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spotify playlist placement

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Spotify playlist placement can make a huge difference in your music promotion efforts. It offers the potential for your music to reach thousands, or even millions, of Spotify users. This exposure is priceless for music marketing, significantly boosting your streaming numbers.

Efficient Spotify playlist submission goes beyond creating great music; it requires a strategic approach that aligns with the platform’s algorithm and editorial preferences. 

Given Spotify’s prominent position in the music streaming industry, understanding how it operates and optimizing your music’s discoverability can significantly impact your career trajectory.

In today’s article, we will explain the fundamentals and share tips to help you secure Spotify playlist placements. We will also show you how to use SoundCampaign to get on Spotify playlists to get your music heard, gain more exposure, grow your fanbase, and advance your music career.


Understanding the Ecosystem of Spotify Playlists

spotify playlist placement

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Spotify playlists are diverse and include editorial, user-generated, and genre-specific playlists, among others. 

Spotify’s team curates editorial playlists that greatly influence the music industry. If you get featured, these playlists can significantly boost your career. They cover various genres, from hip-hop to electronic music, catering to a broad audience. 

Spotify users create user-generated playlists. These playlists can become popular if they gather a substantial following or are widely shared, contributing to the discovery of new music. 

In addition, niche playlists focus on specific themes or moods, providing tailored listening experiences.


The interplay of Spotify algorithms and playlist curators

Spotify’s algorithm considers user engagement and listening patterns when determining track placement. 

Your songs’ inclusion in algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar can hinge on release frequency and follower growth factors. Interaction with these playlists enables Spotify’s algorithm to learn listener preferences, influencing future song recommendations.

Understanding how to get on Spotify curated playlists is crucial to maximizing your chances of being featured in editorial and algorithmic playlists. 

It involves strategies that enhance your visibility and reputation on the platform, coupled with direct Spotify playlist pitch submissions for editorial consideration.

The Spotify playlist ecosystem is a dynamic and influential space where human curation and automated recommendations play key roles in shaping a song’s journey to popularity and success. 

Navigating this ecosystem effectively is key to enhancing your music’s reach.


How to Secure Your Spotify Playlist Placement

spotify playlist placement tips

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Follow these tips, grounded in the best industry practices and sound promotion strategies, to catch the attention of playlist curators and improve your chance of being considered for a playlist placement.


1. Optimize Your Spotify Artist Profile

spotify artist profile

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To maximize your visibility and appeal to playlist curators, you must have a fully completed Spotify artist profile. It should include:

  1. Professional, high-resolution profile image
  2. Engaging, up-to-date bio emphasizing your achievements and style
  3. Social media links to your accounts on other platforms


High-quality content can attract more followers and listeners, increasing the chances of your music being heard.


Ensure high-quality audio and metadata

Upload only the best-quality audio files and add comprehensive metadata to improve your music’s discoverability. Spotify’s algorithms favor tracks with complete and accurate information, which helps connect artists with their intended audience.

  • Upload lossless audio files (preferably 320 kbps)
  • Include track titles, album names, and contributor details


A polished profile signals professionalism and dedication to your art.

Remember: Your follower count is not just a number—each follower could be a potential advocate for your music. By creating a solid Spotify presence, you’re not just aiming for playlist placement but also building a loyal fanbase that will carry your music forward.


2. Create Playlist-Friendly Music

When attempting to secure a Spotify playlist placement, it’s crucial to develop tracks that blend well with the curator’s theme and the listening preferences of their audience. 


Analyze successful tracks in your genre

To start, examine top-performing tracks in your genre on Spotify. Notice patterns in song structure, tempo, and mood—these elements are often consistent in songs that achieve playlist inclusion. 

It isn’t about copying but understanding what listeners enjoy and curators look for.

  • Look at the intro length: Is it short to grab attention?
  • Chorus: Does it arrive early in the track?
  • Overall duration: Is it under four minutes to maintain engagement?


These trends are commonly found in tracks frequently added to playlists and could help you shape your new music.


Production and mastering for playlist appeal

A professionally produced and mastered track can make a substantial difference in your music submissions. Playlist curators favor high-quality recordings that provide listeners with the best audio experience.

  1. Ensure your track is well-balanced and punchy, fitting seamlessly into a playlist’s flow.
  2. Master your track for optimal loudness, avoiding excessive compression that can lead to a loss of dynamics.
  3. Consider the sonic profile of your music: Does it match the production quality of other playlisted songs?


By focusing on these key aspects of production and mastering, your tracks will not only attract the attention of playlist curators but also stand a better chance of resonating with listeners.

They will enhance your music marketing efforts and support your Spotify promotion strategy.


