How to Create Your Own Spotify Artist Playlist

how to create your own spotify artist playlist

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With the aid of Spotify, independent musicians can manage their careers freely, even without the assistance of a record label. Both notable names in the music industry and independent artists alike use Spotify extensively.

The Spotify artist playlist feature is one thing that is very helpful for musicians. Making a Spotify artist playlist and sharing it on your artist page helps showcase your discography and musical influences, feature your go-to jam, and much more.

Whether it’s by enhancing your branding, providing you with a captivating artist pick on your Spotify page, or serving as a tool to forge strategic relationships with other artists online, artist playlists play a crucial role in your new music release. This may also help you get more Spotify “fans also like” recommendations.

If you’re wondering how to make a playlist on Spotify, keep reading to discover everything about how to create your own Spotify artist playlist and how to get the most out of it! Learning to make a playlist on Spotify can significantly boost your artist profile.


What is a Playlist on Spotify?

If you are new to the world of Spotify, you may wonder what a playlist on Spotify is. A playlist is a collection (or a list) of songs or audio clips that can be played through a streaming platform.

You can make your own playlist for events, workouts, or just lounging around the house using your favorite songs rather than clicking through Spotify to move from song to song. Furthermore, when creating a playlist on Spotify, artist playlists are a collection of tracks assembled by you for the enjoyment of your viewers and followers. Creating a playlist on Spotify has never been easier and more beneficial for artists. If you’re wondering, “can you make a playlist on Spotify?” the answer is a resounding yes! As you can see, it’s a fantastic feature that’s extremely popular among users!

how to create your own spotify artist playlist
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Create a Spotify for Artists Account and Get Verified

Suppose you are wondering whether there are any requirements for creating a playlist. In that case, the answer is that it is necessary to set up Spotify for Artists and become a verified Spotify user. Only verified artists are able to use the Spotify artist playlist feature.

This is an excellent opportunity to remind you that it’s the ideal time to create a personal Spotify profile, which you can do by visiting the Spotify for Artists website. Here, you can set up your Spotify artist account and manage your artist page by simply following a few easy steps. Your Spotify artist account is the gateway to numerous features, including artist playlists. You can also learn how to make the most of your Spotify artist profile here. After that, you will finally be able to become a verified Spotify user.


Why Should I Create a Spotify Artist Playlist?

It can be challenging at first to expand your fan base and promote your music as a new artist. Making that happen while listening to your favorite songs is easy with a Spotify artist playlist. You can add an artist playlist to your Spotify profile using the playlist feature. As a result, your fans and potential listeners can enjoy the music of your choice. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to increase plays and attract new fans.

Additionally, Spotify encourages you to create such a playlist! You may even be featured on Spotify’s official playlists if you use many artist features because Spotify sees it as very positive. Other playlists’ features can allow you to collaborate with other artists. Be smart with the way you use and create a Spotify playlist because it’s a great way to start your music career.


How To Create Your Own Spotify Artist Playlist. It’s Simple!

A playlist can be made very quickly. But hold on, perhaps I wasn’t entirely clear to you. From a technical standpoint, making a playlist is simple, and if you follow the steps below, you will be an expert at it in no time. However, the real challenge comes when you need to build Spotify playlist with the right songs to create the proper flow and find a name and image that will present your list well. That work requires patience and extensive knowledge of the incredible music surrounding us. Some of that music will be proudly displayed on your artist profile, and… No, let’s return to the simple part! After that, I’ll share some excellent tips on the art of playlist creation that will help you become an expert in the field. So, if you’re looking to build a Spotify playlist, read on for some excellent tips.

how to create your own spotify artist playlist
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Set Up Your Spotify Playlists in 6 Steps

  1. On the desktop version of Spotify, select New Playlist from the left navigation.
  2. Choose a name for your playlist. Having a name that people might naturally search for is what you need.
  3. Write a description for your playlist. Use keywords in the first sentence to increase the number of searches for your playlist.
  4. Pick or create a picture for your playlist. Make your playlist stand out by selecting something visually appealing.
  5. Save the playlist and look for it in “Your Library.”
  6. Fill out the playlist with tracks. You can add tracks to playlists by dragging them into the playlist’s name in the left navigation or by right-clicking a track and selecting “Add to Playlist.” Congratulations! You now have successfully learned how to make a playlist on Spotify and have your own personal artist playlist!

