22 Best Music Platforms for Artists to Unlock Success

best music platforms for artists

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Music streaming platforms have transformed the music industry and opened up a world of opportunities for aspiring artists. 

With so many music platforms available today, understanding which ones are worth your time can take time and effort. 

In this article, you will discover the 22 best music platforms for promoting your music, boosting your reach, and gaining new followers.

Whether you’re a new or established artist, our list includes suitable platforms for everyone looking to make a successful music career.


The Benefits of Music Platforms for Independent Artists

With the emergence of music platforms, independent artists now have more opportunities to showcase their talents. Artists can:

  • Reach global audiences
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Upload and distribute their music
  • Get additional revenue streams
  • Access valuable data analytics
  • Release music on their schedule 
  • Maintain creative autonomy
  • Engage directly with their fan base
  • Connect with other musicians, producers, and collaborators


How to Choose the Best Music Streaming Services

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect streaming platform for your music:

  1. Target platforms with a substantial user base in your key markets
  2. Evaluate available artist tools and analytics to refine your marketing approach
  3. Review royalty payout structures to maximize per-stream earnings
  4. Check if you can submit your music to playlists for increased visibility
  5. Prioritize platforms actively fostering independent artist development
  6. Choose platforms aligning with your distribution preferences and goals
  7. Select platforms conducive to your promotional plans, facilitating direct interaction with your fanbase


The Best Music Platforms for Artists in 2024

Here are the top music platforms in 2024 to help you dominate the music world.


1. Spotify

music platforms for artists

Spotify is a leading audio streaming subscription service with over 602 million users and 236 million subscribers in 180+ markets. It is an excellent platform for aspiring artists to gain exposure and grow their audience. 

The platform offers numerous opportunities, such as playlist pitching, which allows emerging artists to submit tracks directly for editors’ consideration. It helps them get the exposure they need and reach new fans.

Spotify also offers extensive analytics and artist-friendly options to actively engage listeners. It facilitates meaningful connections between artists and fans through customized playlists and direct messaging.


How to achieve success on Spotify?

Spotify promotion service


If you’re an aspiring musician looking to break into the music industry, SoundCampaign can be your trusted partner. Our platform specializes in pitching your songs to Spotify playlist curators to help you boost your reach and increase your streams and listeners. 

Our Spotify promotion service automatically matches artists and curators based on genre, language and budget. It grants you access to over 1,000 playlist curators who will listen to your music and provide you with valuable feedback to improve it.

Spotify playlist promotion service

Additionally, we work on placing your songs on over 11,000 authentic playlists in more than 1,200 genres, expanding your reach to a broader audience.


How to create a Spotify campaign with SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign campaign manager

Submit your track to access SoundCampaign’s artist dashboard. Then, click the “Start campaign” link provided in the email from SoundCampaign’s A&R team to create, schedule, and launch your campaign.

Select the relevant genres and languages that best fit your track. Adjust the settings to control the number of playlists you can reach within your budget.

selecting genres and languages for the track

Select a start date for your campaign. To change the start date, click Campaign Details and select “Edit start date.”

selecting the campaign start date

Choose a campaign budget from predetermined options or enter a custom amount. The minimum campaign costs $80 and can include up to 6 curators.

Campaign budget

Take a moment to review all the details before proceeding with the payment. Once you’ve double-checked everything, click the “Pay & Start” button to complete the transaction. 

If you have a promotional code, click the “+promo code” and enter the code manually. Your campaign has been scheduled and paid for and will run for 14 days from the date you have selected to start.

SoundCampaign makes playlist pitching effortless, taking only a few minutes of your time. Our 4.3 rating on Trustpilot confirms it.

Create your first campaign now!


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2. TikTok

music platforms for artists

TikTok is a popular social media app that has over 1 billion monthly active users. It offers great potential for music discovery and viral hits for new and established artists.

Short videos on TikTok are an excellent way to showcase your music. You can leverage viral music trends, sounds and playlists to reach new audiences, which can help you grow your fan base. 

With its advanced algorithm and personalized “For You” feed, TikTok can propel your track into the spotlight. You can also use TikTok to direct fans to your accounts on other platforms, facilitating music growth.


How to reach TikTok content creators to promote your music?

TikTok promotion service

SoundCampaign offers a TikTok music promotion service to help you reach over 5,700 TikTok content creators who can feature your music in their videos, boosting the popularity of your tracks. You can pitch to influencers without needing your own TikTok profile. 

Campaigns on TikTok start at $200 and are straightforward to manage. Here’s how.

Begin with choosing the language and target genres.

TikTok campaign

Provide your TikTok promotion budget to estimate the number of potential videos for your song.

Budget settings

If you want to receive the best TikTok music promotion services, make sure to share your expectations with the content creators. Your comments will help them understand your needs and create the best videos.

how to blow up on TikTok

Choose your preferred payment method. We accept both PayPal and credit/debit cards.

