a sizable following, are compiled by independent platform users. If they have a high engagement rate, even small playlists can have a significant impact on your streams.

As for the best day to release music on Spotify, remember what we said about Fridays? The most popular day for Spotify music streaming is that one, and many well-known musicians and major record labels choose that day of the week for releases. You should be aware that Spotify has “New Music Friday” playlists as well, with more than 4 million likes. You can find the most recent Friday releases on this playlist every Friday. So you can see that even Spotify acknowledges the significance of this day. However, depending on the audience you are attracting, this may vary from one artist to the next. Therefore, it is best to understand and learn about your fans so that you can appropriately address their needs.

The best thing is that you don’t have to figure this out all by yourself. Artists can connect with Spotify curators with the aid of a music promotion service like SoundCampaign. With us, achieving your goals and getting real followers and fans very soon after releasing your music is much easier!


Keep Track of Your Statistics and Audience on Streaming Services

Check your artist account statistics to determine when fans will most likely listen to your songs if you have already published music on streaming services.

There are many ways to keep track of your song’s performance after it debuts online. Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists are the two primary platform-specific websites for tracking streaming statistics. Also, almost all social media platforms have some stat tracking.

How this can help you:

  • Different demographics all listen to music differently and in different ways. You may be able to piece together hints for the best strategy for your upcoming release, tour, social media aesthetic, and all other facets of your artistry depending on the person’s age, place of residence, and other music they enjoy.
  • You can very practically observe your development. If you’re someone who sets goals, you can keep a close eye on your aspirations for followers, streaming figures, playlist additions, and other significant stats that demonstrate your progress.


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Be Patient with Your Music Release

When uploading your music, I understand how tempting it is to choose the earliest possible date. However, you must suppress your desires and accept that preparing to release more music takes a certain amount of time. So take your time and don’t rush things.

Spend a few weeks or months properly preparing. For example, develop a following on social media and get them hooked on your upcoming release, then get ready to dominate Spotify or any other streaming service of your choice.

Remember, you’ll also want to allow plenty of time to set everything up properly because unexpected things can occasionally arise during the production process. Time is your precious friend!


Fast and Reliable Music Distribution

Getting your music out there at just the right moment is key in today’s music scene, and picking the right distribution service is equally crucial. That’s where SounDistro comes into play. SounDistro makes sure your tracks hit all the major streaming platforms fast and smoothly. With their super user-friendly interface and a support team that’s got your back, you can kick back a bit more and focus on your music.

Also, be sure to check out our blog post about the best music distribution services to find the perfect match for your tunes.

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Your chances of success increase as you become more prepared. The secret to maximizing the success of your upcoming releases is having a great release strategy. A great song may not perform as well as it should simply due to its release date. Take into account everything I mentioned before, and be aware of how a particular season in the year can help you choose the best time to release your amazing music!

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