How to Check Spotify Streams

how to check spotify streams

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If you enjoy music or are interested in selling your own music on Spotify, you may be wondering how to use the Spotify stream checker for your favorite songs or your own tracks.

The quantity of times your tracks have been listened to on the well-known streaming service is indicated by its play counts, which can be seen using the live Spotify stream count feature.

How many streams a song has can be used to evaluate its performance, popularity, and potential earnings.

How can you tell if Spotify is playing your music, though? How do you track the number of Spotify plays and the relevant data of Spotify users listening to your music? How to check Spotify streams?

I will answer all these questions and much more in this blog post, allowing you to maximize your music career and your Spotify presence.


how to check spotify streams
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How Can You Check Your Spotify Streaming Data?

Depending on the type of information you’re looking for and the type of user you are, there are two approaches you can take to check Spotify streams:

  • As a listener: You can listen to and discover music on the Spotify app or website using listener profiles, which are either free or paid subscriptions.
  • As an artist: When distributing and releasing music on Spotify, you use an artist’s profile to manage your track and view your Spotify stream counter stats.


View Spotify Plays as a Listener

Simply follow these steps to learn how to check Spotify streams for songs on Spotify:

  1. Launch the Spotify app or web browser.
  2. In the search bar, enter the desired artist’s name.
  3. Select the artist’s profile by clicking.
  4. You can find play counts for each song to the right of it in the “Popular” section using the Spotify stream checker.


how to check spotify streams
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Does that mean I can’t see streams for each song by the Artist?

Unfortunately, at this time, only songs that are listed in an artist’s profile’s “Popular” section can have their play counts seen.

A song not included in the “Popular” section can’t display its play counts.

Additionally, even if a song is listed under “Popular,” it will still appear as “>1000” if it has received less than 1,000 plays overall.


How Do I Find My Spotify Plays as an Artist?

Spotify artists can access their Spotify For Artists dashboard to view their songs’ listen and stream count on Spotify.

You can quickly view your Spotify streaming stats once logged into your profile, which is arranged by time frame, location, and even playlist.


how to check spotify streams
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How Do I Check My Play Counts?

If you don’t already have a personal Spotify profile, now is the time to get one, which you can do by visiting the Spotify for Artists website.

Simply follow a few simple steps to begin managing your artist page.

Sign up for Spotify for Artists to become a verified artist, and you can access a variety of useful features in addition to personalizing your Spotify persona and sporting that cool blue verification mark.

However, when you distribute music through some distributors (for example, DistroKid), they actually automatically claim your artist profile for you.


How to Claim Artist’s Spotify Profile?

In order to use Spotify for Artists, you must have at least one song on the service that was provided by a label or distributor.

In order to demonstrate that you are the artist or their representative, you must sign up with an email address that matches your artist name or website domain.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

From there, you can download the iOS or Android app or log in to the Spotify for Artists dashboard online.

In short, you need to:

  1. Go to Spotify for Artists and click “Get Access”.
  2. Use an existing Spotify account or register a new one to log in.
  3. Search for your artist’s profile name and select it from the list.
  4. Submit your request after providing some basic information.

You will be able to log into Spotify for Artists and view your stream stats once your request has been approved.


how to check spotify streams
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What Can I Do With My Spotify for Artists Profile?

With Spotify for Artists, you can:

  • Claim your artist page and personalize it with pictures, a bio, social media link (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), etc.
  • View stats on the number of people who are currently listening to your songs.
  • Monitor the number of streams you’ve received over time by song, album, playlist, nation, city, etc.
  • Find out which users are adding your songs to their playlists and follow them.
  • Submit unreleased music for playlist consideration to the Spotify editorial team.
  • Access various tools and advice on how to increase your Spotify audience


How Often Are Spotify Plays Updated?

Spotify for Artists dashboard’s or app’s “Music tab” displays more precise stats on the number of streams each of your songs has received over various time frames (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 28 days).

Once per day, at approximately 3 PM EST/8 PM UTC, you can expect these stats to be updated.

Additionally, you can view which playlists feature your songs and the number of streams they are generating. The Spotify stream checker tool can be particularly useful in this regard.

The “Audience tab” of the dashboard or app displays additional information about the people who are listening to your music on Spotify.

Age ranges, gender distributions, top nations, top countries, listener types (fans vs. listeners), and other demographic data are all available.

Additionally, you can see which sources—playlist, algorithmic, or direct—are powering the majority of your Spotify plays.