3. Maintain a Consistent Release Schedule

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By consistently releasing new music, you enhance your visibility on Spotify. Regular releases signal to Spotify’s algorithms that you’re an active contributor, which can increase your chances of being featured on algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly.

Aim for a pace that keeps your audience engaged without causing long periods of silence. 


  • Monthly single releases
  • Quarterly EPs
  • Biannual albums


Quality control in your music output

It’s not just about quantity. The quality of your music must remain high to maintain your listeners’ trust. A consistent release schedule doesn’t mean rushing your process. 

Instead, it’s about finding a balance between regularly releasing music that meets your standards and resonates with your audience.


  • Pre-production planning
  • Regular quality checks
  • Post-production reviews


Work in the studio to ensure you’re not sacrificing quality for frequency. It’s better to delay a release than to undermine your reputation with a subpar track.


4. Leverage Spotify’s Pre-Save Option

Leveraging the pre-save option on Spotify is pivotal to securing a solid start for your new tracks.

When your fans pre-save your upcoming release, they demonstrate their anticipation and support, boosting your music’s perceived popularity.

How to encourage pre-saves:

  • Share the pre-save link on all social media platforms
  • Engage with fans, offering exclusive content to those who pre-save
  • Email your subscriber list with a direct link to pre-save


Boost algorithmic chances with pre-saves

When you have many pre-saves, you signal to Spotify’s algorithm that your track should be considered for a feature on influential playlists like Discover Weekly or Release Radar.

Effects of pre-saves:

  • It enhances visibility on the platform
  • It provides early data for Spotify’s recommendation system
  • It can lead to higher streaming numbers post-release


5. Engage Your Fanbase and Build Relationships

By building a strong connection with your followers and engaging your fanbase, you encourage active listeners to stream and share your music.

Start by regularly updating your followers on recent activities and upcoming releases through social media channels. It will reinforce your online presence and keep you at the forefront of your audience’s minds.


Use social media to drive Spotify plays

Start discussions, share behind-the-scenes content, and create interactive posts to foster community.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for directing traffic to your Spotify profile and increasing plays. 

Engaging posts can entice followers to include your music in their playlists, which can capture the attention of playlist curators.

  • Share snippets of your music
  • Create interactive polls
  • Host live Q&A sessions


Incentivize Spotify follows and playlist inclusions

Consider running contests where fans can win merchandise or exclusive access in exchange for following your Spotify profile or adding your music to their playlists.

This not only boosts your visibility but can lead to growth in Spotify playlist followers.

  • Host giveaways for playlist adds
  • Offer early access to new tracks
  • Provide exclusive content for followers


6. Pitch to Spotify’s Editorial Team

spotify playlist pitch

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As an artist eager to feature your music, you should use the Spotify for Artists platform. It lets you submit unreleased tracks directly to Spotify’s editorial team. Make sure to upload your track in advance, as pitches require at least one week before the song’s release date.


Best practices for pitches

You should focus on preparing a clear and compelling message for a successful pitch. Here’s what to include:

  • Unique selling points: Identify what makes your track stand out.
  • Song information: Provide the genre, mood, and story behind the song.
  • Artist profile: Maintain an updated profile to show playlist curators your music’s credibility.


Creating a pitch:

  • Start with a concise introduction of your track.
  • Highlight the unique aspects without overselling.
  • Mention similar artists or songs to give the editorial team a frame of reference.


After the pitch:

  • Stay active on the platform. Engagement with your audience can keep you on the radar of playlist curators.
  • Avoid spamming with multiple submissions. Focus on quality pitches for your best tracks.


7. Build Relationships with Playlist Curators

Attend events, join online forums, and interact on social media with those who have influence in your genre.

A personal connection can make all the difference, so focus on building genuine relationships rather than just pitching your music. 

You can also consider using some of the best music promotion services to find relevant playlists and networking opportunities.


Engage with influencers for playlist features

Influencers within certain music circles often curate playlists. Engage with these individuals by sharing their content, commenting on their posts, and becoming an active audience member.

  • Research: Identify popular playlists in your genre.
  • Connect: Follow and interact with playlist curators on social media.
  • Participate: Be active on digital platforms where curators might be present.
  • Pitch: When you’re ready, reach out with a personalized message explaining how your music fits their playlist’s style.


Your active participation will put you on their radar, increasing the likelihood of your music being considered for their playlists.


8. Use Spotify Playlist Placement Services

Spotify promotion service

SoundCampaign provides a comprehensive music promotion service for artists seeking to boost their presence on Spotify with organic playlist promotion. 

This music promotion platform connects you with over 1,000 verified playlist curators who manage over 11,000 authentic playlists across 1,200 music genres. It streamlines the process of getting your music onto playlists that match your genre and style.

