5 Useful Ways To Increase Your Chance For A Spotify Playlist Placement

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Today, we live in a world of opportunities.
As an artist, your goal is to attract listeners and grow your fanbase.
This is where getting a Spotify playlist placement plays a huge role in achieving that goal.

At times, trial and error are what helps you to move forward or to find a way to accomplish something.

Naturally, this method can take time and even a lot of heartbreak.

Fortunately for you, though, I have 5 very useful ways that can fast track your fame by providing you a greater chance at making it to the top.

In this article, these 5 useful methods can increase your chance of getting a Spotify playlist placement.

With Spotify being a music streaming platform that is rated number one in the world, you definitely want to do all that you can to get playlist placement.

In doing so, you can open a whole new world of opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.


1. Pitch your music to playlist curators

Regardless of what music platform you are on, whether it is Spotify or Apple Music, always pitch your music to playlist curators.

These playlist curators have tons of users listening to their playlists, so if your song makes it on there, then you already have hundreds if not thousands of potential fans to hear your pitched song.

Working with a Spotify playlist pitching service company is a good way to make this happen because they can do the job for you and do so in an efficient way with the most promising results.

Of course, you are able to pitch your songs yourself.

But working with music promotion platforms can allow you to access more curators.

At SoundCampaign, for example, your songs are not only sent to many curators but are also reviewed by them, thus giving you useful feedback on how they felt about your songs.

Furthermore, SoundCampaign sends your songs to relevant curators within your genre.

Therefore, going with the music pitching platform method instead of doing the work yourself is sometimes the wise choice.

If you want to know more about how to select a music promotion company, then read our article on, “Discover What To Expect From A Good Spotify Pitching Service”.


2. Create playlists of your own

Besides pitching for a Spotify placement, don’t forget that you can create your own playlists too.

This is a great feature that all music platforms have because it allows artists to organize their songs into categories for their listeners or to make it easier for them to find certain songs.

Furthermore, you can organize your playlists however way you want.

This means that you can highlight important features of your playlists.

For example, you can design a playlist that focuses on your new releases so that visitors can know what that playlist is about.

Another idea is to use personal playlists to advertise your music genre such as creating a playlist for your hip-hop songs.

Personal playlists offer a great many opportunities for both you and your listeners, so make use of this amazing feature.


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3. Build your artist image

Besides your songs, your artist image is the other major factor that listeners will remember.

When people think of songs, the next thought that comes to mind is the artist of that song.

So, make sure that your artist image clearly identifies the music you create.

By creating an image that does this, listeners will more likely remember you along with your song.

This same principle also applies to your album covers and song arts, so don’t neglect putting in the effort that would make these stand out too.


4. Support other similar artists

Although you should view other artists as your competitors, particularly those who create music of the same genre as you, it actually pays to support them.

For example, if you follow another artist that has many more fans than you, then there is a chance that their listeners may notice you following them as well and could build enough curiosity to check out your profile.

Furthermore, if that artist also notices you following them, then they may do the same in return.

As the famous saying goes, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”, so it sometimes pays to work with your competitors.


5. Collaborate with influential individuals

Speaking of working with others, another very useful way to increase your chance of getting recognized is to personally work with influential individuals, such as YouTubers, TikTokers, or even bloggers.

These people have thousands if not millions of followers, so even if they were to give you a quick shoutout, then this could easily lead to tons of potential listeners becoming your fans.

In addition, if you personally reach out to these influential individuals, they may end up liking you as an artist and become your fan as well.

As a bonus, this could additionally lead to some of their fans to following you for the sake of supporting what the influencer likes.


Final Thoughts

These 5 useful ways will significantly help you to increase your chances of getting into a Spotify playlist placement.

As you begin to apply them, you will also gain insights as to what your listeners like and how they react to your songs.

When it comes to competing, it is critical that you try all the means possible in order to rise above.

After all, you never know when the moment of your dreams will come true, so until then, the best option is to just keep trying new ways and methods in the hopes to accomplish your goal.

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Founder, CEO at SoundCampaign
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