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Promote your music with Spotify playlists and influencers’ TikTok videos to elevate your music career to the next level.

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Promote your music with Spotify playlists

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Perfect match with your track and Spotify playlists

In our music promotion service, there’s no need to search for curators, analyze their playlists, contact them, or negotiate — automatically find the perfect match for your track.

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Get feedback from playlist curators

Make your music promotion process even better with valuable feedback on your track.

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Pay only when playlist curators review your track

If curators haven’t reviewed your track with at least feedback provided, we return your budget for this specific review.

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Promote your music with influencers' TikTok videos

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music promotion services


Manually moderated creator base

In our TikTok music promotion, we manually moderate our creators’ base. This ensures the highest quality and authenticity in the videos you receive from our creators.

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music promotion sites


Scalable platform for musicians

From emerging artists to seasoned pros, our music promotion service provides the tools and resources to help you grow your fan base and elevate your music career to new heights.

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In-depth analytics & reporting

Get useful insights for your music promotion and make smart choices using our detailed analytics and reports. Keep an eye on your TikTok campaign’s performance, evaluate its success, and adjust your strategy to achieve the best results in promoting your music.

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We've helped over 100,000 artists be heard

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Although pricey, it sure is worth the investment. If SoundCampaign does ever lower their price or have some special deals on, then I’ll definitely take advantage of them!

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Singer & Music Producer / Reached over 500K streams on Spotify

SoundCampaign is an excellent service! It certainly has access to good playlist curators as well as having a large audience base. Generally, if I send a song to the right curator or genre, I tend to have way more success than I would’ve gotten by my efforts!

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DJ & Music Producer​

SoundCampaign did pretty much what they said they’d do or promised. My genre is quite specific or unconventional, so I only wished they had more different playlists that matched my music. Anyway, overall, I received very good exposure and was still able to get connected with the right playlist curators.

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Singer​ / Reached over 350K streams on Spotify

I’m so glad I decided to work with you fellas at SoundCampaign! I, for sure, enjoyed the service! You definitely gave me awesome feedback and insights from every listener about my songs. One thing I would’ve liked is if there was a much better way for artists to respond or reply to curators. I was given a lot of great feedback, so it would’ve been nice to thank them all personally. Besides that, fantastic results all around.I’m definitely looking forward for my next campaign!

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This music promotion service sure does give top notch service. It sure is the place for anybody who has any real aspirations for a career in music. It’s common for so many music artists to blow up easily in this industry, but with SoundCampaign’s help, however, your chances will increase! I know for me it did. It’s safe to say that majority of the curators for my specific genre, which is hip hop, were pretty honest with their reviews, and as a result, the streams for my songs have significantly grown! I’d say that I surely got my money’s worth. I’ll be making a mixtape soon, so I’ll be sure to work with you guys again and recommend to any aspiring artists I come across!

Why promote with us

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Access to extensive network (10,000+)

No bot streams, only active listeners

100% guaranteed response rate from curators

Comprehensive campaign tracking in real-time

Quick results within days

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Frequently asked questions

SoundCampaign is an online music promotion service. It helps artists get access to relevant playlists and TikTok creators, enabling them to be discovered by new music fans.

We operate officially and in accordance with Spotify’s policies. Curators are compensated for reviews, not for placements on their playlists, which is not organic and against Spotify’s rules. Therefore, we can’t guarantee playlist placement for all reviews.

However, we do offer organic and honest reviews from real curators who add music to their playlists because they genuinely like it.

Effective music promotion is all about reaching out, communicating with music lovers, and sharing your music with influential curators. You can create a music marketing strategy, build your own website, cold call influencers, pitch music to top bloggers, and perform many more time-consuming tasks.

One of the most popular ways to perform online music promotion today, however, involves sharing your music for review with playlist creators from global streaming platforms such as Spotify. They might leave you a favorable review and some constructive feedback. And if they really like your track, they might just add it to their playlist.

If you want to spend most of your time making and playing music rather than promoting it, you can leave this process to a service like SoundCampaign. It’s a no-risk strategy, as you only pay when Spotify playlist curators listen and review your track.

