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Spotify is a great music streaming platform. Being the number one of its kind in the world, it is loved by music fans and is desired by passionate artists.

If you want to become one of the iconic famed artists that have gone before you, then you certainly want to hop on Spotify.

Although reaching the top is not easy in a time where so many artists are trying to make it in the music industry and achieve a large fanbase, it is possible.

Thanks to Spotify and other music streaming platforms, this dream by many aspiring artists can be achieved.

However, despite the variety of opportunities for music fans to hear your song, there will still be mistakes made along the way, especially if you are new to the music industry.

This is why we have put together this article on how you can avoid certain mistakes when pitching your songs on Spotify playlists.

By avoiding these mistakes, you won’t have to repeat what others have gone through.


Playlists Are The New MixTapes

Back in the old days, artists had very limited ways to share their music with the public.

They either had to submit their songs through radio or promote it themselves, which was very difficult back then due to a lack of digital development.

So, submitting to radio channels was the common option.

In order to do this, artists would create mix tapes containing a number of songs for radio channels to listen to.

Fortunately, artists no longer have to go through this method.

Creating mixtapes is not popular anymore and is only ever done by bands to try out for gigs at local events.

Instead, playlists on music streaming platforms are the new kind of mixtapes.

What artists do now is they pitch their songs to certain playlists with Spotify playlist curators.

Then, listeners on Spotify can hear these songs as they listen to the playlist they’re on.

Of course, for you to get a Spotify playlist placement, there are a few things that you will need to do.

To know more about how you can get on one of the popular Spotify playlists, read my article: 3 Major Tips To Ensure You Get On Discover Weekly

But today, we are going to talk about what mistakes artists commonly make so that you can be better prepared to rise up in the ranks.

After all, sometimes it is the mistakes that lead to success.


spotify playlist pitching


When Sending a Link to Playlist Curators, Always Send The Link to The Track

The first mistake that particularly new artists make when they pitch their song to a playlist is that they send a link of their entire album instead or even just their Spotify profile.

Although there are a large number of playlist curators out there, there are many more artists in comparison.

These curators receive hundreds of songs that have been pitched by hundreds of artists weekly – some even receive hundreds of tracks daily.

So, these curators don’t have the time to go through an entire album or go searching for your pitched song within your profile.

By sending the curator the exact song or link you are trying to pitch, they won’t need to make an extra precious effort just to hear your song.

Sending playlist curators a direct link to the track you are pitching will definitely save them time and also save you a longer waiting period for them to listen to your chosen track.

Moreover, pitching your song doesn’t guarantee a spot on your chosen playlist.

So, by doing this favor to playlist curators, you might just gain their approval.

For example, SoundCampaign is a great way to ensure that you are pitching correctly on Spotify playlists.

This is because the SoundCampaign team submits your song directly to active playlist curators on our platform. Also, we have an entire algorithm that properly assists in doing so.


Don’t Stop Pitching Just Because You Failed The First Time

This is another mistake that is common among new artists.

Because competition is very heavy in the music industry, it is easy for newcomers to give up after the first try.

But if you really want to make it to the music industry, then you have to do what every other famous artist has done – never giving up.

The never giving up principle is something that you see all the time in movies, and if you look around you, you even see it in real life.

Speaking from experience, I have learned that progress cannot happen without effort.

So, if you want to get somewhere, then you are going to have to keep trying and bear the rejections.

That is why at SoundCampaign, your song is sent to a large variety of playlist curators in your music genre.

Plus, the great thing about playlists is that they regularly refresh the tracks on the list.

Therefore, there is always another opportunity to pitch your track in the future.

If you want some more inspiration on never giving up, here is an article about “Famous Musicians Who Came Back From Failure Or Adversity” that will surely lift your spirit.


Final Thoughts

These two major mistakes that countless artists have made have costed some their shot at fame.

It may be a temporary loss, but the setback can be drastic in today’s fast moving music industry.

So, make sure you avoid these Spotify playlist pitching mistakes if you want to make your way to the top effectively.

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