Is Playlist Push Legit? Unveiling the Truth Behind the Platform

Is playlist push legit

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Aspiring musicians face the challenge of capturing their audience’s attention and breaking through the noise. There are almost 10,000 musicians in the US, making it even harder for independent artists to succeed. 

To gain more exposure, these artists often look for platforms that can help them push their music to Spotify playlists and TikTok videos. One such solution is Playlist Push. 

However, before submitting their unreleased tracks, artists want to learn more about Playlist Push services to make an informed decision. 

Is Playlist Push legit?

In this article, we’ll explore the truth behind its promises and examine whether it is a suitable platform for musicians seeking a breakthrough.


The Playlist Push Promises and Perks

Is Playlist Push legit

Playlist Push is a service that promises to connect major label and independent artists with Spotify playlist curators. Let’s take a closer look at their promises and perks.


Overview of promises made by Playlist Push

Playlist Push is a platform that claims to help artists gain more exposure. It provides several key promises:

  • Playlist placements: Playlist Push connects you with playlist editors across Spotify, helping you secure placements for your new music on playlists with large followings. 
  • TikTok virality: The platform also targets TikTok, helping you connect with creators who can use your music in their videos, potentially boosting virality.
  • Data and analytics: Playlist Push provides access to detailed data and analytics after submission, including views, likes, shares, and video views, allowing you to adjust your promotional strategies with relevant metrics.
  • Targeted audience reach: Playlist Push claims it can target specific demographics and genres, submitting your unreleased song for playlist consideration to curators with a following for music similar to yours, maximizing targeted audience reach.


However, it’s important to note that many factors contribute to an artist’s success beyond just getting playlist placements, and it’s crucial to have a well-rounded promotional strategy in place.


Evaluation of perks for musicians and playlist curators

Playlist Push is a service that claims to benefit both musicians and playlist editors. It offers perks to both parties, including:

  1. Exposure: Curated playlists provide increased visibility to musicians. Playlist Push makes it easy to pitch music to content creators and Spotify playlist curators who manage organic playlists.
  2. Compensation: Playlist Push invites playlist editors who want to earn money from their playlists. They can make up to $15 per song review, which the platform pays weekly.
  3. Quality music discovery: Spotify playlist curators receive songs from artists that match their playlist genre, exposing them to quality new music from independent and major label artists.
  4. Community engagement: Playlist Push aims to create a community where emerging musicians and playlist curators can connect.


However, checking if the platform delivers on its promises before submitting your songs is essential. Let’s look at complaints or issues that users have reported.


Playlist Push Red Flags: Investigating Complaints

Playlist Push has received criticism from some users. Although individual experiences vary, we’ve evaluated some common complaints. Let’s share the most frequent ones.


There is no playlist inclusion guarantee

Playlist Push review


Image source: Trustpilot

It appears that Playlist Push can’t fulfill its primary promise: to get your music featured on Spotify playlists. Users are spending a significant amount of money on the platform’s promotional services but are not seeing any results in terms of playlist inclusion.

According to reviews, there is a lack of transparency about the likelihood of getting music on Spotify playlists despite the financial investment. It means that using Playlist Push does not provide good value for money.

Additionally, most users did not receive a refund after failing to get placed on any Spotify playlist. It implies that they have wasted their budget without getting actual results.


Concerns about playlist curator authenticity

Playlist Push review


Image source: Trustpilot

A user came across a widely known playlist, believing it to be popular. A curator with thousands of followers managed the playlist, and the user hoped for a considerable amount of plays. 

However, the song only received around 50 streams, raising doubts about the authenticity of the playlist curator. 

Some musicians feel that the playlists may lack a personal touch or are automatically generated, making them question the effectiveness of Playlist Push offer.


Poor campaign performance

Playlist Push campaign performance


Image source: Trustpilot

There is a significant issue related to the campaign’s performance. After the playlist submission process, some users didn’t see the ROI they expected.

For instance, investing $550 in a campaign that only generates 25 streams is not a good return on investment. You could achieve the same results without using Playlist Push.


Issues with high pricing

Playlist Push pricing review


Image source: Trustpilot

Many users are concerned about the cost-effectiveness of the platform and the value they are getting for the money they have spent. They expected better music promotion results based on the high pricing.

