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How To Make The Most Of Organic Spotify Promotion

Organic Spotify Promotion

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There are literally millions of music enthusiasts scattered throughout the world that use Spotify to find new songs and artists. So it is important to learn how to make the most of organic Spotify promotion. Because Spotify has a massive user base, you will want to know how can you make an impact and stand out.

And this is actually quite a simple thing to do – you need to get on Spotify playlists. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. But you definitely want Spotify’s editors or playlist curators to hear your songs. These editors sort songs into different playlists based on mood, genre, and other themes.

Spotify users can also share and create personalized playlists. This is how people usually discover new songs through a Spotify playlist. If you want to be discovered, you will need to gain placement on playlists with a large following. To help you achieve this goal, here are some tips on how you can get on Spotify playlists and leverage organic Spotify promotion.


Efficient Organic Spotify Promotion with SoundCampaign

First of all, you should consider that the work on the organic promotion on Spotify requires a lot of time and skills. Thus, it may be a wise decision to opt for professional help. Take into consideration that nearly 60,000 songs are added to this popular music streaming service every day. And if you want to win the competition, you should take advantage of the best promotion platforms available.

With the help of the SoundCampaign platform, you can boost your popularity and create an impressive fanbase. Our experts will help you create a promotion campaign considering essential aspects, such as your budget, music genre, and geographic location.

We will send your songs to the top playlist curators. They will listen to your tracks and provide you with a detailed and honest review. In case your music pleases them, they will also provide you with the possibility to add your songs to their popular playlists. At the same time, you’ll certainly get useful feedback that will help you make your tracks better.

Our playlist curators are professionals who know how to review and organize new music to reach as many listeners as possible. Their playlists are popular with thousands of fans. Thanks to them, artists can get more fans, streams and increase their income. Currently, there are nearly 4 billion user-curated playlists (and more than 11,000 of them are owned by our curators). If your tracks manage to get into only one of them, you’ll certainly receive more streams and grow your fanbase.

All playlists offered by the SoundCampaign curators are made for people who enjoy a specific genre. Thus, there is almost a 100% probability that they’ll like your song.

You can significantly increase the number of your Spotify listeners and get a strong chance to enter the platform’s official playlists due to the popularity you will achieve through our campaign. Meanwhile, you’ll have access to your campaign’s statistics and all updates.

Don’t forget that our platform doesn’t sell playlist placements. It means that the results of your Spotify promotion campaign will directly depend on the quality of your track. Only if you create nice tracks, they are likely to satisfy our curators and get on their playlists.

You should understand that professional revisions of your songs are extremely important for your further development. Besides, in case your curator doesn’t provide detailed feedback, our platform will return the money you’ve paid automatically to your balance.

So, if you dream of becoming a successful Spotify artist, SoundCampaign is your sure way to get more followers, increase your popularity, and skyrocket your career. Plus, there are other ways you can use to make the most of organic Spotify promotion. You are welcome to get acquainted with them below.


Submit to Spotify Playlists

You can submit music to Spotify playlists directly.

  • First, you have to sign up or log in to Spotify for Artists.
  • Then, select the tracks that you want to submit.
  • Afterward, complete the submission form.

Remember that only unreleased songs are considered for Spotify playlists. This means that you have to distribute and pitch your tracks for playlisting between the release date and time of delivery.

That’s why it would be ideal to submit the track at least a week before the release date for a higher acceptance rate. When pitching your track, ensure that you provide as much information as possible. After all, Spotify wants a lot of information to help them place your song in the right playlist. So include relevant details regarding your track such as its genre to boost your chances of being featured.


Organic Spotify promotion


Music EPK Featuring Your Latest Release Info

Your EPK (electronic press kit) is your music resume that journalists, music supervisors, and promoters use to understand what you can offer, who you are, and why they should pay attention to you.

It could be a file or page that includes links to your website, music, short bio, photos, videos, Q&A page, and social media accounts. Make sure that it includes your latest release info to keep your listeners and the press up-to-date with your songs and activities.


Build a Strong Spotify Artist Profile

Your Spotify artist profile should leave a good impression on your fans.

  • Give your fans a short background about you, and what your music is all about.
  • Don’t forget to include a few words about your latest release as well.
  • If you have any, adding quotes and highlights from the press will look good in your music bio too.
  • Your Spotify profile also allows you to post your merch or info about your upcoming gigs.
  • In addition, don’t forget to update your Artist Playlist and Artist Pick.

Artist Playlist allows you to create a playlist of your favorite tracks. Artist Pick, on the other hand, allows you to pick one playlist, tour date, or track to feature on your artist profile.

You can use these very useful features to encourage your followers to visit your profile regularly to stay updated about your latest releases.

submit to Spotify playlists


Take Advantage of Social Media

Leveraging the power of social media by sharing articles about you and reaching out to your followers with new songs is a strategy that will always be popular.

You can be very creative and even unique about how you do this. For example, one of your social media pages could be dedicated to communicating with your fans. Make sure that your target audience is using the social media page you have chosen, though. Moreover, determine what type of content works well on your desired page to better target your ideal audience.


Publish High-Quality Posts

When writing content about your music brand and release, make sure that it is written professionally.

Effective posts with storytelling can drive traffic for a long time and can lead to increased streams indefinitely. More people can listen to your music as the posts get discovered through shares or through the explore page on Instagram. Take note that all posts should have a link to your Spotify song, social media page, or website so that new fans can follow your latest activities.


Final Thoughts

Spotify has over 365 million active users. Reaching the right audience and promoting your music properly on this platform will certainly boost your chances of becoming a successful artist.

If you follow the tips stated above, then you will notice significant growth in your fanbase. Remember that there are two ways to achieve this. You can either promote your songs on your own or use a Spotify promotion platform to do the job for you.

This is, of course, what we do for artists at SoundCampaign. We invite artists to submit their songs to us, and we then pass this along to the thousands of playlist curators we have available so that your songs can be reviewed for playlist consideration to have a chance at gaining more listeners.

So while you do your part in creating quality content and promoting to your circle of friends, we can do the part of connecting you to people that are out of your reach such as worldwide. As a result, you are maximizing your goals in making the most of organic Spotify promotion.

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