How to Get on Spotify Playlists  [+ Best Service for Maximum Exposure]

how to get on Spotify playlists

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SoundCampaign survey

SoundCampaign survey results based on interviews with 970 Spotify playlist curators

Getting featured on Spotify playlists is a key goal for aspiring musicians and indie artists, as it helps them reach out to the platform’s 236 million subscribers worldwide. 

However, making it to these playlists requires more than just raw talent. It demands a well-planned strategy and a thorough understanding of how the platform works and how to make your songs more appealing. 

To facilitate the process, you can employ the best music promotion services to connect with playlist curators and get your music heard.

In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to get on Spotify playlists. 

We will also share exclusive survey results based on interviews with 970 Spotify playlist curators and explain how you can use SoundCampaign to get streams, grow your track’s popularity and increase your fanbase.

Let’s get started.


Understanding Spotify Playlists

Playlists are a crucial element of the Spotify experience. These collections of songs cater to diverse moods, preferences and themes. Understanding the different types of playlists and their curation process will help you get your song featured.

Let’s delve into the details.


Editorial, user-generated, and algorithmic playlists

how to get on Spotify playlists

Three types of playlists dominate Spotify: editorial, user-generated, and algorithmic. Their purpose is to offer customized experiences based on listeners’ preferences, moods, and needs.

  1. Editorial playlists – Spotify’s editorial team curates playlists to match the preferences of 602 million users, featuring a blend of popular and emerging artists across many genres.
  2. User-generated playlists – Spotify users can create customized playlists for various occasions, such as road trips or parties. These playlists can be public or private.
  3. Algorithmic playlists – Spotify uses data to create personalized playlists, analyzing each user’s music taste. Popular playlists include Discover Weekly and Release Radar.


Securing your spot on listener or editorial playlists can help you gain attention and boost your music career.


Analyze successful tracks in your genre for common themes

how to get on Spotify playlists

It’s a good idea to start by checking out similar artists on Spotify, particularly those whose music has been playlisted. Look for recurring themes and elements that distinguish their music on the platform.

SoundCampaign survey

Spotify curators may enjoy these songs because they can relate to the lyrics or find the hooks catchy. These details can shape your songwriting process and help you understand what the Spotify editorial team prefers regarding rhythms and themes.

Where can you find these successful tracks? Begin by exploring the Discover Weekly or Release Radar playlists, as they have the largest audiences.


Identify specific playlists relevant to your style using Spotify tools

selecting music style

Spotify offers tools to assist you in discovering playlists that match your preferred music style. You can identify which Spotify playlist curators to approach with your new song. 

It is worth noting that over 80% of playlist curators consider the style of the song as one of the crucial factors when selecting tracks for their playlists.

Leverage these resources:

  • Search bar – Use the search bar to find playlists by entering keywords that describe your preferred genre or melodic characteristics. For example, if you’re producing pop music, try searching for “pop hits” or “pop music”.
  • Explore algorithmic playlists – A Discover Weekly or Release Radar playlist will contain tracks similar to your style, as Spotify algorithm creates personalized playlists.
  • Check artist profiles – Artists can add their own playlists to their profiles on Spotify, as well as playlists that feature their music.


You can successfully pitch your new music on Spotify by targeting playlists that match your vibe and resonate with Spotify listeners you want to attract.


Optimize Your Spotify Profile

Spotify profile optimization

Image source: TechCrunch

Your Spotify artist profile is an important aspect of your music career. It serves as a platform for your audience to learn more about you and your unique music style. By optimizing your profile, you can increase your visibility and better connect with playlist curators and fans. 

Follow these steps to create a flawless profile.


You have 1,500 characters to write a bio that stands out from others. In addition to sharing your stories, achievements, and unique qualities, you can add links to your social media, Wikipedia page, and music-related pages such as artists, albums, playlists, and tracks. 

An informative bio can help playlist curators understand your background, influences, and musical style, making it easier to include your songs in playlists that align with their theme. It can also contribute to your credibility as an artist.

An artist bio with relevant keywords can improve your searchability. Playlist curators often discover new talent through searches and recommendations, and a well-optimized bio can contribute to your discoverability.


Create eye-catching profile and cover images

A well-designed profile and cover image contribute to the overall visual appeal of your profile and help you establish your brand. It conveys a sense of seriousness and dedication, which can positively influence playlist curators.