In addition, SoundCampaign also provides a TikTok music promotion service, giving you access to more than 5,700 content creators who can use your tracks in their videos and help you blow up on TikTok

You can check out Trustpilot and user reviews to learn more about the positive experiences of SoundCampaign’s satisfied customers.

Let’s explain how SoundCampaign’s Spotify promotion service works.


How Spotify playlist promotion service works

spotify playlist promotion service

Compared to other playlist promotion services, SoundCampaign simplifies the process. When launching a campaign, your tracks will be automatically aligned with playlists that fit your music’s genre, language, and your predetermined budget, all without the need for direct negotiation with playlist curators.

Here are the key steps to start a campaign:

  1. Get your song campaign to a strong start by gaining approval from the A&R team.
  2. Provide information about your song, including genre and vocal language.
  3. Select a date to launch your campaign or schedule it for later.
  4. Specify the campaign budget to determine the number of curators you can reach.
  5. Click “Pay & Start” to launch the campaign.
  6. Wait for the playlist curator’s review
  7. Get featured on their playlists if they enjoy your song


For a detailed overview, please read our guide on how to set up your Spotify campaign.


What you can expect from SoundCampaign

One standout feature is the quality control system, which ensures verified individuals hear and review your music. 

SoundCampaign complies with Spotify’s rules and offers ethical promotion by compensating curators for their review time, not playlist placements.

SoundCampaign review

Expect to receive valuable feedback on your music from the curators, which helps refine your tracks whether or not they’re chosen for playlist inclusion.

An Artist Protection Program also ensures you receive your credits back automatically if the playlist curator doesn’t deliver the feedback.


10 key benefits of SoundCampaign

soundcampaign customer testimonial

  1. Straightforward campaign setup process
  2. Automated curator matching
  3. Fast placements
  4. Honest curator feedback
  5. No negotiations required
  6. Potential playlist adds
  7. Curator engagement and genuine exposure
  8. Live support before, during and after the campaign
  9. Affordable pricing starts at $80 per campaign
  10. Artist protection program


Take advantage of SoundCampaign today and create your first campaign for Spotify playlist placements.


9. Collaborate and Cross-Promote

Engage in collaborations with other artists to enhance your visibility on Spotify. A joint track can provide access to each other’s fanbase, amplifying your reach.

Pair up with musicians whose fans might appreciate your style. By featuring on each other’s playlists, you open new doors for listeners to discover your music.

Steps for effective collaboration:

  1. Identify artists with a similar genre and audience.
  2. Connect with them through social media or Spotify.
  3. Propose a collaborative playlist or track.
  4. Share the resulting work across all your platforms.


Cross-promotion strategies with other artists

Cross-promotion is a powerful strategy to gain playlist placements. When artists promote each other’s work, it creates a network effect, enhancing everyone’s presence on the platform.

Effective cross-promotion tactics:

  • Exchange shout-outs on social media to engage fans.
  • Feature on each other’s playlists to multiply listener potential.
  • Host joint live streams or Q&A sessions to boost interactions.


10. Engage in Spotify’s Community

Join Spotify’s online forums to discuss various topics. You can connect with other users who share your interests by engaging in conversations.

Ensure your posts add value; ask questions, offer advice, and provide insights others may find helpful.

The more active you are, the more visible your profile becomes, increasing the likelihood of your tracks gaining attention.


Stay informed about music industry news and emerging trends.

Starting conversations about recent releases or hot topics position you as a knowledgeable source in the community.

Share your thoughts on new albums, industry information, or musical techniques to spark interaction and build a following that is attentive to your tracks.


11. Use Spotify Codes

spotify codes

Spotify codes work similarly to QR codes and offer a swift way to share music. By integrating this feature into your strategy, you elevate the accessibility of your tracks.

Incorporate your unique Spotify code into promotional flyers, business cards, email signatures and social media posts. Display it clearly to catch the viewer’s eye.

When scanned with the Spotify app, your music starts playing instantly.


Encourage fans to share your Spotify code

Engagement is key on social platforms. Ask fans to share your Spotify code to increase your music’s viral potential.

  1. Post interactive stories on Instagram or Facebook that include your Spotify code.
  2. Create engaging tweets with your code, inviting followers to discover your latest track.
  3. Offer incentives for fans who share your code, like exclusive content or merchandise discounts. 


12. Consider Spotify Ad Studio Campaigns

With Spotify Ad Studio, you can create audio ads that resonate with your target audience. First, you must set up an account and prepare your ad content.

Use the insights offered by Spotify’s campaign structure to scale your campaigns and test different variables efficiently. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Create multiple creatives: Test various messages to see which resonates the most.
  • Target specific audiences: Based on your music genre and listener demographics, use options like age, gender, and location.
  • Budget appropriately: Allocate funds across different tests to maximize reach without overspending.


