How to Get Verified on Spotify [Step-by-Step Guide]

How to Get Verified on Spotify

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If you’re an artist looking to make a name on Spotify, getting a blue verification checkmark is an excellent way to boost credibility and connect with your listeners. It also unlocks features that can help you analyze your music’s performance and improve your overall presence on this streaming service. 

However, the Spotify verification procedure can be confusing for those who are new to the platform. 

In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to get verified on Spotify to help you navigate this process quickly. We will also explain how you can use SoundCampaign to promote your music and increase your chances of getting featured on popular Spotify playlists. 


What Does It Mean to Be Verified on Spotify?

how to get verified on spotify

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Verification on Spotify confirms your legitimacy as an artist and grants you a little blue tick on your artist name. It indicates credibility to listeners and the music industry. Blue check mark signifies authenticity and acknowledgement from Spotify, distinguishing you from other users on this platform.

After verifying your account, you will gain access to exclusive features that can help you better connect with music fans. Spotify verification includes:

  • Artist’s pick that enables you to highlight songs, albums, or playlists at the top of your Spotify profile to direct listeners to your chosen content.
  • More control over your profile, the opportunity to create and share custom playlists, and access analytics.
  • Profile personalization that can give listeners more insight into your brand and music.


To become a verified artist on Spotify, you must claim your profile using the Spotify for Artists portal and meet specific requirements. Blue checkmark improves how your audience perceives you and increases your visibility and potential for interaction on the platform.


Why You Should Get Verified on Spotify

Getting verified can increase your chances of being featured on popular playlists, making your music more discoverable and expanding your fan base.

Your artist page becomes a central place to showcase your identity. Verified artists can share tour dates, promote merchandise, and update their bios with stories that resonate with fans, giving their page a personal touch.

By getting the verification badge, you signal to your listeners and industry peers you are a serious artist committed to your craft. It can boost your presence on one of the world’s largest streaming platforms, helping you turn streams into milestones in your artistic journey.


How to Get Verified on Spotify

how to get verified on spotify

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Prepare your Spotify artist profile

Before you can become a verified artist on Spotify, ensure your profile stands out. Create a compelling bio, upload your best profile picture, and add your discography. These initial steps are essential in setting the stage for verification.


Claim your profile on Spotify for Artists

Secondly, claim your profile through Spotify for Artists with just a few clicks. It is necessary to proceed with the verification process. 

To claim your profile, use the direct link or download the Spotify mobile app and access the relevant section. If you choose the mobile app method, press the “Claim your profile” button to complete the process.


Verify your identity and get access

To verify your identity, you must fill out your name and personal details to prove you are an artist/manager or label team member.

The final step is to wait a few business days for the Spotify team to verify your information and assign the Verified badge.

Once Spotify confirms your identity, you’ll have access to analytics, promotional tools, and the ability to update your profile.


Optimize your verified artist profile

After verification, optimize your profile with more details and content. Use high-quality images, keep your profile up-to-date with the latest tracks, and have a consistent theme that aligns with your brand. Once these steps are complete, the verified blue tick will appear, making your profile look more official and trustworthy.


Engage with your listeners

Post-verification, take the opportunity to engage with your followers. Share your playlists, announce new releases, and use Spotify’s promotional features to keep your listeners involved. This engagement can lead to increased streams and a stronger presence on the platform.


Promoting Your Music on Spotify with SoundCampaign

Spotify promotion

SoundCampaign is a music promotion platform that can help you get on Spotify playlists, gain streams, increase the popularity of your tracks, and grow your fan base. But that’s not all – SoundCampaign also offers a TikTok music promotion service to help you extend your reach even further.

With SoundCampaign, you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to become a successful artist on Spotify

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As one of the best Spotify promotion services, SoundCampaign has a network of over 1,000 verified playlist curators who manage more than 11,000 genuine Spotify curated playlists

Additionally, there are over 5,700 content creators who are willing to use your songs in their videos and help you blow up on TikTok.

