Playlist Push Review: What Music Artists Can Expect

Playlist Push Review

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For an independent artist, reaching out to a broader audience on streaming platforms like Spotify is crucial. However, the path to the top is challenging due to the intense competition and algorithms that favor established musicians.

So, how do you get your music heard? Well, platforms like Playlist Push offer a helping hand.

Playlist Push is a music promotion platform that helps independent artists get discovered via curated Spotify playlists. It’s among the best music promotion services, providing musicians with increased streaming, royalties, and fanbase growth through broader exposure.

How does it work, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and would alternatives like SoundCampaign better fit your needs?

In this Playlist Push review, we will answer all these questions to help you set realistic expectations for using this platform. 

We will also explain why SoundCampaign might be a better solution to get to the Spotify playlists, boost streams, increase your fanbase and grow the popularity of your tracks.

Let’s start with some basics.


What is Playlist Push?

Playlist Push review
Image source: Playlist Push

For artists looking to share their music with a broader audience, Playlist Push sends their songs to Spotify curators. These curators, responsible for playlists with substantial follower counts, review the submissions.

If they find a song appealing, they include it in their playlist.


A gateway for independent artists

Playlist Push targets all music artists, particularly those without a major record label deal.

These artists typically operate on low budgets, lack clear marketing strategies, and often juggle their music pursuits with a day job.


What users think about Playlist Push

Playlist Push has gained a reputation for delivering positive outcomes by carefully selecting quality Spotify playlist curators and relevant playlist placements. Artists have experienced benefits such as increased streams, monthly listeners, and enhanced brand recognition.

Playlist Push Trustpilot review
Image source: Trustpilot

Nevertheless, the platform has its challenges. Some user reviews have highlighted issues like comparatively high pricing and concerns about the authenticity of some playlist curators.

Given these factors, some musicians have sought alternative playlist placement solutions.


How Playlist Push Works

How Playlist Push works

Image source: Passive Promotion

Let’s briefly explain how the process works when setting up your first campaign.


Key aspects of running a Playlist Push campaign

Playlist Push makes one-song campaigns. If you wish to promote multiple songs, you must initiate separate campaigns for each.

Each campaign spans 14 days, ending earlier if the reviews are submitted before the designated two-week period expires. The selected curators are compensated to review songs, and Playlist Push claims that, on average, 90% of curators fulfill this obligation.

The maximum duration for a single campaign is two weeks, though you can rerun a campaign for the same track. Despite this, the song may stay on the playlist for an extended period.

Keep in mind that curators are not obligated to include the track in any of their playlists. They reserve the right to exclude it if they do not find it suitable or appealing.

It aligns with Spotify’s policy against paid placements, maintaining a fair and organic approach to playlist curation.


Submitting tracks to Playlist Push and playlist curators

Submitting music and initiating a promotional campaign with Playlist Push is a streamlined process.

Upon completing a form, the subsequent phase of the campaign setup holds significant importance for the success of your promotional efforts.

You must carefully select tags associated with your (sub)genres from a pool of 1800 options within the platform. Accurate tagging is crucial, as an oversight may result in your track being sent to the wrong curators and facing rejection.

Concluding the setup, you determine the budget and specify the campaign’s launch date. While Playlist Push provides the earliest possible date, you also have the flexibility to schedule it for a later time.


Playlist Push curator selection criteria

Playlist Push features 800 curators with a collective following of over 25 million followers.

Beyond genre and language considerations, the legitimacy of curators is a critical factor. To uphold quality, Playlist Push maintains strict guidelines.

All applying curators must have at least one playlist meeting the following criteria:

  • 30 active monthly listeners
  • 1% of active monthly listeners relative to the curator’s overall monthly listener base


To better understand the differences, read our guide on Spotify streams vs Spotify monthly listeners.


Communication with Spotify curators

Playlist Push Spotify curators

Image source: Reddit

As mentioned, most curators provide honest feedback in their reviews even if your track gets rejected. Upon playlist inclusion, you will receive a notification via email.

While direct communication with curators is impossible, you can rate each review using a 1-5 star system. Additionally, you can follow the playlist where your track is featured and label it as a top placement—the most beneficial among all your placements.

Marking these playlists as favorites allows for easy inclusion in future campaigns.

You can submit a complaint about a curator if required. This option becomes essential if you suspect the curator hasn’t genuinely reviewed the song before rejection or if there are indications of a bot profile.

