Spotify Playlist Pitch: Guide, Tips, Examples and Best Practices

Spotify playlist pitch

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Spotify can be your golden ticket if you’re an artist looking to climb the ranks and make it big in the music industry. With its vast collection of popular playlists, Spotify gives all artists an equal opportunity to get playlist placements and reach a global audience. 

However, in addition to knowing how to make the most of your Spotify artist profile, you must understand how to write a perfect Spotify playlist pitch to get featured by independent playlist curators.

This article will provide key strategies for preparing a winning pitch and increasing your visibility, listener engagement, and music career. 

You’ll also learn more about SoundCampaign, a Spotify promotion service that allows you to pitch your songs to playlist curators, boost your reach, increase your streams, and grow your fanbase. 

So, let’s dive in!


The Role of Spotify Playlists in Music Discovery

Spotify playlist pitch

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Spotify is a crucial platform for music lovers to discover artists who cater to their preferences. However, with millions of tracks available, the vast catalog can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, Spotify has a team of experienced playlist curators whose musical tastes align with their followers. This allows Spotify users to find music tailored to their mood, activity or preferred listening style faster.


Types of Spotify Playlists

There are three types of playlists on Spotify.


Editorial playlists

Spotify editorial playlists are hand-picked selections of songs curated by Spotify’s in-house team of music experts rather than individual users. An editorial playlist caters to various genres, moods, activities, and themes prioritizing new music. 

They generally have a wider reach and higher listener engagement.


Algorithmic playlists

Spotify’s system generates lists such as Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes or Release Radar based on the songs users listen to, the playlists they create or use, and the artists they interact with. 

Compared to editorial playlists, algorithmic playlists offer a more personalized and dynamic listening experience.


User-created playlists

User-created playlists, also known as listener playlists, are the heart and soul of the music discovery experience on platforms like Spotify. 

Unlike pre-curated editorial playlists or data-driven algorithmic options, user-created playlists are based on individual users’ personal tastes, moods, or even specific themes.


Creating Your Spotify Playlist Pitch

Spotify playlist pitch creation

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Preparing your music

When trying to get on Spotify playlists, it’s crucial to make your track stand out and appeal to both Spotify playlist curators and their followers.


Ensure high-quality production

To achieve high-quality production, you can invest in a professionally recorded music album or set up a home studio. Pay close attention to all aspects of your own music, including carefully selecting sounds and effects and ensuring that each instrument has the right depth and clarity.


Select the right song to pitch

Listen to and evaluate the playlists you’re targeting. You can identify the tracks’ common characteristics and determine if your songs fit. 

To choose the best track, consider which of your songs has performed well in live settings, achieved financial success, or received positive feedback on social media.


Ensure the track is professionally mixed and mastered

A high-quality mix is essential to produce a great song. 

It involves balancing the levels of different instruments, panning them in the stereo field, applying EQ to adjust the tonal balance, and using compression to control dynamics. 

Once the mix is complete, the final step is mastering. It makes the song sound consistent and polished across various playback systems and media formats.


Opt for clean versions to avoid limiting playlist placement

Create a clean version of your song, removing or muting explicit lyrics and replacing them with alternative phrases or words to maintain the song’s flow. 

It will help you promote your track effectively on Spotify and reach a wider audience. 


Writing your pitch

writing Spotify playlist pitch

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Even if you have created a high-quality track, your presentation can significantly affect the outcome. Here’s how to do it right.


Grab attention with a compelling opening line 

To create a perfect hook, start with a persuasive fact. 

You could mention the significant number of plays your track has received in a short time or an intriguing story about the creation of your music. 

A perfect example of a compelling opening line could be: 

“I am excited to announce the release of my follow-up single after my debut track reached [X] streams within the first month.”


Define your genre and sound succinctly

When discussing the sound of your music, it is essential to use precise descriptions instead of vague ones. It can be difficult when mixing genres, but it allows you to showcase your music’s originality.


“The track blends indie rock and electronic pop, evoking 80s nostalgia with modern flair.”


Personalize pitches for each specific playlist

You must explain to the curators how your track can add value to their playlists and help them grow Spotify playlist followers. Show that you understand the genre of the playlist and explain how your track fits.


“After enjoying the energetic and uplifting vibe of [Playlist Name], I feel that my track, with its catchy lyrics and lively rhythm, would be a perfect addition.”


Employ storytelling to make your pitch stand out

Consider describing the story behind your song to add a personal touch.