So, can you make a playlist on Spotify? Absolutely, and you’ve just learned how! This is your guide to make your own playlist that resonates with your audience. The Spotify community provides additional advice and tricks for the various mobile, desktop, Android, iPhone, and web players.


Add an Artist Playlist to Your Artist Profile

After creating it, add it to your artist profile, so anyone visiting will be able to find it quickly. Follow these steps:

Web browser

  1. Click on Profile.
  2. Next to Artist Playlists, select the pencil icon.
  3. Enter a Spotify link or a search for the playlist.

Spotify App

  1. In the bottom right corner, tap the profile icon.
  2. Click “Edit” next to Artist Playlists.
  3. Click “+” Add Playlist.
  4. Enter a Spotify link or search for the playlist.


Keep Your Spotify Artist Playlist Up-to-Date

If you believe that making your artist’s playlist is the end of your work, I’m sorry to break your heart by telling you that you shouldn’t let your Spotify playlist sit there unattended. Keep the playlists up-to-date by adding and removing tracks, and changing artwork or names weekly. New or refreshed playlists are favored by Spotify’s algorithm! You have the opportunity to gain new fans every time you add new tracks and let your audience know what’s new.

However, if your playlist goes viral, do not change much in the playlist because you found the correct pattern! Keep the same name and theme. Simply add some new songs and also add your own to introduce yourself more effectively to the new audience.

Let’s quickly explore some of the features you are blessed with, like the ability to add or remove songs from a playlist.

how to create your own spotify artist playlist
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Rearrange or remove playlists

Choose the following from your artist profile:

Web browser

  1. Visit your Artist Profile.
  2. Next to Artist Playlists, select the pencil icon.
  3. To reorder, click and drag, and to remove a playlist, click “X.”

Spotify App

  1. In the bottom right corner, tap the profile icon.
  2. Tap” Edit” next to Artist Playlists.
  3. To move a playlist, press and hold to the right of it. To remove it, tap the icon to the left.


The Art of Making Your Custom Spotify Artist Playlists 

Making playlists is a unique fusion of craft and art that is entirely subjective. There won’t be two identical playlists if you give any group of people the same theme to base their playlist on. Your playlist additions will be personal, and there is no single method that will work every time.

However, I will present some helpful strategies for making the most of your artist playlist that will benefit you as an artist. Read through to the end of the article for 7 extra pro tips on creating an amazing playlist that will be well-liked by many.


Set Clear Goals for Your Playlist

You may also want to consider your goals for assembling your playlist as an artist. One of your goals is to make connections between your music and the work of other artists.

You can select tracks that resemble your own music style, but you can also share the music that inspires you. One of the Spotify playlists made by the band Paramore is a great example. They assembled a viral playlist of all the songs that inspired them as they worked on the After Laughter album. This is a fantastic way to honor all of your influences and give the audience a glimpse into the musical journey you are currently on.

It’s not just a great idea to pay tribute to the people you admire; you should also share music from people you know, work with, or are part of your artistic community. Consider the various ways in which the playlist can be helpful in networking and reaching a new audience.


The Most Effective Artist Playlist Strategy

I’d advise putting together at least two or three Spotify playlists. If you have too many, the others will likely be diluted, and your public playlist profile will become cluttered. Make sure to only promote one and encourage all of your followers to listen to this specific playlist.

You should primarily use songs by other artists, but you may also include up to three of your own songs on this list. Additionally, spacing them across the playlist is a good idea. Put your newest song in the playlist’s first or second spot. Include any songs that other artists have released that feature you.

To further help the algorithms associate your track with certain artists or types of music, it would be a good idea to place a track from a more well-known artist before or after your own. When possible, incorporate recently released music from other artists because their songs will likely receive more attention, and your track can benefit from that.

Additionally, make sure you have a playlist on your profile called “This Is (Artist Name)” or “Discography” that contains only your tracks. This only includes songs by you or your band, which should be your entire discography. You are not going to promote this playlist. It’s only for fans to come across in the search results. Additionally, you want to ensure that your playlist appears before any other user profiles that include playlists for your band. Therefore, think carefully about the name. Add “Official Playlist” after your name to let fans know they are listening to your personal playlist.


