Boost Collective Review: Unpacking the Pros and Cons

Boost Collective review

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Releasing a hit across streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and YouTube is the ultimate goal for emerging and major-label music artists. However, achieving this goal takes much work. 

Research shows that nearly 80% of Spotify artists have a monthly audience of only 50 people, which is not an ideal score given the platform’s massive user base of over 574 million

The good news is that you can still get on Spotify playlists.

How can you secure playlist placements for your music? One way is to invest in music promotion services like Boost Collective, which can help you reach playlists that align with your genre and style. 

But before you decide to leverage Boost Collective, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons to ensure you make a choice that gets your music heard. 

In this article, we’ll make a Boost Collective review and dive into the benefits and drawbacks of this platform to help you make a smart decision.

We will also explain why SoundCampaign might be a better solution for your needs and compare these two music promotion services.

Let’s get started.


What is Boost Collective?

Boost Collective review

Boost Collective is a music promotion company that helps artists like yourself gain more exposure and increase their organic streams with strategic playlist selections.  

Namely, the team behind Boost Collective listens to your song. They then curate a list of relevant playlists that match your song’s style. Their goal is to present your new music to an audience that already listens to artists similar to you. This approach can increase engagement and follower count.

Boost Collective promotes music to over 30 service providers globally, including:

  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
  • Apple Music
  • Facebook audio library
  • Deezer


All you need to do is create a campaign and choose your preferred size. 

Boost Collective will promote your music within 48 hours of submitting a song. It searches for playlists that match your track’s genre and mood.

To evaluate its effectiveness, let’s look at what users have said on Trustpilot.

Boost Collective review Trustpilot



Image source: Trustpilot

This user reported that their promotion efforts through Boost Collective gained more listeners on Spotify.

However, another user had the opposite experience.

Boost Collective review Trustpilot

Their new music received only 20 streams from playlist placements., which is a red flag. Customers pay for the Boost Collective service and expect solid results. They could have received 20 streams even without Boost Collective’s help.

Boost Collective Review

One user pointed out that Boost Collective failed to deliver a satisfactory return on investment. They spent $350 to promote music, hoping for 15,000 streams. However, after a month, their song received less than 500 streams. 

Additionally, Boost Collective appears to have a subpar customer support team compared to other players in the music industry.

Boost Collective user feedback

Boost Collective has been described as having ineffective campaigns and poor customer service, leading its customers to seek alternatives for music promotion.


What Services Does Boost Collective Offer?

As a music distributor, Boost Collective offers a range of services:

  • Free music distribution: Boost Collective serves as a music distribution platform. Musicians can upload songs to over 150 stores and platforms.
  • Playlist placement: Boost Collective team listens to your songs and pitches them to playlist curators. They choose curators based on your tracks’ genres, themes and moods.
  • Detailed analytics: The platform provides daily analytics that breaks down data on streams, listeners, and playlist inclusions. You can use these insights to make data-driven decisions and improve your music promotion campaigns.
  • Music mastering: Boost Collective provides free music mastering services. Create an account and upload your tracks, and Boost Collective will optimize them to ensure they sound professional.
  • Cover art creation: The platform offers a cover maker with templates to help music artists create free cover art. The templates include artist names and are formatted for social media.


How Does Boost Collective Work?

Most music promotion services follow a similar workflow. First, you create an account, then upload your songs, and finally, you wait for the services to pitch them to relevant playlist curators.

The process is no different with Boost Collective.

However, from a user experience perspective, the Boost Collective user interface could improve. The design looks outdated, and the layout isn’t very straightforward.

Boost Collective review

As confirmed by the user, navigating the platform can be challenging and finding the Artist Page and account settings may require some time.

Now, let’s see how this music distribution company works.


Boost Collective playlist selection process

This process has several steps:

  1. Boost Collective listens to your submitted track and other songs to understand your genre and style.
  2. After the analysis, it identifies suitable playlists.
  3. Boost Collective chooses the most relevant playlists to ensure curators pick your song.
  4. The platform monitors the campaign performance and makes necessary adjustments.


The process of Boost Collective is simple, but it lacks transparency.

The music artist is not involved in selecting curators, as Boost Collective works behind the scenes to make the decision. As a result, the artist takes a back seat and can only monitor the song’s performance without making any additional contributions.


Boost Collective waiting period for playlist placement

After you submit your song, the team listens to it within 48 hours. It may take up to 10 days to get your music included in a playlist, but the process is usually much faster. 