If the images align with the type of music you produce, it helps curators quickly understand your sonic identity, making them more likely to consider your songs for playlists that match their style.


Regularly update your Spotify profile with fresh content

Frequent updates, such as releasing new tracks or albums, helps you stay relevant in the music industry. Playlist curators often look for artists who consistently release music and engage with their audience, which implies a high commitment and passion for their work.

Here are some strategies that can help:

  • Publish new releases – To keep your profile active, it’s important to schedule your releases strategically.
  • Update playlists created – If you create Spotify playlists, add your own tracks and releases by other artists to keep the playlist dynamic.
  • Offer exclusive content – Encourage fans to return to your profile by posting exclusive content, such as acoustic versions of your songs or remixes.


Maintaining an updated Spotify profile is also crucial for expanding your reach and fostering a loyal fanbase. It helps create a compelling presence for long-term success.


Produce High-Quality Music

how to get on Spotify playlists

It’s important to remember that not all tracks available on music streaming services are high quality. However, the tracks that make it to a popular playlist are usually the cream of the crop. That’s why investing in top-notch sound production for your songs is crucial.


Invest in professional mixing and mastering services

SoundCampaign survey

Many artists underestimate the importance of professional mixing and mastering for their music. These services are crucial to achieving a clear, polished sound that meets industry standards. 

Finding experienced engineers who use advanced technologies is also important. They have the knowledge and skills to make your music stand out and capture playlist curators’ attention.


Seek inspiration from successful tracks in your genre

SoundCampaign survey

Take some time to listen to Discover Weekly songs, Spotify editorial playlist or listener playlists. Identify artists from your genre and determine what aspects of their music resonate with users and why. 

You can analyze catchy hooks, production techniques, or sounds of popular tracks. You can incorporate what you’ve learned into your songs. However, don’t blindly follow trends – be creative and add your unique touch.


Use listener feedback to refine your sound

You should seek feedback from your social media audience, which can help you identify areas of improvement. Do not be afraid of constructive criticism.


Craft an Effective Pitch

how to create a Spotify pitch

Now it’s time to draft a pitch for your go-to playlists. Here’s what you need to know.


Craft a concise and compelling pitch 

You need to make a compelling pitch to increase your chances of getting your music on a Spotify playlist. As thousands of artists are vying for the same spot, it’s essential to keep your pitch concise and to the point. 

Here are some ideas:

  1. Briefly introduce yourself and your musical project
  2. Mention any notable achievements, awards, or recognition
  3. Clearly state the genre and style of your music
  4. Highlight any unique elements that make your music stand out
  5. Highlight any recent releases
  6. Provide links to your latest tracks or albums
  7. Mention if your music has been used in films, TV shows, or commercials
  8. Share information about your online presence and social media following


Spotify curators go through numerous pitches daily, so it’s crucial to catch their attention in just a few sentences. Make sure your message is clear and straightforward.


Personalize your pitch by addressing curators by name

Address the curator by name, mention their playlist, and include other relevant information you can find. Your pitch won’t sound generic. They will see you’ve taken the time to get to know them and their preferred style.


Highlight unique aspects of your track 

If you want to get your music on a playlist, it’s essential to explain what makes your track special and why it’s a good fit. You can discuss your song’s unique qualities, such as emotional depth or catchy melody. 

If you find this process too complicated, you can always use SoundCampaign as the best Spotify pitching service to connect with playlist curators and increase your chances of success.


Use SoundCampaign for Playlist Placement

Spotify music promotion

Pitching playlists can be a daunting task that requires hours of research. SoundCampaign simplifies the process by helping you create and launch campaigns to get your music on Spotify playlists and boost your streams.


SoundCampaign as a Spotify playlist promotion service

Spotify playlist promotion service

SoundCampaign is a music promotion service that focuses on helping independent artists grow their fan base and increase their music streams. 

It provides access to over 1000 Spotify playlist curators who will listen to your music and offer feedback to help you enhance it. 

SoundCampaign also works to secure placements for your songs on more than 11,000 authentic playlists, giving your music exposure to a broader audience. 

Ultimately, SoundCampaign helps you find the perfect match for your song to help it become the next Spotify hit.