It is understandable to be concerned about this issue. As an emerging artist, you want to make the most of every investment. Since your music is not making much money, you cannot afford to waste your resources.

Therefore, we recommend you explore other platforms like SoundCampaign to get what you pay for: exposure, streams, and followers.


Poor customer service

Playlist Push customer service review


Image source: Trustpilot

We mentioned complaints regarding the customer support team in our Playlist Push review. Users reported that they did not receive satisfactory support from the team. They faced slow response times and unclear communication regarding their own music.

The customer service team sometimes failed to provide precise answers regarding a Playlist Push campaign. They would attribute poor campaign performance to songs ending on the wrong playlists of Spotify curators. However, they did not offer any solutions or personalized assistance.

As a result, music artists felt neglected by the customer service team.


Playlist Push Community Feedback

You must gather information about the experiences of artists and curators who have used Playlist Push before choosing to use the platform. 

They are familiar with how the platform works and can share their feedback on Playlist Push worth regarding benefits for their music careers. 

Let’s take a closer look.


Independent reviews from reputable sites

Is Playlist Push legit


Image source: Two Story Melody

Independent reviews praise the user-friendly interface of Playlist Push, stating that it is intuitive, clean, modern and bug-free.

Is Playlist Push legit

However, artists have noted a lack of transparency in the pitching process. They are unaware of how Playlist Push pitches their songs. Understanding the process could enable musicians to submit songs more likely to end up on playlists and improve their overall results.


Reviews from forums and social media

Playlist Push user review


Image source: Reddit

There are negative reviews about Playlist Push on forums and social media. According to users, the campaigns are ineffective, and their music is not included in any playlists. 

It can be a significant problem for small artists who depend on gigs to make a living. They cannot afford to spend money on Spotify music promotion without seeing any results.

It’s questionable if Playlist Push works due to the presence of dubious playlist curators and low streams on the platform. Artists are concerned that their music might reach bots and their campaign funds might be wasted on an unsuccessful campaign.

Playlist Push user reviews


Image source: Reddit

The feedback from users suggests that Playlist Push is not an effective service for Spotify and TikTok music promotion. It’s recommended to explore other services that prioritize genuine engagement and do not inflate follower counts.


Consumer review platforms 

Playlist Push Trustpilot


Image source: Trustpilot

Playlist Push has a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot, but upon reading the comments, the rating may not be as remarkable as it seems. Let’s first focus on the positive feedback.

Playlist Push Trustpilot review

Customers have been giving positive reviews about the user interface of this platform. They find it easy to set up and intuitive. Even those who are not tech-savvy can launch their first campaign without any difficulty.

Many users have reported an increase in their streams after using Playlist Push. They have been happy with the playlist inclusions they received and appreciated how easy it was to match their songs to moods and themes.

However, negative comments about the platform are hard to ignore.

Is Playlist Push legit

Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Playlist Push, claiming the service is overpriced. 

Despite spending hundreds of dollars, they could only get featured on a few Spotify playlists, which is not proportional to the cost incurred. 

The cost-to-result ratio is a significant concern for users who expected more tangible outcomes from their Playlist Push campaigns.

Playlist Push user review

After reviewing the comments, we learned that some people claim they did not receive any streams for their songs. They believe that the music promotion could have been more effective, resulting in wasted campaign funds.

We have also noticed that Playlist Push needs to improve customer satisfaction. Many users have complained about not receiving assistance from customer service or a refund when needed.


Summarizing the overall sentiment of the user community

The general sentiment of the user community towards Playlist Push is mixed. Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction and reservations about the service. 

Essentially, they mostly complain about: 

  • The value proposition that Playlist Push offers
  • The platform’s effectiveness in music promotion
  • Poor return on investment


While not all feedback is negative, these concerns raise doubts about Playlist Push’s ability to put your song on organic playlists. Many customers have paid for a campaign and discovered that their track did not end up on any playlist.