Fortunately, there are more online music marketing and music distribution options than ever before. Here are just a few of the most effective:

  1. Create viral videos with your music and boost your music career
  2. Get your tracks on Spotify’s most popular curated playlists
  3. Build an online presence with a website and social media marketing
  4. Collaborate with other indie artists
  5. Reach out to influencers and bloggers
  6. License your music for use by other indie artists
  7. Advertising
  8. PPC ads on Google or other search engines
  9. Share your music online
  10. Ask music industry professionals for help


But let’s be honest, most people working in the music industry prefer to spend their time making music rather than promoting it. All of these independent music promotions are time-consuming — and some are expensive. 

Indie music promotion sites such as SoundCampaign combine points 1 and 2 on this list, however. And unlike other music promotion services, you only pay when you get results. Out service shares your music with influential playlist curators on Spotify.

SoundCampaign also gives you the chance to go viral on TikTok by making your tracks available to the social media platform’s most successful creators. It’s a professional service for artist development and playlist promotion. And it’s much easier than other methods, including YouTube music promotion or any expensive online ad campaigns.

Yes, it’s possible to promote music online for free, but in most cases, it will involve time, a lot of hard work, and many rejections. You can, for example, offer to collaborate with other independent artists or agree to share their music if they share yours. As an independent artist, you can also gradually build a following via a blog or social media, but without expert help, this process is long and difficult. 

Paying for an affordable music promotion services actually makes more sense — particularly when you only have to pay for results. A music promotion service such as SoundCampaign will get your music in front of TikTok creators and influential Spotify playlist curators. But you only pay for this service when someone reviews your music.  If SoundCampaign doesn’t deliver genuine reviews from Spotify playlist creators or TikTok creators, you will get your promotion credits back!

There are more places for music promotion right now than ever before. Make no mistake: this is a great time to be an independent artist in the music industry. 

Streaming Platforms: Upload your music to popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube to reach a wider audience with the right music marketing strategy.

Sign up for Spotify music promotion services online: Powerful music promotion services such as SoundCampaign promote tracks to influential playlist creators on Spotify and music video creators on TikTok. If they like what they hear, you might just earn a place on a popular genre-based playlist or viral video. 

Social media marketing: Promote your music on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to engage with fans and gain visibility.

Create a website: Establish a professional website to showcase your music, share updates, and connect with your audience.

Build an email list: Collect email addresses from fans to send them updates, music marketing newsletters, and exclusive content.

Engage with podcasts: Collaborate with podcasters in your genre to feature your music and share your story.

Live performances: Some of the world’s most successful artists started by developing a local fan base in their area. Over time, word of mouth and a buzz around the artist can generate interest beyond the area. Just ask Ed Sheeran!

Yes, we offer a complete music promotion service that focuses on TikTok and Spotify. Our services are available to anyone who makes music—whether their platinum-selling artists or aspiring musicians making tracks in their bedrooms.

We offer music promotion campaigns that apply to one song. Set a budget, and our platform will market your track to relevant playlist curators and TikTok creators. You’ll receive a notification when your track has been reviewed with feedback or when your track has been added to a Spotify playlist.

You can set the budget you want. Additionally, you only pay for curator submissions when your song is successfully reviewed, or when you receive a TikTok video you like. On SoundCampaign, we provide the best music promotion services and offer a credit back if a submission to a curator or creator doesn’t result in a review.

For more details, please visit our pricing page.

Yes, you can submit your tracks and curate the music of others, but you will need a separate account (with a unique email address) for each role.

No, and that’s the beauty of our powerful music promotion service. Our unique matching algorithm handles everything automatically.

SoundCampaign has real-time campaign reports — ensuring you can track the performance of your music promotion campaigns.

Once you’ve paid for a TikTok music promotion campaign, your track will become available to suitable creators — chosen for you based on your requirements and preferences.

If a creator likes your track, they can start working it into a video immediately. This is when you should allow TikTok creators to do what they do best. If you don’t like the video that a creator has made with your song, you can reject it and you won’t have to pay for it.

No one is allowed to pay for spots on Spotify playlists, as it violates Spotify’s terms and conditions. This is not the purpose of the SoundCampaign music promotion service. Instead, we focus on a process called playlist consideration. We work to get your music heard by influential playlist curators. If these curators appreciate your track, the likelihood of it being added to their playlists increases significantly.

Right now, we don’t offer the option of geographical promotion preferences.

We do, however, allow you to target specific languages. You can also choose to limit your song’s exposure to instrumental playlists.

Here at SoundCampaign, we have assembled a fantastic customer support team that is always available to answer your questions and offer advice on how to promote your music across the Spotify and TikTok platforms. We’ve made the process as easy and simple as possible with our live chat.