Spotify Playlist Curators You Can Submit for Free

spotify playlist curators you can submit to for free

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Submitting your music to Spotify playlist curators is much easier than you think…

The music industry is a hard one. No matter how much you love music as an art; getting into the industry can be a tough challenge. Let’s talk about the Spotify playlist curators you can submit to for free.

You need to be seen by a great number of people to start conversations around you. Then, you need to be very lucky to have someone from a record label interested in you. If you analyze this, you need to be seen by a lot of people first, that is the crucial step.

As hard as it sounds, things are way easier nowadays than they were before.

If you didn’t know, the online world holds a big power in terms of getting into the industry. Spotify playlists and social media are one way to go.

Spotify playlists are a marketing tool by themselves and even better when combined with a healthy number of followers on social media. Most people find new music by following specific playlists, such as deep house music.

If you get your music to a few popular playlists, you have conquered a big milestone that’s going to help you in more ways than you can imagine.

When a playlist curator puts your songs in one of their Spotify playlists, the possibilities of having your music heard by thousands of people increase exponentially.

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Learn how to find independent Spotify playlists curators:

A playlist curator is someone whose work consists of listening to a ton of new music, reviewing the songs, and finally, creating greatly crafted playlists for those songs to be in. Their role helps emerging artists to get known and have their music listened to by thousands of people.

As you may imagine, there are different types of playlist curators. Some of them only receive songs that fit into certain genres, some of them are so good at their work and have such a massive following that they’re employed by the platform; in this case, they can be employed by Spotify.

But today’s focus will be on independent Spotify playlist curators, especially those you can submit your music for free. Emerging artists are usually on a tight budget, so these kinds of curators are a great option…

Finding a great Spotify playlist curator who accepts submissions for free can be the first big step in a successful music career.


How to choose the perfect curator for you:

Before you submit your music, you should keep in mind that every playlist curator is different, and some of these steps may vary depending on which one you choose. This is just a general overview.

  • Check the curator’s preferred genres, as not everyone likes to focus on certain genres, and some even focus on just a few genres, and even a specific artist profile.
  • Check their following, as you will need to choose curators with a decent following. You don’t have to choose the ones with the largest following, but you also can’t rely on people with two followers!
  • Know when to pitch: it’s important that you submit your music days before releasing it, so they have time to listen to it, review it, and add it to the playlists in time for your release date. Some of them even ask for a specific time that you should submit at, so be sure to check that.
  • Finally, choose playlist curators whose playlists and work you enjoy. Getting to know them before submitting your music is a great tip that you shouldn’t pass on.


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Spotify playlist curators you can submit your music for free


  • One of the largest independent music curators out there is Indiemono. With their 100,000 followers, they’re a great option for those who fall into these genres: Indie/Alternative, Urban, R&B, Pop, Electronic Music, Folk,  and Latino.

You can submit music to them for free by following the instructions on their “Submit Music” website.

Howard Zhu:

  • Howard Zhu started his journey as a Spotify playlist curator as a way to help out indie artists, not only by getting their songs out for the world but also to boost their monetary income from Spotify.

With a followers count of more than 100,000 people, the process to submit music is very well-organized; as there’s a whole form that you need to fill in this Spotify playlist submission link. The playlist’s genres include Pop, Club, and R&B.

Daily Playlists:

  • One of the biggest Spotify playlists curators is Daily Playlists, which also offers one of the best-organized websites, full of all the info you need to know to submit music for their playlists.


Let’s talk business for a second…

All of the services mentioned above don’t charge for what they do. However, independent Spotify playlist curators do offer some paid services, mainly providing tools and expertise that can enhance the whole experience, and guarantee you even more success than just doing free submissions.

If you want to test a great curating service that offers you the most for what you pay, SoundCampaign is the best option available.

SoundCampaign offers their unique campaign creation for your songs to reach their thousands of Spotify playlist curators.

By submitting your music to SoundCampaign, you get a unique 14-day campaign in which they will be sending your music to their curators, which will listen to your song, deliver you a professional review, and finally, give you the opportunity of adding your music to Spotify playlists.

Your songs get delivered to the SoundCampaign curators according to their genre. The best part is that you can adjust your budget when doing the submission. SoundCampaign also allows you to track how your campaign’s performance in real-time.


Now, let’s get back to where we left:

For the Love of Bands:

  • For the Love of Bands focuses more on bands, which is not a surprise. They offer their platform to mostly indie bands, but also any band that works with these genres: Rock, Alternative, Americana, Country, Folk/Roots, Punk, and Ska/Reggae.

You can submit your music here, and choose the submission option that adjusts better to you and your music.

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Final thoughts:

Getting in touch with a Spotify playlist maker is one of the best things you can do to get your music out for the world to listen to. Remember that nowadays with Spotify you have more tools that can help you achieve your dreams, no matter how big or small you’re starting.

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