Identifying patterns in negative feedback

We identified several patterns in all available resources:

  1. Cost-effectiveness concerns: Users mostly complained about the Playlist Push services being overpriced. They based their conclusion on the outcomes achieved after each campaign.
  2. Playlist quality and reach: Negative feedback focuses on the quality and reach after playlist placement. The size of the playlists and low follower counts resulted in poor campaign performance.
  3. Curator feedback: Sometimes, curator feedback wasn’t relevant or helpful. There were instances where curators would praise a song but say the track didn’t fit their playlist.
  4. Communication and transparency: Delayed responses, vague expectations and a lack of information about the curation process frustrate customers.


Playlist Push should address the following areas to improve user satisfaction. As they have not yet done so, we suggest considering alternatives such as SoundCampaign.

Let’s explain why our music promotion service should be your first choice to boost streams and followers.


Why SoundCampaign is the Best Alternative to Playlist Push

SoundCampaign Playlist Push alternative

SoundCampaign is our music promotion service designed to help independent artists expand their fan base and increase their streams. 

Our goal is to connect you with over 1000 Spotify playlist curators who will listen to your songs and provide honest feedback to improve your music.

We are dedicated to securing placements for your songs on more than 11,000 authentic playlists, giving your music exposure to a wider audience. 

SoundCampaign results

Our system automatically matches your tracks with playlist curators based on genre, budget, and language settings. Our team moderates the curators to ensure your songs are pitched to the suitable playlists.

We have a proven track record of getting optimal playlist placements and increased streams for our clients. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot to learn how we’ve helped emerging artists.

SoundCampaign Trustpilot review


Image source: Trustpilot

Our affordable Spotify promotion campaign starts at $80, making it accessible to artists seeking cost-effective marketing solutions. We also offer an Artist Protection Program that guarantees financial compensation for missed reviews if your tracks don’t receive the desired attention.

SoundCampaign Trustpilot review


Image source: Trustpilot

If you experience low-quality playlist matches, unfair rejections, or unfulfilled playlist inclusions, our support team is ready to provide a fast resolution. 

SoundCampaign Trustpilot review


Image source: Trustpilot

What’s more, we don’t stop at Spotify – we also offer TikTok music promotion and help you integrate your tracks into engaging video content on this platform.

Don’t wait any longer, submit your track to playlists now and let us help you take your music career to the next level!


Playlist Push vs SoundCampaign: How They Compare

Let’s evaluate Playlist Push and SoundCampaign in the table below.


SoundCampaign Playlist Push
Trustpilot score  4.4 (955 reviews) 4.4 (1,113 reviews)
Primary focus
  • TikTok and Spotify song placement
  • Paid playlist curators
  • TikTok and Spotify song placement
  • Paid playlist curators
  • Affordable pricing
  • Curator assessment
  • Artist Protection Program
  • Intuitive interface
  • User-friendly interface
  • A huge number of curators
  • Decent reporting
  • Placements aren’t guaranteed
  • Poor customer support
  • High pricing
  • No playlist inclusion guarantee
  • No curator assessment
Curator’s moderation Yes No
Artist Protection Program Yes No
Cost-effectiveness $80 per campaign The minimum cost of $300 is a lot for emerging artists
PayPal payments Yes No


Is Playlist Push Legit? Our Conclusion

Based on our analysis, there have been questions about the legitimacy of Playlist Push. Some users have expressed concerns about the value it delivers, its pricing, the effectiveness of playlist placements, and the authenticity of curator feedback.

While some users have praised Playlist Push, the recurring negative feedback patterns suggest that the platform needs improvement in various aspects. Therefore, it is essential to consider the feedback regarding pricing and playlist quality before investing in Playlist Push.

If you are looking for a platform with transparent pricing, real curators, and an artist protection program, you should try SoundCampaign. It is the best alternative to Playlist Push that can effectively promote your music and help you get more streams.

Create your first campaign with SoundCampaign today and see the difference for yourself!


FAQs: Is Playlist Push Legit? 

If you want to promote your songs, you will need to pay for Playlist Push services. The starting price for a campaign is $300 per song.
You submit a song to Playlist Push. The platform then connects you with playlist curators who listen and review your track.
Spotify’s guidelines state that you shouldn’t invest in paid placements.
No, don’t pay for playlisting. It is against Spotify’s guidelines.


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