Campaign pricing is dynamic and would depend on your targeted genres and which playlists are available.

Once you enter the budget you are willing to invest, you will see a preview of how many playlists and curators can be reached.

The average campaign cost is around $150.

Minimum campaign size can have a reach of up to 6 curators.

How can I see my campaign cost?

First, you have to create a campaign for your song.

Then, your campaign will be sent to our A&R team to be reviewed.

If your campaign is approved, then you will receive a notification in your email and via SMS.

Now you will be able to get started and set up your campaign as you can see from the steps below.

Step 1: Target Genres

Set up genres and language settings for your campaign.

Based on this, we will pick up available playlists for you.

Step 2: Set Campaign Reach

After you’ve selected your targeted genres, you should then be able to see the amount of available playlists for your track.

After you enter a budget, you will see which part of available playlists will be reached during your campaign.

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