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Pop Love



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Hip-hop Drive



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Rap Top Hits



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Favorite EDM



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Pop Club



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Dance Top Mix

Dance Pop


I liked the appealing lyrics and smooth melody of this song
I am impressed with the flow and style of your vocals
This powerful vibe is 100% worth a placement!

Discover our Artist Protection Program

If curators don’t review your track and provide you with feedback, we return the payment made for that review to your account balance so that you can use it again to get new, better matches.
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Playlist promotion
Playlist promotion
You received $20 credit back
Reason: 2 curators missed your song.

How Spotify Promotion Service works

Workflow and features designed for your ease of use.

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Playlist promotion
Submit your track
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Search Spotify track
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Never Fade Away
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Set up campaign targeting and budget
We pick the best match of playlists and curators for your track based on the parameters you set.
Choose target genres
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Choose campaign budget
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Curators will listen to your track, provide feedback, and even add it to their playlist if they like it.

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Never Fade Away (SAMURAI Cover)
Tarrence West
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Access to Extensive Curator Network (10,000+)

No Bot Streams, Only Active Listeners

100% Guaranteed Response Rate From Curators

Comprehensive Campaign Tracking

Quick Results Within Days

Artist Protection Program

Our Artist Protection Program gives you money back on your internal balance whenever a curator does not provide a review of your tracks.

The reimbursement is handled automatically, and you will receive it on your balance right away on your artist dashboard. You will be able to use this balance for your next campaign.

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Although pricey, it sure is worth the investment. If SoundCampaign does ever lower their price or have some special deals on, then I’ll definitely take advantage of them!

Playlist promotion
Singer & Music Producer / Reached over 500K streams on Spotify

SoundCampaign is an excellent service! It certainly has access to good playlist curators as well as having a large audience base. Generally, if I send a song to the right curator or genre, I tend to have way more success than I would’ve gotten by my efforts!

Playlist promotion
DJ & Music Producer​

SoundCampaign did pretty much what they said they’d do or promised. My genre is quite specific or unconventional, so I only wished they had more different playlists that matched my music. Anyway, overall, I received very good exposure and was still able to get connected with the right playlist curators.

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Play Video
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Singer​ / Reached over 350K streams on Spotify

I’m so glad I decided to work with you fellas at SoundCampaign! I, for sure, enjoyed the service! You definitely gave me awesome feedback and insights from every listener about my songs. One thing I would’ve liked is if there was a much better way for artists to respond or reply to curators. I was given a lot of great feedback, so it would’ve been nice to thank them all personally. Besides that, fantastic results all around.I’m definitely looking forward for my next campaign!

Playlist promotion

This platform sure does give top notch service. It sure is the place for anybody who has any real aspirations for a career in music. It’s common for so many music artists to blow up easily in this industry, but with SoundCampaign’s help, however, your chances will increase! I know for me it did. It’s safe to say that majority of the curators for my specific genre, which is hip hop, were pretty honest with their reviews, and as a result, the streams for my songs have significantly grown! I’d say that I surely got my money’s worth. I’ll be making a mixtape soon, so I’ll be sure to work with you guys again and recommend to any aspiring artists I come across!

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Campaign budget is defined by selected genres, level of curators matched, and your reach expectations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

SoundCampaign offers customized promotion campaigns to boost your Spotify streams. We send your song to specialized playlist curators, who will give you an honest review and add your song to playlists catering to your chosen genre. SoundCampaign’s platform provides transparent updates on your campaign’s progress and guarantees a professional song review. We also support independent music curators in their playlist curation services.

Yes. SoundCampaign is a music promotion platform which helps artists to get access to relevant Spotify playlists run by active curators and discovered by new music fans.

We work officially and in accordance with Spotify policies.

Curators are paid for reviews and NOT for placements on their playlists, which is not organic and forbidden by Spotify. That is why we can’t guarantee playlist placement for all reviews (same as any legitimate service).

Rather, we offer organic and honest reviews from real curators who are adding music they genuinely like to their playlists. Still, as a platform, we have customer support to review and assist in case of any murky or dishonest interactions with curators. 

Promotion via Spotify playlists can be an effective way to generate more streams and attract new fans to your music. Spotify’s algorithm takes into account the number of streams, saves, and playlist ads that a track receives in order to determine its popularity and surface it to more users. By getting your music onto curated playlists with engaged audiences, you can increase the likelihood of your track receiving more streams and being featured on more playlists. This, in turn, can lead to your track being recommended to more users by the Spotify algorithm, helping you to gain even more streams and followers. It’s important to note that while getting on curated playlists is a great way to get more streams, there are other ways to promote your music on Spotify, such as creating your own playlists, collaborating with other artists, and utilizing social media to drive traffic to your Spotify page.

Spotify is a powerful tool for artists to promote their music and gain new fans. While getting into a Spotify playlist can provide a great boost to an artist’s career, it’s important to remember that promotion by itself isn’t a guarantee of success. A comprehensive promotional strategy that includes Spotify promotion can help artists gain more followers and streams, and potentially even get in contact with record labels. Ultimately, a well-rounded approach is key to success in the competitive music industry, and Spotify promotion can be a valuable element of that approach.

Fake playlists are a huge issue on Spotify, and we invest a great deal of effort into manually reviewing all curators and playlists.

We have a dedicated monitoring system where all playlists are reviewed regularly by our quality managers. Based on our experience, we have identified specific signs that differentiate genuine playlists from fake ones.

First thing first, you need a Spotify for Artists account.

Spotify for Artists is very different from the Spotify you use to listen to music. This feature is completely free, and it will allow you, as a musical artist, to get more insights on your profile, have your identity verified, and get access to all of Spotify’s promotion tools.

Now, with your Spotify for Artists accounts all set up, you can start the playlist submission process.

How to start the playlist pitching process:

IMPORTANT: It’s crucial that you do all of these steps weeks before releasing your new song. That way, Spotify curators have time to receive your song and listen to it.

  1. After logging into your Spotify for Artists account, select “Pitch a song.” That way, you will upload your song to Spotify before its release, and Spotify curators will be able to listen to it. This also places your song in your followers’ Release Radar Playlists.
  2. It is also very important that you complete the section where Spotify asks you to say something about the song. Explain in detail why your song is relevant and why it should be considered for playlist placements.


Not everyone makes it into official playlists. As you can imagine, the number of songs that are submitted is massive, and Spotify only gives placement to songs and artists that have a large following, strong organic engagement, and are relevant on the platform.

Growing on Spotify is a matter of hard work and good music promotion. Of course, playlist promotion is one of the best tools available, as the playlist push you get will ensure a significant boost in streams and the possibility of new fans discovering your music.

Each playlist has its cost based on its activity and follower numbers. You set a budget you want to spend, then we pick the most relevant playlists. The bigger your budget, the more reviews you will get and the more chances you have of getting on your perfect playlists.

We guarantee that you will get a qualitative review from each curator that is matched in your campaign.

If the curator doesn’t provide a review and your campaign budget isn’t spent, you will receive the payment to this specific curator credited back to  your account balance. This budget can be used in your next campaign.

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