Another amazing thing is that for the first seven days of a new release, you receive a live stream count. Every two seconds, the live Spotify streams count is updated. This feature is particularly useful for artists who want to gauge the immediate impact of their new releases on the Spotify streaming platform.


how to check spotify streams
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How Can I Tell if My Music Is Being Streamed on Spotify?

In addition to checking your Spotify stream counter on the dashboard or app of Spotify for Artists, other methods exist to determine if your music is being streamed on Spotify. Some of them are:

  • Examining your artist’s profile to see if you have any new followers.

Followers like your music enough to want updates from you when you release new songs or playlists.

  • Checking if any of your songs have been added to any playlists by other users or curators.

Playlists are collections of songs that users compile based on their mood, taste, and other factors, so it’s encouraging that more and more people are discovering your music. Your exposure increases the more playlists you are on. Isn’t that fantastic?


What Are Other Ways to Check My Spotify Streams Count as an Artist?

Use tools like Soundcharts, a music data platform that offers thorough reports and insights for music professionals, to see more in-depth analytics for a song or an artist on Spotify, such as monthly listeners, followers, playlist placements, demographics, and sources of streams.

If you are a listener, you can track your listening history and gain more understanding of your musical preferences by using other third-party apps like or Spotistats.

Using Spotify Wrapped, an annual feature that compiles your listening trends for the year, is an excellent alternative.

The mobile, PC, or Mac app’s home screen will display the annual Spotify Wrapped story, which highlights your yearly listening patterns.

It will show up in the playlists section of the home screen, typically near the top. Wrapped typically arrives in late November or early December and disappears after the New Year.

Visit the Wrapped website on Spotify to view your Wrapped story as well as the data it uses.


how to check spotify streams
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What Is the Best Way to Check My Spotify Plays?

The Music tab in Spotify for Artists is the best place to check your Spotify streams count, and it’s also great for keeping track of your monthly listeners. You can view various metrics about your songs on this tab, including:

  • Total streams: The total number of times your songs have been streamed with at least a 30-second listen.
  • Total listeners: The total number of distinct listeners to your songs.
  • Saves: The number of times listeners have saved your songs to their playlists or libraries.
  • Playlist reach: The quantity of playlist plays that your music has received.

These metrics can be filtered by the following criteria: time range (from the last 7 days to all time), location (by country or city), source (from algorithmic playlists, editorial playlists, listeners’ own playlists, or libraries), song (by individual tracks or releases), and device type (desktop or mobile).


how to check spotify streams
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How to Keep Track of My Spotify Streams Count on My Phone?

Current Spotify stats are also available in the mobile app, but the data is only available for frequently played artists and playlists.

  1. Select the Settings button, which resembles a gear.
  2. Under your user icon, click View Profile.
  3. You can look through a list of your playlists and your recently played artists. Choose to display Artists, Albums, Podcasts & Shows by selecting “Your Library.”


how to check spotify streams
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Can I Keep Track My Spotify Streams Count on My Computer?

The Spotify for PC, Mac, and web browser interface provide the most details about your recent Spotify usage.

By following these steps, you can view your top musicians, songs, and a list of your Spotify playlists:

  1. In the top right corner of the application, tap your user profile name.
  2. From the drop-down menu, pick “Profile.”
  3. You can view a list of your playlists as well as a list of your frequently played musicians and songs.
  4. To view more musicians, songs, or playlists, tap “See All” next to any category.


how to check spotify streams
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How Much Money Can You Make from Spotify Plays?

Spotify pays artists and labels based on different factors such as market share, territory, subscription type, and distribution fees.

If you want to see how much money you can make from Spotify streams as an artist or a label owner, you can always use the Spotify Royalties Calculator on SoundCampaign, which estimates your potential earnings based on your number of streams, your royalty rate per stream, and location.

Remember that this figure represents the artist’s gross earnings before labels, management, and distributors deduct their fees.


Final Word

On this popular streaming service, play counts showcase how well and how much exposure your music is getting on the platform, so it’s essential to check Spotify streams and determine how well your music performs among the audience.

Now you know how easy is to keep track of your Spotify stream stats and see how many people listen to your songs. All you need is an artist’s Spotify profile!

You can carefully plan your music marketing strategies and expand your fan base by using the stats provided by artist’s account.

Claim your artist’s Spotify account right away if you haven’t already, and start experiencing how awesome it is to have people listen to what you’ve created!

Never forget that the SoundCampaign team is always available to help you! We can significantly ease your journey!

We support musicians from all over the world by placing their music on curators’ playlists, also giving curators a chance to win exciting prizes while discovering new music. Therefore, this is the ideal time to achieve incredible success in your music career!

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