SoundCampaign supports more than 1,200 music genres, which can significantly increase your chances for a playlist placement. Visit Trustpilot to read about the positive experiences of SoundCampaign’s satisfied customers.


How to create a Spotify campaign

spotify promotion

When amplifying your music’s reach on Spotify, SoundCampaign offers a structured path for artists seeking to connect with influential playlist curators. 

In just a few easy steps, you can kickstart a campaign for any song or album release, which undergoes review by the platform’s A&R team, assuring it aligns with the quality expectations.

Once you get approved:

  1. Submit details about your song, including genre and vocal language.
  2. Choose the date to launch your campaign or schedule for later.
  3. Define the campaign budget to determine how many curators you can reach.
  4. Click “Pay & Start” to launch the campaign.


For a detailed overview, please read our guide on how to set up your Spotify campaign.

After you launch your campaign, playlist curators will provide you with honest feedback. If they like your music, they will add it to their playlists. 

If a curator fails to review your song, you can take advantage of the artist protection program and automatically receive credit back. You can use this credit for your next campaign.

Submit your song to playlist curators.


SoundCampaign’s power in numbers

SoundCampaign power in numbers

By leveraging SoundCampaign, you gain access to a robust network of curators, which can significantly boost monthly listeners and stream counts. This connection can help your tracks land in curated playlists, exposing your work to genre-specific audiences and creating opportunities for inclusion in Spotify’s official playlists.


Getting results

The success of your campaign depends on the authentic reception of your track by playlist curators. If they are impressed, they may include it in their playlists. 

This type of organic growth model does not involve buying playlist spots or listeners but rather relies on genuine promotion mechanisms that are in line with Spotify’s terms of service.

For a deeper dive into expanding your Spotify footprint and curating playlists, consider exploring how to grow your Spotify playlist followers

If you’re looking for a broader range of promotional services, explore the top music marketing companies to find the one that suits your specific needs. 

To directly amp up your music’s volume in the digital space, find out how to make the most out of music platforms for artists.

Create your first campaign now.


Conclusion on Spotify Verification

Achieving Spotify verification is more than just about the badge; it’s a significant step in advancing your music career. By becoming a verified artist, you open up a suite of tools on Spotify for Artists that enhance your artist profile and allow you to engage more meaningfully with your audience.


  • Visibility: Lets users see you’re an authentic artist.
  • Credibility: Helps build trust and a professional image.
  • Analytics: Provides valuable data on listener demographics.


Remember, verification is free and has no requirements for followers.


Key benefits:

  • Control: Personalize your profile with photos and bio.
  • Access: Submit tracks directly to Spotify’s playlist editors.
  • Insights: Analyze streams and listener habits to tailor your marketing strategy.


Verification is straightforward:

  1. Claim your artist profile via Spotify for Artists.
  2. Authenticate your identity and information.
  3. Await confirmation from Spotify.


Once verified, you can update your profile, pitch music for playlists, and sustain a growth-oriented cycle that benefits you and your fans. Your verified artist profile is more than a symbol—it’s a gateway to the next level in your music journey. Embrace these tools and make the most of the opportunities they present.


FAQs on How to Get Verified on Spotify

To get verified on Spotify, you do not need a specific number of followers. Spotify removed the 250-follower minimum requirement, so now any artist can apply for verification.
Being verified on Spotify does not directly result in payment. However, verification can help increase your visibility, potentially leading to more streams and royalty payments that are based on Spotify’s streaming and payout models.
The blue tick on a Spotify artist profile is a verification badge that indicates your profile is the official artist account. It helps distinguish verified artists and increases their authenticity among fans and listeners.
Once you’ve submitted your verification request through Spotify for Artists, it typically takes a few business days for the Spotify team to review and process your application. However, the processing time can vary depending on the volume of requests they receive.


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