Remember to update your creatives regularly with your latest releases to keep the content fresh and engaging.


Analyze campaign performance for future strategy

Once your Spotify Ad Studio campaign is live, monitoring and analyzing the performance is vital to understanding your return on investment.

Utilize Spotify’s targeting options to refine your audience over time.

 Key metrics to focus on include:

  • Impressions: The number of times your ad was displayed.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): How often listeners take action after hearing your ad.
  • Conversion rate: The percentage of listeners who add your song to their playlist or follow you.


Use these insights to adapt and evolve your campaign strategies for future releases, ensuring that each ad is more effective than the last.


13. Analyze Listener Data and Feedback

Spotify for Artists provides you with critical data about how your music is performing.

By monitoring streaming statistics, you can see which of your tracks are most popular among Spotify users and which niche playlists they’re getting featured.

This platform allows you to view listener demographics, including age, gender, and location, which helps you tailor your promotion strategies to effectively target specific audiences.


Adapt strategy based on data insights

After analyzing your listener data, make adjustments to your promotional strategies.

If certain tracks are more popular on specific streaming platforms like Apple Music or within particular niche playlists, consider focusing your efforts on those areas.

Feedback from playlist creators can also guide your next releases.

For example, if users often save a song, it’s a sign of a strong personal endorsement, indicating that your music resonates well with the audience.


14. Optimize for Discoverability

Understanding and using SEO principles will increase the likelihood of your music being discovered on Spotify.

Start by researching keywords relevant to your genre and audience. Then, include these keywords strategically in your track’s title, description, and even your artist profile.

Remember to write engaging track descriptions; these should tell a story or convey the emotion behind your music, using terms and phrases that potential listeners might search for.


Shareable cover art and track branding

Your cover art should be visually appealing and optimized for sharing on social media. Make sure it stands out and is easily recognizable. Consistent and distinctive branding can make your music more memorable.

Incorporate your style to ensure that when listeners come across your track in their Spotify playlists, your cover art prompts them to learn more about your music.

  • Track title: Make it catchy and memorable.
  • Artist name: Display prominently for easy identification.
  • Imagery: Keep it on-brand and relevant to the music.


Staying attuned to the best playlists on Spotify is crucial to optimizing your chances of placement on relevant playlists. Engage with music platforms for artists that provide analysis and insights into which tracks are gaining traction.

Examine the musical attributes of trending tracks, such as tempo, genre, and mood, to understand what listeners gravitate towards.


Observing trends should inform your production and promotional strategies. If your music is comparable to what’s currently popular on streaming platforms, update your submissions to highlight these similarities.

Tailor your pitch to emphasize why your music fits seamlessly alongside current hits, and leverage this relevance when approaching playlist curators.

  • Create a compelling narrative: Describe your track’s connection to ongoing trends in your submission.
  • Adjust tags and descriptions: Incorporate trending keywords and genres.
  • Refresh marketing materials: Ensure your promotional content reflects the current vibe of successful playlists.


Final Words on Spotify Playlist Placement

soundcampaign results

Gaining a spot on Spotify’s playlists can be a significant step in your music journey.

Update your Spotify profile regularly and share it across social platforms to increase your visibility and attract music lovers to your tracks.

Focus on creating outstanding music. High-quality tracks have a better chance of catching a curator’s attention and securing a playlist push.

Cultivate your followers organically. Engagement can often lead curators to consider your music for their playlists.

Building relationships with playlist curators can be a game changer. Personalized pitches, backed with genuine interaction, can set you apart.

To speed up the process, use SoundCampaign, the best Spotify playlist pitching service, to reach your target audience, grow your fanbase and boost streams. 

You can track your campaign in real-time and expect fast results within days.

Create your first campaign and increase your exposure now.


FAQs about Spotify Playlist Placement

Start with the official submission process to secure a spot on Spotify playlists. Log in to your Spotify for Artists account, choose the song you want to pitch, and submit it for playlist consideration. New artists should also actively increase their online presence and engage with their audience, which can influence placements on various playlists.
We don’t recommend paying for playlist placements, as this may violate Spotify’s terms of service. Instead, focus on organic growth strategies and connect directly with playlist curators. Building a genuine following and engaging with listeners can lead to consideration for select playlists without needing payment.
Your Spotify playlists should reflect a coherent mood or theme. Consider your target audience and curate songs that flow well together. Update your playlists regularly to keep them fresh for listeners. This may increase your chances of being featured on other playlists.
Spotify’s recommended playlists are on your Home and Browse pages. These include algorithmically personalized playlists such as Discover Weekly and Daily Mix and editor-curated playlists. Your engagement, streaming numbers, and follower growth influence the likelihood of appearing on these playlists.


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