Instances of curators requesting payment for playlist placement or extended duration have also been reported.

You also have the option to block a curator for any reason. Once blocked, Playlist Push will stop sending your music to them in future campaigns.


Analyzing campaign outcomes

Playlist Push campaign

Image source: Playlist Push

After the campaign ends, you’ll gain access to additional data beyond the count of Playlist Push curators who added the song.

Refer to the platform’s reporting tool for:

  1. Track streams
  2. Number of other playlists it’s been added to during the campaign
  3. Overall popularity on Spotify


In addition to this, you will receive information about your growth as an artist. It extends beyond the specific song you ran the campaign for and encompasses your entire catalog on Spotify, including:

  • The number of followers
  • Monthly listeners
  • Number of algorithmic playlists where one of your songs has been included
  • Number of other playlists where your songs have been added


Playlist Push pricing

Playlist Push campaign pricing

Image source: Playlist Push

The minimum cost for a single campaign with Playlist Push is $300, but depending on the chosen targeting and matching options, the expense can increase to over $1000.

The pricing structure is tiered, with higher amounts securing placement in more playlists. Unused campaign funds convert into credits for future use.

The service accepts major credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.


Potential Drawbacks of Playlist Push Campaigns

Now, let’s share some drawbacks and experiences we noticed on Trustpilot.


Concerns about the authenticity and legitimacy of some curators

Is Playlist Push legit

Is Playlist Push legit? Inflated follower counts, questionable playlist engagement and potential pay-to-play schemes raise concerns about metrics and growth.

Artists worry their music reaches bots, not genuine fans, wasting precious campaign funds on inauthentic placements.

While Playlist Push is actively working toward removing such curators, some go unnoticed.


Users’ complaints on campaign performance

Playlist Push user complaints

Despite a significant financial investment, some users may find themselves dissatisfied with their campaign performance.

In such instances, a crucial question arises: is the dissatisfaction a result of poorly chosen curators or the inherent (lack of) quality in the artist’s music?

The reality is that both scenarios could be contributing factors.


Costs associated with running campaigns

Playlist Push campaign costs

Playlist Push campaign poses a substantial financial commitment for artists with limited resources. Prices fluctuate significantly based on genre, targeting preferences, and playlist size, creating a lack of transparency that challenges effective budgeting.

It’s important to note that payment for a campaign doesn’t guarantee playlist inclusion. Consequently, the financial risk for artists is considerable.

For smaller artists, a few plays from a larger playlist might not translate into meaningful engagement or fan growth, resulting in a high cost per actual listener.


Poor customer service

Playlist Push customer support

Users express growing dissatisfaction with Playlist Push’s customer service. Concerns revolve around slow response times, unclear communication, and limited support options.

The perceived lack of personalized assistance and difficulty in receiving clear answers about campaign issues and concerns leave users feeling neglected and unsure where to turn for help.

This growing frustration with communication bottlenecks casts a shadow over the Playlist Push experience, potentially impacting artists’ trust and confidence in the platform.

If concerns about cost, authenticity, and service have you questioning Playlist Push, consider SoundCampaign, one of the best music promotion services on the market. 

SoundCampaign boasts transparent pricing, a focus on quality curators, and dedicated artist support and protection, offering a potentially more rewarding experience for your promotional efforts.

Let’s dive into why SoundCampaign might be the right note for your next campaign.


What is SoundCampaign?

SoundCampaign music promotion platform

SoundCampaign is our music promotion platform connecting artists with Spotify playlist curators. We offer a base of active curators moderated by our team and use automated matching to pitch tracks to the most relevant playlists.

Like Playlist Push, our campaigns match artists’ tracks based on genre, budget, and language settings for optimal playlist placement and increased streams.

Unlike other services, we prioritize effective matching to enhance the chances of playlist inclusion. Our curator base is carefully moderated, ensuring participation only from valid curators with authentic playlists contributing to real streams and bringing actual results.

SoundCampaign Trustpilot review

Our users praise the intuitive, easy-to-use interface that lets you submit songs and track campaign results effortlessly.

SoundCampaign Trustpilot review

Our platform offers excellent customer service that is both proactive and responsive. Our representatives are always available to assist artists with any issues, whether campaign concerns, curator reviews, navigating the platform, or any other problems that may arise.

