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Discover What To Expect From A Good Spotify Pitching Service

Spotify pitching service

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When it comes to promoting your music, Spotify is a great platform to go to. In addition to promoting on Spotify, you will also need a Spotify pitching service.

A Spotify pitching service can pitch your music to the many playlist curators available on Spotify.

Although you can promote your own music by yourself, it is still recommended that you additionally hire a professional to help you.

By doing so, you are not only gaining marketing assistance from experts, but you are also boosting your chances of growing your fanbase.


What is a Spotify curator?

If you are new to the music industry and are not too familiar with what a playlist curator is, then it is a person that creates playlists to be listened to by other users.

Spotify curators are a type of influencer where they have a lot of listeners and are

people who like to help artists promote their songs through their custom-made


What’s great about promoting your songs through Spotify playlist curators is that their playlists already have hundreds if not thousands of listeners – sometimes, even more.

So, you straight away have that wide range of potential audience to market your music to.

Besides doing your own promotion through social media accounts, you can have additional exposure through the many available Spotify playlist curators’ list.


Spotify pitching service


How many songs can you pitch to Spotify?

Unfortunately, you can only submit one song at a time to be processed by Spotify curators. You also cannot pitch compilations or if you are featured artists on the song.

Therefore, when choosing a song to pitch, make sure that it is your new single or the song that you feel will win a lot of listeners.

The reason why you want to create good tracks in the first place is that pitching doesn’t guarantee you a spot on Spotify’s playlists.

Moreover, Spotify playlist curators have the option of choosing another song from your release instead of the one you pitched.

Even if your chances are not guaranteed, this method of promotion at least gives you an opportunity to expose your songs to a large audience for free, so it is worth the effort in trying.

One thing to take note of is that you should pitch your song at least a week in advance of releasing it.

That way, you are giving Spotify the chance to spend ample time checking out your track to add to their Spotify playlist curators’ list.

Although you are able to edit or change the song you originally pitched before the release date, it would still be best to avoid doing so as some changes are sometimes not seen in time.


What is SoundCampaign?

SoundCampaign is just one of the music promotion companies that you can find in the online world.

While some are popular and reputable, you still want to browse around to find the ideal company that will meet your needs best.

For example, a service that can provide more trust and confidence when you run a campaign with is a great factor.

For most music artists who are just beginning their musical careers, the main issue is their budget.

Because of this, SoundCampaign has a unique policy called the ‘Artist Protection Program’.

This policy allows artists to get their money back if they don’t receive reviews for their songs from curators.

Finally, another important factor to keep an eye out for is a company that can deliver


When you are starting your journey, your budget and time are precious.

By working with a results-driven pitching service company, you can take comfort in

knowing that your investments will be worth it.

This is precisely why we founded SoundCampaign – to connect artists to hundreds

of trusted Spotify playlist curators and provide a higher rate to get on their playlists.


Final Thoughts

Spotify is rated as the number one music streaming platform in the world today.

Millions of both artists and listeners flock to this platform to either share their songs or listen to talented individuals.

Because Spotify is so large, however, having the help of a Spotify pitching service can certainly make a huge difference.

So, as you consider this short guide, make sure that you take your time searching so as to ensure your efforts will lead to solid fanbase growth.

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