It can include the source of your inspiration, the related challenges you faced during the creative process, or the message you want to convey through your music. 


“I poured my heart into this song. It’s inspired by a deep love for someone special in my life. The creative process was challenging, but I worked through the challenges and created something extraordinary. 

The message I want to convey through this music is that love is powerful and can conquer all obstacles.”


What to include in your pitch

what to include in Spotify playlist pitch

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To write Spotify playlist pitch, you must demonstrate your talent, professionalism, and industry knowledge.


Add a concise artist bio with relevant background 

If you are writing a factual bio, include essential information about your musical journey – from your early beginnings to your career milestones, including your upcoming releases, tours, or new musical direction you are exploring. 

When describing your musical style, go beyond the basics. Share a unique aspect of your music, such as a distinct songwriting approach or a defining moment that influenced your sound.

It will help your fans and playlist curators understand what sets you apart.


Provide easy access to your music with direct links

When pitching your music to curators of popular Spotify playlists, make it easy for them to review your track. Avoid overwhelming a playlist curator with too much information. Include a link to your song and another to your Spotify for artists profile. 

When sharing the links, present them professionally. Instead of just pasting them, include them under descriptive text. 

Also, organize the links neatly at the end of your pitch after a summary and a clear call to action.


Mention any press, radio play, or notable achievements

Having your music recognized in a well-known blog or magazine or featured on a popular radio station or music charts can significantly impact your career. 

Such recognition is a strong endorsement of your music and can help you gain credibility in the music industry. Press quotes can also add value to your pitch. 

Additionally, notable performances showcasing your talent can authenticate your song-crafting and performing worth. 

It is also worth considering how to get verified on Spotify, as this can make you more legitimate in the eyes of curators.


Highlight ongoing marketing efforts to support playlist promotion

Curators tend to be more interested in artists who actively promote their music. To increase your chances of being noticed, plan and execute marketing campaigns that include social media, music videos, and fan engagement efforts. 

Collaborating with other artists, brands, or influencers can add unique angles to your story. 

If you are pitching an unreleased song, include the planned release date. It is essential for proper planning and scheduling.


Spotify Playlist Pitch Examples and Best Practices

Spotify playlist pitch examples

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Here are some real-world examples of successful Spotify pitches you can find online and use for inspiration:

  • “Criminal” by Storm Orchestra
  • “Cul de Sac” by Houndtrack
  • “Superficial” by Victor Mechanick
  • “Ritual Two” by Handbook
  • “Hope” by Kazuki Isogai & Yuhei Miura


These pitches share a common trait – they follow the best practices mentioned earlier and incorporate effective storytelling to convey their unique sound. 

These independent artists use an interesting genre approach to pique the reader’s interest and vivid phrasing to bring the song to life in their imagination. As a result, the curators found them attractive for their playlists.


Common pitfalls to avoid

  1. Lengthy introductions: Keep your introduction concise, as curators often have limited time.
  2. Overloading information: Avoid overloading the curator with information. Make sure they can discern your music’s key points easily.
  3. Irrelevant details: Stay focused on relevant information. Focus on your main message.
  4. Repetitive information: Avoid repetitive information, as poorly thought-out pitches waste a curator’s time.
  5. The urge to oversell: Be sincere and avoid overselling your music, as it may create unrealistic expectations.
  6. Ignoring playlist guidelines: Always adhere to submission guidelines to avoid automatic rejection.
  7. Incomplete submissions: Submit complete information with all the necessary links to avoid frustrating curators.
  8. Late submissions: Submit your music on time to avoid missing the window of opportunity.


If you’re looking for an efficient solution for pitching your music to playlist curators, SoundCampaign might be your best option. 

SoundCampaign provides the best Spotify pitching service that saves time and effort for music artists. 

You can increase your chances of getting your music heard by the right people and gain more exposure on Spotify.

Let’s explain how.


Leveraging SoundCampaign for Your Spotify Strategy

Spotify promotion service

SoundCampaign is a music promotion platform that helps you reach Spotify playlists, gain streams, grow the popularity of your tracks, and increase your fan base.

But that’s not all. SoundCampaign also provides a TikTok music promotion service to help you extend your reach.

You don’t have to waste time thinking about how to become a successful artist on Spotify.

With a network of over 1,000 verified playlist curators who manage over 11,000 genuine playlists and more than 5,700 TikTok creators willing to feature your songs in their videos, gaining visibility and promoting your work has never been easier.

SoundCampaign also supports more than 1,200 music genres, which can significantly increase your chances for a playlist placement.

