Rooq’s Unstoppable Rise to Fame: How SoundCampaign Transformed My Music Career

Rooq’s Unstoppable Rise to Fame: How SoundCampaign Transformed My Music Career

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Meet Rooq: The Birth of a Music Artist

Hey there, I’m Rooq! I remember when I first fell in love with music – it felt like a magical force that could transport me to another world. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been living and breathing music, perfecting my craft as a professional music producer. I started by watching countless lesson videos, attending workshops, and soaking up every bit of knowledge I could to be able to hone my skills. I found inspiration in the incredible works of artists like Stromae, Skrillex, and Basement Jaxx, and I was determined to create my own unique sound.


Unleashing My Distinctive Sound and Style

As the 2nd Chairman of Europe’s biggest Music Producer Association, the “Beatunit e.V.,” I’ve had the privilege of connecting with other music producers and learning from their experiences. This has helped me develop a distinctive sound that combines catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, making my tracks truly memorable. My unwavering dedication to music is evident in the hundreds of tracks I’ve produced and the 80-100 instrumental tracks I’ve released. Through countless hours of experimentation and collaboration, I’ve managed to create a musical identity that I’m proud of.


Facing the Promo Hurdles: My Honest Struggles

I was passionate and hardworking, but I encountered a tough challenge: music promotion. I spent many hours, days, and even weeks trying to figure out how to connect with more listeners, feeling a bit lost. I tried different tactics, like promoting on social media, reaching out to bloggers and playlist curators, and even using paid ads. I also tried networking at music events, sending my songs to radio stations, and working with other musicians. I put my heart into each effort, hoping my music would get noticed.

Unfortunately, despite my hard work, the results weren’t what I hoped for. The competition was strong, and it seemed like I was always trying to make my music stand out. My attempts to connect with listeners often got lost in the noise of the digital music world, leaving me feeling discouraged and unmotivated.

I was frustrated and knew I needed a better strategy – one that wouldn’t take up all my time and energy. I wanted to focus on making music and sharing my passion with others, but the struggle to promote my work was exhausting. I needed a solution that could help me with music promotion while allowing me to concentrate on what I truly loved: making music.


A New Path: Finding SoundCampaign

That’s when I discovered SoundCampaign – the platform that would help me with my music career. At first, I was skeptical. Could this really be the solution to my promotion problems? I decided to give it a try. SoundCampaign offered a more personal and genuine approach to music promotion by connecting my music to real people, not bots or algorithms. The platform made me feel like my music mattered and showed me that there was an audience who would appreciate my work.


Surprising Success: My SoundCampaign Journey

Signing up for SoundCampaign was easy, and I was impressed with how user-friendly the platform was. I quickly set up a campaign targeting listeners who enjoyed similar genres and eagerly awaited the results. To my surprise, SoundCampaign exceeded my expectations! With their help and six campaigns launched, I gained 223,417 monthly listeners, received 98 reviews, and was added to 26 playlists.

I was more than happy with the results! SoundCampaign allowed me to focus on my true passion: making music without constantly worrying about promotion.


Future Ambitions: Expanding My Musical Horizons

I’m eager to release more music for sync, following my big sync placement in 2019. I also plan to continue collaborating with Bobby Dreamz BIG and release my second album with exciting features.


The Secret Sauce: Rooq’s Insider Tips for Budding Musicians

If you’re an aspiring musician, let me share a few nuggets of wisdom with you. First, be creative with short video content – it’s a powerful way to showcase your music and engage your audience. Second, think in terms of ten-track projects when creating music. This approach teaches you consistency and gives you a complete project to send out for sync, to artists, labels, and more. Building a library of “Projects” instead of single songs will set you up for long-term success and help you make the most of your talent.


Embrace the Magic: Join My Success Story with SoundCampaign

My journey with SoundCampaign has been nothing short of amazing. If you’re a musician struggling with promotion, I wholeheartedly recommend giving SoundCampaign a try. Trust me; it can transform your music career just as it did for me!

Stay connected with me on Instagram at to follow my journey and experience my music. And if you’re ready to elevate your music career, visit this link and create your own SoundCampaign today! Let’s embark on this incredible journey together and conquer the music world!

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Nadav Peleg - Founder, CEO at SoundCampaign
Nadav Peleg
Founder, CEO at SoundCampaign
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