How to Get Your Playlist to Come Up in Spotify’s Search Bar Results

Want your curated playlist to shine in Spotify’s search results? It’s all about visibility and engagement! Here’s a quick guide:

  • Descriptive Titles: Your playlist title should be catchy yet relevant. Think about what users might search for and tailor your title accordingly.
  • Keyword Game: Use keywords related to your playlist’s theme. If it’s all chill vibes, words like “relax,” “mellow,” or “unwind” might be apt.
  • Engaging Description: A good description not only informs users about the playlist’s theme but can also boost its discoverability.
  • Share, Share, Share!: The more your playlist gets played and shared, the higher its chances of appearing in search results. Share it on social media, with friends, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Keep It Fresh: Regularly update your playlist. Add new tracks and re-shuffle occasionally to keep it interesting and relevant.

Spice up your playlist, share it widely, and soon enough, it’ll pop up in those Spotify search results!


Your Followers Can Help You with Sharing Optimization

Share and promote your artist playlist on social media and post it as your “Artist Pick” on your artist page. You should also:

  • Ask followers to access your music through the playlist rather than directly from your profile.
  • Ask followers to “like” your song so that it will appear in their music library.
  • While listening from your playlist, ask followers to add your songs to their own playlist as well.

All of this can help you be favored by the famous Spotify algorithm.

how to create your own spotify artist playlist
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7 Tips for Making Your Playlist Shine

Keep your audience in mind

Knowing your audience is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing strategy. So, whenever you present something to your followers, keep in mind what it might be that they would be interested in.

Networking is the key

Connect with other musicians you have on your Spotify playlists. To build community and encourage one another further, follow and give shout-outs to the artists you feature on your playlists on social media and streaming services. Maybe they’ll do you a favor in return. To improve SEO, include them in the playlist’s “Description” section.

Select a mood or theme 

List tracks that are inspired by a mood or specific theme. Create Spotify playlists for certain occasions: workouts, morning, nighttime, studying, the beach, gaming, and much more. You can also select tracks by mood or feeling, such as chill, motivated, slow, upbeat, romantic, etc. Also, remember that basic terms like “happy,” “sad,” “party,” and similar are quite overused.

Carefully Choose Name, Description, and Artwork

Create a playlist that is uniquely yours by including cool artwork and an interesting description. This will catch the attention of your audience. Choose a name for your Spotify that will pique Spotify users’ interest and be informative (e.g., refer to the mood, occasion, etc.). You can now see why a name, e.g. “August 2022,” isn’t a pretty perfect name in that regard.

Set the Right Duration

Make a Spotify playlist with at least 30 songs but no more than 70. The ideal time frame is two to three hours.

Make a Good Flow

The algorithm keeps count of how many listeners tune out and skip tracks. Make sure the playlist flows smoothly from one song to the next. Nobody wants a chilling ballad abruptly cut off by a track with a random vibe! In addition, unless the situation calls for it, you should probably steer clear of songs that are overly lengthy or take an eternity to get to the hook. Think carefully about how you can keep listeners engaged!

Add Commentary Tracks

Commentary tracks are only available to artists and not to regular Spotify users and are excellent for artist playlists. Basically, it’s a voice track between tracks or placed as the first track in a playlist that lasts between 15 and 45 seconds. It requires some set-up time, but the extra work will win over your audience and support your brand. Make a recording of yourself introducing the playlist to listeners and outlining its inspiration. Most importantly, urge listeners to press the “Follow” button. You must consult your distributor after recording it to learn how to set up this track as a “commentary track” rather than a regular audio track like your music.



You now know how powerful a well-rounded Spotify artist playlist can be! Try remembering and applying everything you learned today. You will, most likely, see great benefits for your career in the music industry.

It’s great to feature some amazing artists on your playlist, but it’s also fantastic to be featured on other playlists. SoundCampaign can help you promote your music on Spotify by connecting you to some amazing Spotify playlist curators. We are here to make your music shine bright in front of many potential fans!

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