Visit Trustpilot to see the positive experiences of SoundCampaign’s satisfied customers.


How SoundCampaign can help with Spotify pitches

SoundCampaign results

SoundCampaign is one of the best Spotify promotion services, and it can save you a lot of time on manual outreach. It allows you to bypass the traditional pitching process to playlist curators, who are often bombarded with pitches and may overlook even the tracks they would normally accept. 

With SoundCampaign, you can create digital campaigns to pitch your songs to hand-picked and verified Spotify playlist curators, getting honest reviews that can help you improve your music and increase your chances for success. 

The best part is that starting a campaign is hassle-free and aligned with your genre, language, and budget. Pricing is affordable and suitable for both new and established artists. 

So, let’s dive into how campaigns work and why SoundCampaign is one of the best music promotion services.


How to Launch a Spotify Campaign with SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign campaign manager

To create, schedule, and launch your campaign, click on the “Start Campaign” link in the email from SoundCampaign’s A&R team.

Spotify campaign settings

Select relevant genres and languages for your track to optimize playlist selection within your budget.

selecting genres and languages for the track

Select a start date. Your campaign will begin automatically in 24 hours. If you need to change the start date, go to Campaign details and select “Edit start date”.

selecting the campaign start date

To set a campaign budget, choose from a list of pre-determined budgets or enter a custom amount that suits your needs. The minimum campaign size costs about $80 and can reach up to 6 curators.

Campaign budget

Our system automatically chooses the most appropriate playlists for your song and prioritizes playlists with the most matching genres to pitch to the right audience. 

The total curators’ reach available within your budget will rely on the number of followers the playlists have.

We provide a campaign potential reach percentage to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible. It defines the number of curators you can reach with your campaign settings out of all curators who work with the chosen genres and languages. 

If you set your budget to the maximum, you can reach 100% of the curators within your preferred genre and language.

Review your payment details before proceeding. Once you have confirmed everything is set up correctly, you can click the “Pay & Start” button to complete the payment process.

If you have a promotional code, you can enter it by clicking on the “+promo code” and manually typing it in. After entering the code, click “Confirm & Pay” to finalize the payment.

Your campaign is now scheduled, set up, and paid for. It will begin running on the date you selected and continue for up to 14 days.

Submit your song to playlist curators.


Benefits of Using SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign reviews

SoundCampaign is one of the best Spotify promotion services to help you achieve your dream of becoming a music star. It is because SoundCampaign offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Manual moderation of Spotify playlist curators: SoundCampaign’s team carefully selects all curators to ensure the best possible outcome for your campaign.
  2. A base of active curators with real playlists: Getting featured on one of these popular playlists is bound to be significant for your exposure.
  3. Straightforward campaign setup process: You can set up your campaign quickly and conveniently and then track its progress from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Fast placements: With SoundCampaign, you can get placements on popular playlists within the first few days of your campaign.
  5. Live support: If you have questions or need assistance with any aspect of SoundCampaign’s service, the team is always here to help.
  6. Affordable pricing: You can manually set your campaign’s budget based on the amount you’re willing to spend.
  7. Artist protection program: You’re guaranteed to get your money back if any curator doesn’t respond with a review of your track.


Start enjoying SoundCampaign’s benefits today and create your first campaign to get relevant Spotify playlist placement.


Conclusion About Spotify Playlist Pitch 

Spotify playlist pitching requires you to prepare your track carefully and present your artistic vision and brand in an engaging way. The key is to make the curator understand why your track is a valuable addition to their playlist. 

However, if you’re looking for a shortcut to getting featured on multiple playlists, you can rely on SoundCampaign. 

Submit your song to playlist curators and ensure it gets a fair chance. Don’t let it get lost in the inbox filled with the many pitches Spotify curators receive daily.


FAQs about Spotify Playlist Pitch

The right approach requires thoroughly preparing your song for submission, learning how to write a captivating pitch, and knowing which elements to include.
Spotify curators are busy, so reviewing your pitch could take weeks. However, with SoundCampaign’s assistance, this is a matter of days.
The limit for pitching to Spotify editorial playlists is 500 characters with spaces. There is no limit for submitting to user-generated playlists, but 400-600 characters should be enough to present your track while respecting curators’ time.
It is impossible to submit a track to editorial playlists if it has already been released, even if it is later re-released as part of an album after being initially released as a single. However, if you use SoundCampaign, you can still submit your track to user-generated playlists even if it has been previously released.
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