We take full responsibility for our results, and our representatives solve challenges promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

SoundCampaign Trustpilot review

At SoundCampaign, we provide affordable and effective instruments for boosting your musical career.

Create your first campaign now.


How SoundCampaign Helps You Get on the Spotify Playlist and Get Streams

SoundCampaign campaign

SoundCampaign stands due to its strategic collaboration with over 1000 playlist curators. It provides access to more than 11,000 unique playlists, ensuring your music reaches a broader audience and gains organic streams and followers.


Curator criteria and playlist quality assurance

Curators on our platform can add playlists they own, but only those meeting our strict criteria become eligible for track reviews. The minimum playlist requirements include:

  • At least 1000 followers
  • At least 20 tracks


We employ a thorough review process, including manual assessments based on triggers indicative of fake followers. Playlists failing to meet our standards can be deactivated, and playlists with low streams are not accepted.

Additionally, we connect to Spotify for Artists accounts to track playlist performance after adding tracks.


Curator validation period and artist protection program

Curators undergo a validation period during which we closely monitor their actions. During this period, they receive a minimal reward per review.

The moderation team ensures ongoing relevance, activity, and positive outcomes from our curator base:

  1. Curators can be blocked
  2. Playlists can be deactivated
  3. Rewards can be withdrawn


Support reviews conflict cases, taking necessary actions. Our Artist Protection Program credits you every time a curator fails to provide a review, offering financial reassurance if your tracks don’t receive the expected attention. If there is a dispute and the artist wins, we will refund the payment for reviews so they can use it again.


Streamlined review process

To submit a review, a curator must:

  • Listen to the track
  • Write unique feedback
  • Select a playlist or provide a reason not to add
  • Submit the review


If at least five days remain until the review expires, curators can skip, and we’ll find a replacement.


Transparent pricing and artist-friendly entry

SoundCampaign’s $80 entry barrier opens doors for artists seeking effective Spotify promotion without hefty investments. Our platform maintains quality service while providing an affordable avenue for artists to promote their tracks.


Personalized customer support

SoundCampaign is unique because of our commitment to a personalized, human touch while interacting with our users. Responsive customer support is our top priority.

Our support team is ready to provide a prompt resolution if you encounter low-quality playlist matches, unfair rejections, or unfulfilled playlist adds.


Beyond Spotify: TikTok music promotion

As a multifaceted platform, SoundCampaign extends its reach to TikTok music promotion. Connect with creators and seamlessly integrate your tracks into engaging video content.

Experience the SoundCampaign advantage – where quality meets affordability, and your music gets the attention it deserves.

Submit your song to curators.


How SoundCampaign Compares to Playlist Push

Let’s make a short overview and evaluate how Playlist Push compares to SoundCampaign.


Playlist Push


Trustpilot score

4.4 (1.1K reviews)

4.3 (928 reviews)

Primary focus

It connects independent and major label artists to Spotify playlist curators who manage organic playlists on Spotify and TikTok

It provides music promotion services help artists reach an impressive number of organic streams and increase their income


Established platform, broad network

Extensive curator collaboration, affordable entry


High pricing, mixed reviews

Placements are not 100% guaranteed

Curators’ moderation

Automated process without human involvement, impacting playlist quality

Manual process with team moderation ensuring the playlist quality

Artist protection program




The minimum cost of $300 is too high for the results it provides

Quite low entry-level pricing tier, starting at $80 per campaign

PayPal payments




Is Playlist Push Worth the Investment?

While Playlist Push provides a decent opportunity for users to have their tracks accepted by Spotify curators, potentially elevating streams and overall artist recognition, concerns arise regarding the high campaign cost, authenticity of curators and customer support.

In contrast, SoundCampaign emerges as a preferable alternative. It boasts cost-effective campaign pricing, supports PayPal transactions, offers heightened control over playlist curators and superior customer support, and features the Artist Protection Program.

The decision ultimately rests in your hands.

Take charge by creating your first campaign now with SoundCampaign and witness the difference.


FAQs about Playlist Push

As per our Playlist Push review, it’s a genuine playlist placement service, though some curators may be fake.
If you manage a substantial Spotify playlist, you have the opportunity to receive compensation for reviewing music.
Acceptance rates vary based on curator selection and track quality. Some artists see high placement rates, while others experience lower acceptance rates.
Yes, Playlist Push comes with a substantial cost, starting at $300 per campaign, with no guaranteed playlist placement.
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