Smart links to promote your music

Drive streams, pre-saves, and pre-adds on all major streaming platforms with modern landing pages.

No credit card required.

Boost streams with a single link for your song

With SoundLink, it’s easy to see where your music is available and link fans to the streaming platform they use to listen to music.

Integrated Spotify Pre-Save & Apple Pre-Add campaigns

The easiest way to promote an upcoming release is with Pre-Saves and Pre-Adds. These features help your fans to listen to your new release on the release day.

Music marketing made easy.

Maximize your music’s reach with SoundLink – marketing landing pages designed to drive streams, pre-saves, and pre-adds on all major streaming platforms.

Automated release notifications

Remind your fans where they can hear your latest song or album on the release day by sending them an email through SoundLink.

Track, measure, and re-engage your listeners

See how people across the internet are interacting with your single link through simple and straightforward metrics.

Integrated Spotify Pre-Save & Apple Pre-Add Campaigns

Easily promote your upcoming release with Pre-Saves and Pre-Adds to ensure your fans won’t forget to listen to your new release on the release day.

How does it work?



Creating a link with SoundLink is easy. Simply add your track and customize your landing page with your own branding and images.



SoundLink makes it easy to share your link on social media and other online platforms. You can also use our advanced targeting feature to ensure your link reaches the right audience.



Measuring the success of your link is simple with our real-time analytics. See how many people have clicked on your link, where they’re located, and which streaming platforms they use. 

Workflow that saves hours

See all data on one dashboard
Manage your analytics and check performance
Track your traffic and optimize with ads
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Start promoting your music with smart links.

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