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3 Successfully Ways to Promote Your Music in 2021

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The music industry is always changing and evolving.
Because of this, the current trends in promoting music also changes as each year goes by.

When it comes to promoting your music, your goal is to get your name out there.
The more people know you, then the more they will listen to your music.
Once people know your name, even if they haven’t heard your music before, they will still listen to your songs out of curiosity. This, of course, may end up leading them to become a new fan.
However, the main issue that many artists face is by what ways they should promote their music to get this kind of attention.


Utilize Social Media Paid Advertising

Social media is one of the most effective ways of promoting your music. The greatest benefit of social media platforms is that they are free to use, so just about anyone can be on them.
This is a big pro for artists because their potential audience automatically becomes worldwide.

But, being free also has its downsides, which is that your competitors will be thinking the same thing.
So, you will have thousands if not millions of other artists to compete against, which is why building your organic fan base through social media is no longer as effective as it once were.

To be successful in reaching more audiences, you will need to combine organic advertising with paid advertising.
Unfortunately, this is where many artists fall short because paid advertising can be expensive.
But, if you promote your music correctly, then your investments will become fruitful.
One way to achieve this is to funnel your advertising, meaning to have a specific end result. If you want to introduce a new song, for example, then all of your advertising should be focused on this goal.

Furthermore, when creating advertising materials, it is best to get creative and not just repost same ad over and over again.
People love new content and they get excited when they see something fresh.
In addition, you need to make sure that when you do get an engagement, their visit is worth it.
For example, if you want them to visit your Spotify account, make sure that your account is filled with lots of content. No visitors want to spend their precious time visiting an account with only one or two songs.


Create Quality Content

“Content is everything.”
This phrase that is so commonly used by marketers is absolutely true.
Eventually, what will increase your fan base is if people actually like your music.
You can spend all the money and effort creating the best ads, but if it leads people to little content or low-quality music, then they won’t follow you.
So, if you want your advertising to be successful, the next step is to ensure that you have enough content and that it’s good.
For music fans, the main way that they connect with their favorite artists is through their music.
Music is what will build your connection with your audience, so make sure that you focus more on quality over quantity and create that story your audience will connect with.
Especially in a very competitive world, one great song could make the difference in growing your fan base.


Release Singles Regularly

The third method that will help you to have a successful music promotion in 2021 is to release singles regularly.
It is always best if you have a scheduled plan of when you’ll be releasing a single. This could be monthly or every other month. Whatever decision you make, releasing a single often will let your audience know that you’re active and to expect more to come from your profile.
Anticipation is one of the secret marketing techniques of keeping your audience hooked.

Do take note that you shouldn’t post singles too often.
Otherwise, you won’t have the sufficient time to promote your latest single.
So, you want to advertise your single as many times as you can and on as many channels or mediums as possible. Using a music promotion company is always a great option like us, SoundCampaign, our company can easily connect you to playlists curators on Spotify.

SoundCampaign is renowned for their large number of playlist curators on Spotify that already has thousands of listeners.
By creating a campaign through our platform, you can get your single out there more effectively and connect with a much bigger audience than just those in your close circle of family and friends.


Wrapping Up

Your music should be your life if you want to make it into the music industry of today. Investing your time, effort, and money should be something that you’re willing to give if you want to get ahead of the other talented competitors.
As you apply these 3 tested and proven methods of promoting your music this year, you will certainly start to see surprising results in the growth of your fan base.

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