Payment options

In the end, before you proceed, review everything carefully. If everything looks good, click “Confirm & Pay,” and your campaign will begin 48 hours later.

Submit your song to TikTok content creators!


3. Apple Music

music platforms for artists

Apple Music is a music streaming platform with over 112 million subscribers in 167 countries, offering a vast collection of over 100 million songs. The platform provides extensive resources for artists looking to expand their audience, with over 30,000 expert-curated playlists. 

Apple’s Shazam integration allows music lovers to discover new music by identifying songs. Apple Music for Artists also provides valuable metrics to inform artists, including precise streaming data and listener demographics.


4. Amazon Music

music platforms for artists

Amazon Music is one of the major music streaming platforms offering music lovers access to a vast collection of over 100 million songs through services like Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited. 

The platform also provides a service called Amazon Music for Artists with detailed analytics for independent artists and musicians. 

This information helps them understand the market and develop informed marketing strategies to engage potential fans from Amazon’s active users who are already familiar with its digital services.


5. SoundCloud

music platforms for artists

SoundCloud is a music streaming service with over 250 million tracks from 30 million artists from 193 countries. It is an excellent platform for unsigned artists, as it offers them tools and resources to share their music and connect with their fans organically through likes, comments, and reposts. 

SoundCloud also provides valuable data analytics to independent musicians, which can help them to make informed marketing strategies. In addition, the platform has a social community that facilitates music discovery and promotes viral hits.


6. YouTube Music

music platform for artists

YouTube Music is a music streaming service that offers users access to official songs, albums, and music videos from an extensive catalog of over 100 million tracks. The platform provides both free ad-supported streaming and premium paid subscriptions.

For music lovers, YouTube Music has valuable features, such as personalized recommendations, the ability to search for songs by lyrics, and the option to download music for offline listening or enjoy ad-free streaming.



music platform for artists

TIDAL is a music streaming platform owned by Block, Inc. that provides fans and aspiring artists access to an extensive music catalog of over 100 million tracks and 650,000 music videos. 

TIDAL provides premium features like ad-free and offline listening, unlimited skips, high-fidelity sound quality, and the royalty payouts for artists and songwriters.


8. Deezer

music platform for artists

Deezer is an online music streaming platform available in 185 countries that offers users access to over 120 million tracks, exclusive features such as song recognition through Shazam, and specialized editorial content to enhance artist and fan engagement on free and premium subscription plans.

Deezer generates revenue through advertisements and commissioned iTunes downloads that are distributed to relevant parties.


9. Bandcamp

music platform for artists

Bandcamp is one of the best music distribution services, allowing artists to sell their music directly to fans, set their prices, retain most of the revenue, and establish connections with loyal fans.


10. Pandora

music platform for artists

Pandora is an audio entertainment streaming service owned by SiriusXM. It provides a personalized music and podcast listening experience using proprietary Music Genome Project® and Podcast Genome Project® technology. 

In the US, Pandora is considered the top digital audio advertising platform. It connects brands to the largest ad-supported streaming audio marketplace via its AdsWizz platform and third-party services like SoundCloud.


11. Anghami

music platforms for artists

Anghami offers a music streaming platform covering the Middle East and North Africa. It provides access to more than 57 million licensed Arabic and international music to over 70 million users in Mena, Europe and USA. 

This platform offers free and paid services, allowing users to download songs, play music offline, view lyrics, and more.

Anghami has a crucial role in enhancing the worth of the music industry. It is committed to expanding legal music access and ensuring that artists receive 50% of their stream revenues as compensation.


12. CD Baby

music platforms for artists

CD Baby is an online music distribution platform with over 1 million artists and 9 million tracks.

It helps independent artists add their music to streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and TikTok. Unlike traditional record labels, CD Baby is an “anti-label” service that allows artists to use the platform without any member fee and retain complete control of their work. 

The platform also provides tools to track your sales performance and generate reports. You can evaluate your results and optimize your marketing efforts.


13. iHeartRadio

music platforms for artists

iHeartRadio is a broadcast, podcast and radio streaming platform owned by iHeartMedia. It has over 150 million registered users and more than 860 live broadcast stations in 160 markets across America. 

The service leverages iHeartMedia’s radio network to provide fans with free access to live stations, podcasts, and music playlists. You can advertise using this network, promote your music, and reach new listeners globally.

iHeartRadio also connects artists and fans through live events and award shows using the iHeartRadio brand.


14. ReverbNation

music platforms for artists

ReverbNation is a platform that assists musicians by providing digital distribution services. It helps artists promote their tracks by making them available on popular platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon. 

Fans can easily stream or download the music from their preferred apps or websites, while the artist retains 100% of their rights and royalties. 