Overview of SoundCampaign’s features and benefits for artists

SoundCampaign playlist curator feedback

Here are just some of the reasons why SoundCampaign should be your first choice for getting on Spotify playlists:

  1. Perfect playlist matching: Our advanced solution matches your tracks with playlist curators based on genre, budget, and language settings, increasing placement chances.
  2. Playlist curator moderation: Our rigorous manual review of curators and playlists ensures their legitimacy. Our quality managers identify specific signals to distinguish authentic playlists from fake ones. 
  3. Helpful feedback: Get valuable insights and feedback on your music from playlist curators, helping you refine your tracks.
  4. Artist protection program: When curators do not provide feedback, we promptly return your budget for that review, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  5. Transparency in campaigns: Stay updated with constant progress updates on your campaign, followed by a comprehensive final report with insights into its overall performance.
  6. Affordability: Create promotional campaigns with our affordable pricing starting at just $80.
  7. Compliance with Spotify Policies: Our method follows Spotify’s policies. We compensate curators for their reviews, not for playlist placements.


Speed up your way to success. Create your first campaign now


Key Steps to Use SoundCampaign Effectively

SoundCampaign campaign manager

Here’s how you can use SoundCampaign to elevate your music career.


Submit your track and access the campaign manager

SoundCampaign track submission

Click the “Start campaign” link in the email from SoundCampaign’s A&R team to create, schedule and launch your campaign.


Select the genres and languages for your track

selecting genres and languages for the track

You can adjust the settings that will affect the number of playlists you can reach for your budget. Just ensure that you select the relevant genres only.


Select the start date

selecting the campaign start date

Your campaign will automatically start in 24 hours, but if you want to change the start date, go to Campaign details and use the “Edit start date” option.


Set campaign budget

Campaign budget

Select a budget that suits your needs. First, choose from a list of pre-determined budgets or enter a custom amount. The minimum campaign size costs about $80 and can reach up to 6 curators.

Once you have set your budget, our system will automatically select the most relevant playlists for your track. 

The system will also prioritize playlists with the highest number of matching genres so you can promote your track to the right audience. The total curators’ reach available within your budget will depend on the number of followers the playlists have.

We also provide a campaign potential reach percentage to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible. It represents the number of curators you can reach with your campaign settings out of all curators who work with the chosen genres and languages. 

If you set your budget to the maximum, you can reach 100% of the curators within your chosen genre and language. 

Before proceeding with the payment, please double-check that you set up everything as expected. Once confirmed, click ”Pay & Start” to complete the payment.

If you want to add a promotional code, click the “+promo code” and enter the code manually. After that, click the ”Confirm & Pay”, and you’re done!

Your campaign is now scheduled, set up, and paid for. It will start running on the selected date for up to 14 days.

As you can see, SoundCampaign makes pitching easy and takes only a few minutes of your time. Our 4.3 rating on Trustpilot proves it. 

Join our customers who enjoy a smooth submission process, transparent music distribution, detailed feedback, an artist protection program and personalized customer support.

Create your first campaign now!


Monitor campaign results and adjust targeting as needed

You can keep track of your campaign’s progress and assess its effectiveness. Once the campaign concludes, we’ll provide a detailed report with insights to help you adjust your strategy. For more information about campaigns, feel free to explore our resources.

You can improve your chance of getting playlist placements by adjusting your targeting settings, such as the genre and language preferences. It will help you reach a wider audience of curators.

Submit your track to playlists now!


Conclusion on How to Get on Spotify Playlists

Getting featured on Spotify playlists is a crucial step for independent artists. It helps you increase your reach and connect with a broader audience. 

It’s crucial to understand how playlists work, optimize your artist profile, create high-quality music, and build genuine connections with playlist curators to improve your chances of getting your music on a list.

If you’re looking for help promoting your music, SoundCampaign is here to assist you. We collaborate with experienced curators who manage authentic playlists on Spotify. 

These people possess vast industry knowledge and can provide valuable feedback on your music, aiding you in developing and enhancing your promotional campaigns to gain more streams and grow your fanbase.

Submit your song to curators now!


FAQS on How to Get on Spotify Playlists 

You must submit your song to the playlist curators. They’ll feature you if the track matches what they’re looking for.
You can use music promotion services like SoundCampaign. These services collaborate with playlist curators who listen to your music and decide if they will add it to their playlists.
No, you don’t pay to get on Spotify playlists. However, finding the right curators interested in your music style can be time-consuming. Therefore, some artists invest in a music promotion service like SoundCampaign to help them with this task.
You can pitch your song via Spotify for Artists. If the user likes it, they will include it in their playlist.
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