However, if you don’t want to wait ten days, you can upgrade your account by buying additional Boost Collective credits, and their team will add your music to a playlist within 24 hours.

Some factors that may influence the waiting period include:

  • Submission volume: The number of song submissions impacts the waiting period.
  • Quality of content: Boost Collective prioritizes high-quality music that resonates with specific playlist audiences.
  • Playlist curator preferences: Playlist curators on music promotion services have individual preferences and criteria. They seek music that aligns with their themes and moods.


Boost Collective restrictions after release

Each artist faces restrictions after release. If you use Boost Collective, you can’t change:

  • Track count
  • Track order
  • UPCs
  • Audio if it significantly increases the track length
  • The release and track catalog ID for Apple and iTunes


Boost Collective stream guarantees

Boost Collective promises to place your music on as many playlists as possible. However, they cannot guarantee your success. While their team pitches, curates, and promotes your uploaded songs, the stream count ultimately depends on the quality of your music.


Boost Collective timeframe for results

Boost Collective recommends waiting at least seven days after they create a playlist for your campaign before checking the outcomes. They will closely monitor your campaign during this period and make adjustments as necessary to improve the results.

The speed at which you see results depends primarily on the popularity of your music genre. Fans will likely rush to listen to your song if your genre has a large following. However, if your music style does not resonate with the audience, it may take longer to see any results.


Boost Collective campaign tracking

Monitoring your music campaign is crucial. Boost Collective allows you to check the performance of your campaign directly from your account. 

The platform’s primary goal is to ensure you clearly understand your campaign’s progress. This way, you can identify which songs resonate with fans and adjust your future strategies accordingly.

With Boost Collective, you can follow these metrics:

  • Streams
  • Earnings
  • Streams per platform


Boost Collective Pricing

Boost Collective isn’t transparent about its pricing. Despite claiming to be entirely free for music artists, the platform uses a credit system, which means it is not completely free. 

Boost Collective users need to add credit to their accounts to pay for services such as graphic design, playlist placement, marketing, and music distribution

This credit system differs from other music distribution services, usually offering predefined or custom pricing plans. 


Refund policy

Boost Collective has a refund policy, but receiving a refund may take some time if you are unhappy with the campaign results. 

According to the platform, you should wait up to 28 days for campaigns to be fully completed. However, if your campaign performs poorly within ten days of purchase, you may be eligible for a refund if you contact Boost Collective.

You can expect an automatic refund if you do not receive the promised amount of playlist pitches within 17 days of purchase. Boost Collective will email you to confirm that your refund has been processed. 

The time it takes for the money to appear in your bank account depends on your bank institution. You can contact Boost Collective if you encounter any issues.


Boost Collective Customer Support

The platform has a help center that answers frequently asked questions for artists. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can email the customer support team. Boost Collective claims the team will respond within two to four business days, but it may take longer.

Suppose you need to make changes to your campaign. If the company takes too long to reply, it could be too late to improve your campaign, and your playlists’ placement may be affected. Users have criticized the customer service team for this reason.

Boost Collective customer support review

As the comment shows, artists receive generic messages that do not address their needs, causing frustration with the lack of personalized assistance.


Boost Collective Pros

Users choose Boost Collective because it:

  1. Works with over 30 music streaming services, including popular platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music
  2. Provides a cover art maker to help you easily create a professional-looking album or track covers
  3. Offers marketing services to help you promote your music and reach a wider audience
  4. Provides decent analytics to help you track your performance, audience engagement, and other vital metrics.


Boost Collective Cons

Users look for Boost Collective alternatives due to:

  • Poor customer service
  • No transparent pricing
  • Poor user interface
  • Lack of playlist placement transparency
  • Long refund process


SoundCampaign – The Best Boost Collective Alternative

Boost Collective is not your only option for music marketing. As the platform has some shortcomings, we recommend you explore other alternatives. One of the options is SoundCampaign – our music promotion platform that provides you with genuine Spotify streams and real exposure on TikTok.


What is SoundCampaign?

SoundCampaign music promotion platform

SoundCampaign is more than just another music promotion company. It’s a platform that connects you with TikTok content creators and Spotify playlist curators. 

We offer promotional services that leverage the popularity of Spotify and the trendsetting community of TikTok to help you gain wider exposure and become a star.

Our primary objective is to connect you with over 1000 Spotify playlist curators who will listen to your music and provide honest feedback to help you improve. We’re also dedicated to securing placements for your songs on more than 11,000 authentic playlists, giving you greater visibility.

