Night Stims – A Strong Start To a Promising Career 

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Night Stims – Finding Partners To Push Your Carrer

Maykel Smits, known by his fans by the stage name Night Stims is an EDM artist who fueled his goal of turning a newly started music career into his full-time occupation with the help of SoundCampaign. His recent interview with our team is a lesson in starting strongly, believing in yourself, and smartly relying on trustworthy partners.

Even though he only started DJing and producing professionally one year ago, the response from playlist curators and the new number of listeners he accumulated in such a short time made him the perfect success story relatable to every independent artist who aims to make music their full-time gig.

Many of our artists share Maykel’s ambitions and dedication – and this interview is filled with tips you could apply right away in your career.


Turning A Passion Into a Career

Like most, even for Maykel, it was not just one moment that pointed him toward a music career. He was always listening to a wide array of artists on the radio – which eventually influenced his way around the decks from an early age.

The Dutch DJ best describes his style as Melodic Trance with a touch of old-school vibes. As soon as he unleashed the list of influences, from rock legends like the Rolling Stones and U2 to EDM giants like Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto – it makes sense that his music doesn’t follow a specific lane, making it unique.

Listen to his new tracks to get a feel for how modern Trance can still sound old-school and refined. The smooth vocals in the intro give you the tasty of melodic, while the build-up gradually takes you to the realm of his favorite Trance Artist, Giuseppe Ottaviani.


In just over a year, Night Stims’ name is behind 11 more tracks you can enjoy, with more coming in 2023.


Targeting A Diverse Audience

Even though he doesn’t fit any box and varies styles from track to track, Night Stims managed to get over 100 reviews and thousands of streams in the 18 campaigns he launched so far with SoundCampaign – all from verified playlist curators who helped him improve his craft.

Like Many, Maykel discovered us online. We have helped thousands of artists land a spot on over 10k playlists and get well over 150 million streams – thus, our service is easily discoverable and ranks among the top music promotion tools online.

Besides the proven record of results, our simple and easy-to-use interface convinced him first to try our service and eventually make it a regular Spotify promotion tool in his arsenal.


“You seem to have a simple, understandable interface. My music has more streams and listeners now.”


Our targeting tools allow artists to select according to multiple genres and languages, reaching the welcoming ears of the people running playlists who will either make a spot for your music or get back with dedicated feedback.

Even if you don’t find your songs don’t fit any box, we have simplified the tools to such an extent that you only need to go through 4 easy steps to present your work to music lovers of different backgrounds. You will get the maximum reach from your budget and have secured results from our Artist Protection Program.

All curators and campaigns go first through a manual scanning process. We know it can be confusing; for this reason, all your concerns are answered on our FAQ page.


An Ever Changing, Yet Well-Defined Balance

Besides being Night Stims behind the decks, the Electronic Artist has his everyday life as a father and husband who steadily provides for his family and is regularly devoted to helping others feel at ease. Music is his passion and way of relaxing while having a beer with friends and playing a healthy dose of chess.

An artist in his craft and his life as well, the Dutch Dj throws his passion into whatever he does but never lets any box unchecked in planning and promotions.
Regarding his future career goals, the business and husband inside him blended well with the artist, clearly pointing out he was to make a steady income that would support his family within the next 3-4 years.

We are engaged in helping every artist with a similar goal to Night Stims’; that’s why we even added free learning recourses and step-by-step guides on how to make the most out of your music career in today’s digital age.

If you want to go the independent way or get eventually noticed by labels – study, and research on promotion are a big part of it. Our library covers all topics and includes everything from making money on Tik Tok as an Artist to free comprehensive tutorials on promoting music organically on social media and Spotify.


Play Hard but Promote Smart

Maykel knows very well and mentions how hard it is for independent artists to find their way in promoting music.” A big topic for which he gave one of the best tips for young musicians in creating, distributing, and promoting their work.


“Find reliable partners that can help you lift up your game.”  


As a platform dedicated to helping artists, We are delighted he chose us as his long-term partner to promote his music. You can also contribute to his journey by streaming his music and following his work on social media.

Today you are not limited in your resources, and as long as you work on developing your crafts, tools like SoundCampaign will help you spread the word to the right people – years of struggle in creating the right contact could be just one campaign away.

The next big lesson we can draw is that It’s never too late to pick up music in your life and dream big. Your hobby could and will be your profession if you follow the proper steps, put the work behind it, and find the right help.

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