Top 5 Spotify Playlist Pitching Services You Should Try Out in 2022

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When it comes to promoting your music, Spotify is a great platform to go to. In addition to promoting your song on Spotify, you will also need a Spotify playlist pitching service.

A Spotify pitching service can pitch your music to the many playlist curators available on Spotify.

Although you can promote your own music by yourself, it is still recommended that you additionally hire a professional to help you.

When it comes to getting a playlist placement for your newly-released song, there are many promotion services you can take advantage of. Yet, if you want to get your tracks in the right place so they can be heard by millions of people, some promotion companies might ask you to pay an arm and a leg. However, some services will help you get your music on the right playlists for a fraction of the price. 

Because we know how hard things can be for an artist that has just started their career, our experts have prepared a list of top 5 Spotify playlist pitching services you should try out in 2022. Getting in touch with the right companies will help you get your tracks heard by the right audience, and turn occasional listeners into constant followers.

By doing so, you are not only gaining marketing assistance from experts, but you are also boosting your chances of growing your fanbase.


Who is a Spotify curator?

If you are new to the music industry and are not too familiar with what a playlist curator is, then it is a person that creates playlists to be listened to by other users. Spotify curators are a type of influencer where they have a lot of listeners and are people who like to help artists promote their songs through their custom-made playlists.

What’s great about promoting your songs through Spotify playlist curators is that their playlists already have hundreds if not thousands of listeners – sometimes, even more. So, you straight away have that wide range of potential audiences to market your music to. Besides doing your own promotion through social media accounts, you can have additional exposure through the many available Spotify playlist curators’ lists.


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How many songs can you pitch to Spotify?

Unfortunately, you can only submit one song at a time to be processed by Spotify curators. You also cannot pitch compilations or if you are featured artists on the song. Therefore, when choosing a song to pitch, make sure that it is your new single or the song that you feel will win a lot of listeners.

The reason why you want to create good tracks in the first place is that pitching doesn’t guarantee you a spot on Spotify’s playlists. Moreover, Spotify playlist curators have the option of choosing another song from your release instead of the one you pitched. Even if your chances are not guaranteed, this method of promotion at least gives you an opportunity to expose your songs to a large audience for free, so it is worth the effort in trying.

One thing to take note of is that you should pitch your song at least a week in advance of releasing it. That way, you are giving Spotify the chance to spend ample time checking out your track to add to their Spotify playlist curators’ list. Although you are able to edit or change the song you originally pitched before the release date, it would still be best to avoid doing so as some changes are sometimes not seen in time.


Best Spotify Playlist Placement Services 

Depending on what exactly you as an artist are looking for when it comes to boosting your marketing strategy, some playlist placement services may be better than others. In order to ensure everyone gets what they need, our team made up a list of 5 of the most effective platforms you can use to have your music heard by the right audience. 

According to our experts’ research, the best Spotify playlist pitching and placement services are:

  • SoundCampaign;
  • Submit Hub;
  • Pitch Playlist;
  • Playlist Push;
  • Soundplate.


To get a better understanding of which service you should use, we highly recommend learning more about how each tool works. Therefore, let’s find out the most important aspects you should take into account when comparing these 5 Spotify playlist pitching services. 



SoundCampaign is just one of the music promotion companies that you can find online. While some are popular and reputable, you still want to browse around to find the ideal company that will meet your needs best. For example, a service that can provide more trust and confidence when you run a campaign is a crucial factor.

The best thing about SoundCampaign is that it comes up with one of the simplest acquisition processes available on the market. All you have to do is to upload your song and set up the genres of your campaign. The tool works completely autonomously and you will be notified as soon as something changes about your track. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your campaign will run smoothly, making every penny you pay worth it.

For most music artists who are just beginning their musical careers, the main issue is their budget. Because of this, SoundCampaign has a unique policy called the ‘Artist Protection Program’. This policy allows artists to get their money back rapidly (within 14 days after the campaign ends) if they don’t receive reviews for their songs from curators.

The average cost of a campaign is about 150 U.S. Dollars. Yet, depending on the number of curators you want your song to be heard by, you might end up paying a bit more. The campaign ensures your track will be analyzed by at least 6 curators around the world and get higher chances of listening to it in one of the top Spotify playlists. 

It is crucial for you to be aware of all costs. Therefore, SoundCampaign clearly states all the expenses and fees before the actual campaign begins. This way, you get to know exactly how much you are supposed to pay for service and avoid any unnecessary friction within the sales process. 