But that’s not all. 

SoundCampaign is also a hub for curators and creators. Why should your playlist curation efforts go unnoticed? Learn how you can earn money by discovering new songs and meeting emerging artists.

We have already helped many satisfied customers!

SoundCampaign review


Image source: Trustpilot

SoundCampaign review


Image source: Trustpilot

The SoundCampaign customer support team is quick to respond! You won’t receive templated messages but personalized assistance from each team member.

Our Spotify promotion campaign starts at $80, making it accessible to artists seeking cost-effective marketing.

Create a campaign now!


How SoundCampaign works

Let’s see how you can leverage SoundCampaign to boost your streams and followers!


Submitting music to SoundCampaign

To begin with, you need to create a campaign for either TikTok or Spotify. During this process, we will ask you to choose the track’s genre, language, and other essential details.

Once you have created the campaign, our team will review your song, and if everything is in order, we will approve it. 

Based on your campaign settings, our team will identify the most suitable curators or content creators who will listen to your song and provide feedback. If they like your song, they may feature it in a video or add it to their playlist.

Don’t worry if you need additional information about campaigns; we are always here to help!


Matching artists and curators

Our system automatically matches your tracks with playlist curators based on genre, budget, and language settings. Our team moderates the curators to ensure your songs are pitched to suitable playlists.


Running campaigns

SoundCampaign, like Boost Collective, can’t guarantee any specific results for your campaigns. Several factors can influence the success of your campaigns, including 

  1. The number of playlist inclusions
  2. The position of your track in the playlist
  3. The quality of your song
  4. The genres you are targeting


Nonetheless, we strive to ensure that your style matches our available curators to achieve the best possible outcome.



The cost of a campaign with SoundCampaign depends on the genres you choose and the number of curators you want to listen to your song. On average, a campaign can cost you $80 per track.

You can pay for your campaigns using PayPal or credit cards. We accept all credit card brands to make the payment process smooth and hassle-free.

SoundCampaign also offers a 10% discount on the first campaign for new customers. Contact our team, who will provide you with a discount code.


Artist Protection Program

Our Artist Protection Program ensures your tracks receive the awareness they deserve. If, for any reason, your tracks don’t get the desired attention, you will receive financial compensation as part of the program.

You can use this compensation as a credit for your next campaign, giving you a head start for a better outcome.


Excellent customer support

SoundCampaign review


Image source: Trustpilot

Our 24/7 customer support team has an excellent rating on Trustpilot. Users consistently praise our team for their prompt and effective assistance with all issues and questions.


TikTok music promotion

We don’t stop at Spotify. Our mission is to connect you with TikTok creators, allowing you to gain exposure through our TikTok music promotion service and potentially go viral!


How SoundCampaign Compares to Boost Collective

Let’s make a quick overview of these two music promotion services.


Comparison SoundCampaign Boost Collective
Trustpilot score

4.4 (958)

The score is unavailable as the platform breached Trustpilot’s guidelines.

Primary focus
  • TikTok and Spotify song placement
  • TikTok content creators and Spotify playlist curators
  • Song placement across multiple services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Artist Protection Program
  • Automated matching system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Decent reporting
  • Cover art maker
  • Placements aren’t guaranteed
  • Poor customer service
  • No transparent pricing
  • Poor user interface
  • Lack of playlist placement transparency
  • Longer refund process
Curator’s moderation



Artist Protection Program




$80 per campaign

Based on a credit system

PayPal payments




Boost Collective Review: Is It Worth It?

Boost Collective may offer some benefits, but there are better choices for aspiring artists who want to succeed in the music industry. 

Several users have reported unsatisfactory campaign performance and poor customer support. Therefore, you should explore other alternatives that prioritize your investment and strive to deliver the best outcomes.

SoundCampaign clearly focuses on platforms like TikTok and Spotify, providing a simple and hassle-free process for promoting your music. 

Our playlists are authentic and built with real listeners. We provide transparent reporting to keep you updated about the progress of your campaigns and have a unique “Artist Protection Program” that safeguards your budget.

Create your first campaign to promote your music, boost streams and increase your followers.


FAQs about Playlist Push

DistroKid is a better choice than Boost Collective as it has a better customer support team and helps you perform well on streaming platforms.
Boost Collective has a credit system. You can buy as many credits as you want to promote your music.
Boost Collective is a music promotion service for artists looking to promote their music on platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.
No, it doesn’t. The platform guarantees you won’t see any fake or bot streams.
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