How to Become an Artist on Spotify: 7 Ideas for Success

How To Become a Successful Artist on Spotify

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Are you an aspiring artist looking to make your mark on the music industry? Establishing your presence on Spotify, one of the most popular streaming services worldwide, can be a crucial step in your career. 

How to become an artist on Spotify?

It requires more than just uploading your music. It demands a strategic approach that leverages the tools available through Spotify for Artists to connect with listeners and grow your audience.

In this article, we will share a comprehensive guide to explain the fundamentals of this streaming service and the music distributors’ role in the process. We will also provide seven practical tips to help you thrive as an artist on Spotify. 

Let’s get started.


How to Become a Spotify Artist: Understanding Spotify for Artists

how to become an artist on spotify

Spotify for Artists is a platform designed for independent artists worldwide. It provides you with extensive artist services, allowing you to manage your own Spotify artist page, get deeper audience data, and build a strategy to enhance your music’s performance on one of the world’s most popular streaming services.

You can:

  • Personalize your profile: Customize your bio, photos, album title and featured playlists.
  • Showcase your music: Highlight your latest releases and upcoming shows.
  • Get streaming insights: Track your songs’ performance in real-time.
  • See fan demographics: Understand who your listeners are and where they come from.


To start, claim your profile on the Spotify for Artists homepage. Once you’ve gained access, you can use the available tools to boost your reach and visibility.

Key features at your disposal include:

  1. Music promotion tools: Submit tracks for playlist consideration and create shareable canvases for your songs.
  2. Audience insights: Dive into listener statistics to tailor your marketing, release date and tour planning.


Spotify for Artists is the go-to resource for understanding listener trends and optimizing music presentation on this streaming platform.


How to Become a Creator on Spotify with Music Distributors

The best music distribution services help artists reach the masses by distributing their tracks to streaming platforms, online stores, and other digital music services. Music distributors allow artists to focus on their music creation while they handle the logistics.

Here’s how they facilitate your journey:

  • Worldwide distribution: Distributors ensure your music reaches not just Spotify but a vast network of digital services, giving you the potential for global exposure.
  • Streaming revenue: Distributors provide a major benefit by collecting and paying your streaming revenue. You’ll earn money every time someone streams your music.
  • Detailed sales reports: You receive detailed sales reports, providing insights into how your music performs across different platforms. This data is critical, enabling you to strategize and maximize your reach.


Consider the following when choosing the music distributor:

  • Ensure your chosen distributor covers all the services where your audience might exist.
  • Assess the payment structures; some distributors offer more profit than others.
  • Consider the additional tools and services provided by the distributor, such as promotional tools or publishing administration.


Working with a music distributor is not just about getting your music out to the public. It’s also about establishing a professional presence in the industry, tracking your success, and maximizing your revenue.


How to Become an Artist on Spotify

To thrive as an artist on Spotify, you must create a vibrant artist profile, actively engage with listeners, and use promotional strategies to increase your music’s visibility.


1. Create a compelling artist profile

Your artist profile is your frontline on Spotify. Ensure your artist name stands out and your cover art is professional. Use the ‘Artist Pick’ to highlight key songs, and keep things fresh with regular updates about new music releases.


2. Engage with your audience

Interaction is key to developing a loyal fan base. Keep listeners informed about new release dates, share the stories behind your tunes, offer glimpses into your creative process, and have honest conversations with your followers. It’s about making each listener feel like part of your musical journey.


3. Promote your music on Spotify

Visibility on Spotify is about clever promotion. Collaborate with social media influencers, get your music on the right Spotify curated playlists, and find creative ways to introduce your sound to potential fans. It’s about making connections that resonate and expand your reach.


4. Leverage Spotify playlist placements with SoundCampaign

Spotify music promotion

SoundCampaign offers a streamlined approach to music promotion for artists looking to expand their music’s reach, gain more exposure, increase their fanbase, and grow their careers.

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Why should you choose SoundCampaign?

why choose soundcampaign

  1. SoundCampaign has a quality control system for playlist curators and content creators, ensuring your music reaches engaged, relevant individuals for optimal campaign results.
  2. Negotiating with playlist curators is unnecessary, as the system automatically matches your tracks with the most appropriate playlists based on genre, language, and budget settings.
  3. SoundCampaign operates with integrity, ensuring compliance with Spotify’s rules by compensating playlist curators for their time reviewing music, not for playlist placements. 
  4. You will receive genuine feedback based on the quality of your tracks, providing valuable insights to improve your music regardless of the outcome.
  5. SoundCampaign has an Artist Protection Program in place. If playlist curators do not provide feedback or you don’t like videos you receive from content creators, you automatically receive credit back when the campaign ends.
  6. The platform offers live support to address any questions or provide assistance throughout the campaign, ensuring a smooth and supportive experience for artists.
  7. SoundCampaign allows artists to manually set their campaign budgets, offering flexibility and affordability. This allows artists to invest in their promotion according to their financial capabilities.


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5. Analyze Spotify artists account data

Spotify provides analytics to help understand your audience. Who’s listening, what they love, and where they’re from—this data can help you make informed decisions about your music marketing strategies, ensuring your efforts resonate with your audience.


6. Monetize your Spotify presence

Understand how Spotify calculates royalties. Use features like pre-save campaigns to generate pre-release hype. This will engage fans and may increase streams upon release.


7. Stay current with Spotify’s features

Spotify constantly evolves, and keeping up with its changes can give you an edge. Whether it’s new ways to connect with fans or modifications to the algorithm that affect how your music is discovered, staying informed and adaptable is key to maintaining a strong presence on the platform.


Conclusion on How to Become an Artist on Spotify

Becoming an artist on Spotify involves a combination of creativity, strategic planning, and smart marketing. 

By creating deeper music, establishing a strong artist profile, and leveraging best music promotion services like SoundCampaign for playlist placements, you can significantly increase your visibility. 

Remember, success on Spotify is a marathon, not a sprint; it requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to adapt to the platform’s changing features. 

Stay authentic, interact with your audience, and use every resource to make your unique space on this music streaming platform.


FAQs About How to How to Get Famous on Spotify

Yes, it’s free to become an artist on Spotify. An artists account sign in is necessary to access and create a profile and upload photos and other content. However, to sell merch or release music, you’ll typically need to go through a digital distributor, which may charge a fee or take a percentage of your earnings directly.
Earnings vary widely, but Spotify pays artists based on streams. This payment is not fixed; it depends on factors like the listener’s country and your negotiated rate with your distributor. While some artists may earn substantial amounts, others may see more modest figures.
To create artists’ profile, you must have original music you’re ready to sell and instant access to high-quality recordings. A strong brand and engagement with your audience through curated playlists or exclusive releases can help attract more listeners and grow your presence.
You need no minimum number of followers to get verified on Spotify. Any artist can apply for verification. It helps you boost your music career, gain credibility and access features like detailed listener analytics.
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