If you have to work with a reduced budget, you get to choose how much you are willing to spend on the campaign. After choosing the exact amount you want to use for this particular song, SoundCampaign automatically estimates the total number of curators that will be notified about your track. Using this estimation, you get a better understanding of how exactly your budget is used and how much of an exposure you should expect for the campaign. 

Another important thing to know before using SoundCampaign is that you will have to choose one song per campaign. Each campaign runs for exactly 14 consecutive days, giving time to professional curators to listen and effectively analyze your track. After deciding whether your song fits their playlist, you will get an update explaining the current situation.

Finally, another important factor to keep an eye out for is a company that can deliver results. When you are starting your journey, your budget and time are precious. By working with a results-driven pitching service company, you can take comfort in knowing that your investments will be worth it.

This is precisely why we founded SoundCampaign – to connect artists to hundreds of trusted Spotify playlist curators and provide a higher rate to get on their playlists.


Submit Hub 

Submit Hub is another simple yet effective spotify playlist pitching service you can use. This tool lets you submit your newly-released song and have it heard by an especially large number of curators. The service was launched in 2015, by a music blogger that wanted to come up with a transparent method for artists to promote their songs. 

The tool requires two distinct types of credits – standard and premium. Standard credits are received for free. These credits help you send your song to curators and get accepted for playlists or get feedback on why things didn’t work out. 

Premium credits, on the other hand, must be bought using the integrated payment system. 1 premium credit places your song at the top of the curator’s dashboard and requires them to listen to it for at least 20 seconds. What is more, they will have to include at least 10 words in their feedback, unless they add your song to the playlist. 

Most blogs ask for 1 credit per song. Therefore, using 10 credits you can get your song assessed by up to 10 different music bloggers. It is a fair value for money, keeping in mind that the platform lets international artists connect with worldwide curators. 


Pitch Playlist 

Using Pitch Playlist you can have your songs heard by a broad audience all around the world. The process is simple and similar to the one at SoundCampaign. The tool requires you to run a campaign with a pre-defined duration (12 continuous weeks) that will boost your song’s popularity. 

After your track gets approved, it will be sent to successful curators that will place it in their playlists within 3 business days. What is more, they will pitch your song to other relevant curators that might like your track too, getting you more exposure for the same price. 

What is more, the real listeners will boost your song’s chances of getting noticed by other important Spotify playlists and gaining more popularity. You will receive reports twice a week that will explain to you how exactly your campaign performs and what should be kept in mind for further campaigns. 

The price of this tool adopts the one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, you will have to pay a standard price that brings you all the benefits of this tool. However, different songs may have different performances, even though their premises are similar.


Playlist Push 

Playlist Push is a digitally-based Spotify playlist pitching tool that connects worldwide artists to playlist curators. The tool helps both artists, by boosting their chances of getting featured in a playlist, and curators, by offering them a continuous flow of new songs to add to their playlist. 

The process is a bit more complex compared to other tools, requiring you to target a specific segment of the music curators. Therefore, you will have to spend a bit more time deploying your campaign. However, the pricing is quite flexible. 

You can use all the major credit cards as well as Google Pay to pay for your Playlist Push campaign. Unless you go through all the steps required to initiate your campaign, you will not be able to get an accurate quote, given the increased number of factors that contribute to the total cost. 

According to the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section on their official website, an average Playlist Push campaign costs around 450 U.S. Dollars. 



Soundplate is another quite popular Spotify playlist pitching service that is available worldwide. The process is one of the simplest. All you have to do is to upload your track into the platform and it will be automatically sent to all the available curators.

The good news about this tool is that it can be used without having to pay for a subscription. Therefore, you will reduce the total costs of your popularity-boosting campaign. This is especially great for newcomers on the market, as they may not have a significant budget for their first releases.

On the other hand, the competition is quite harsh. The fact that the service can be used for free makes thousands of artists upload their tracks every day. Therefore, you will have to be both lucky and talented to get your song spotted by a curator and added to their Spotify playlist. 

What is more, you will get a weekly report about how your song performed during the campaign. Using this report, you can identify the marketing gaps that reduce your total visibility and make the necessary adjustments to make your song reach the highest peaks in matters of popularity.


Final Thoughts

Spotify is rated as the number one music streaming platform in the world today. Millions of both artists and listeners flock to this platform to either share their songs or listen to talented individuals. Because Spotify is so large, however, having the help of a Spotify playlist pitching service can certainly make a huge difference.

So, as you consider this short guide, make sure that you take your time searching so as to ensure your efforts will lead to solid fanbase growth.

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