Additionally, ReverbNation provides sales reports to Nielsen SoundScan and marketing tools to help get your music noticed.


15. TuneCore

music platforms for artists

TuneCore is a digital service that offers music distribution, publishing, and licensing. The platform helps independent artists get their music on major streaming sites such as Deezer, Spotify, and Amazon Music and retain 100% of their rights for a low, flat annual fee.

You can use TuneCore to prepare and distribute your music, track your release status, and split royalties with collaborators.


16. Amuse

music platform for artists

Amuse is a free music distribution service that helps new, creative, and up-and-coming artists. Additional services include smart funding, licensing deals, and music promotion

You can subscribe to one of the two paid plans offering additional features to distribute your songs across major streaming platforms. You can pay both plans annually.

Amuse eligible users can access payouts as small as USD 10, much faster than competitors, reducing the waiting time by at least two months.


17. AWAL

music platform for artists

AWAL, also known as Artists Without A Label, is a platform acquired by Sony Music Entertainment that offers various music services to independent artists. 

These services include artist marketing, digital and physical distribution, funding, worldwide playlisting and more.  AWAL disrupts the traditional label model, giving artists more control over their music careers.

Artists maintain ownership of their work, retain creative control, take a share of revenue, and avoid being tied down by long-term contracts.


18. Ditto

music platforms for artists

Ditto Music is one of the best music distribution services that includes publishing and record label services. It helps independent artists by delivering their music to over 160 major digital platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Spotify.

With Ditto, artists, labels, and music professionals can benefit from tailored plans that allow creators to retain 100% ownership of their royalties.

One of Ditto’s best features is that you can promote your tracks straight from your phone and access real-time data. It includes stream information, playlist features, audience analytics, and more.


19. Instagram

music platforms for artists

Instagram is a popular social media platform with over 1 billion active users. Musicians can use this platform to connect with fans and promote their music. 

Instagram allows artists to share different types of content, such as photos, videos, and Stories, to showcase their brand, announce new releases, and run targeted ads to reach potential new listeners and increase their streams.


20. Mixcloud

music platform for artists

Mixcloud is an online music streaming platform that offers free audio content distribution for DJs, radio hosts, and podcasters. It takes a community-driven approach to music discovery and has over 20 million active users. 

Fans can directly support their favorite artists by subscribing to their content. 

Mixcloud also offers paid plans, which provide additional features such as offline listening, an ad-free experience, and access to exclusive content for fans. 

For artists, it provides legal live-streaming, unlimited uploads, high-quality audio, detailed profile statistics, and tools to help them grow their community.


21. United Masters

music platform for artists

United Masters is a platform that helps artists distribute their music directly to popular streaming services. It provides data analytics, marketing and promotion tools, and creative services that can help artists expand their fan base.

With three different plans catering to artists at various stages of their careers, United Masters allows musicians to retain ownership of their work and master recording rights. 

United Masters also offers brand and sync licensing deals, playlist and editorial pitching, radio pitching, and automated artist marketing campaigns.


22. 8tracks

music platforms for artists

8tracks is a streaming service and internet radio platform offering an extensive collection of over 2 million free user-created playlists. These playlists consist of at least eight tracks and showcase diverse music genres and moods. 

Creating a playlist on 8tracks is simple and intuitive. You can easily compile and arrange your favorite tracks in any order or theme that suits your preference. 

BackBeat Inc. acquired the platform and now offers additional tools for artists and fans to discover and curate music while retaining its popular playlist format.


Conclusion About the Music Platforms for Artists

The music industry has transformed with the rise of the digital age, offering artists more opportunities to distribute, promote, and monetize their music worldwide.

Aspiring and established musicians can now maintain ownership of their music and enjoy greater creative freedom. However, becoming an independent musician can be an exciting yet challenging process.

If you’re a new musician seeking to enter the music industry, SoundCampaign is the perfect platform for you. We offer the best music promotion services, including Spotify and TikTok campaigns, to help you get started. 

Create your first campaign.


FAQs About the Music Platforms for Artists

The best music platform for artists is Spotify for artists, as it provides advanced analytics, helps artists grow their fanbase, and has a range of promotional tools to help boost streams.
Most artists use streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music to distribute and monetize their music, leveraging their vast built-in audiences and detailed analytics to grow their fanbases.
Apple Music pays artists the most per stream, averaging around 1 cent per play, while Spotify pays around 0.3-0.5 cents. However, Spotify has the most users and a greater potential reach.
TikTok is an effective platform for music promotion. It allows artists to connect with new audiences and achieve viral fame. To speed up your success on this platform, you can create a TikTok campaign with SoundCampaign and reach over 5,700 content creators willing to listen to and use your music in their videos. Our network of active creators will create engaging content featuring your music and share it with their followers, giving you a better chance of gaining more fans and expanding your reach.
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