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Spotify is one of the leading music platforms in today’s world. As such, artists can gain great traction on this platform.

According to the statistics, Spotify has nearly 365 million monthly active users. Due to this, this popular music service attracts different musicians who want to share their tracks with the whole world.  

At the same time, Spotify provides them with a great possibility to make some extra money. For example, the artists can make up to $3,500 per 1 million streams. Nonetheless, the amount of money directly depends on each listener’s country of origin and account type.

On Spotify, there are many ways that you increase your streams and grow your fanbase.

One of these is to get a playlist placement for your songs on the countless playlists that Spotify offers. All in all, there are more than 4 billion playlists available in the platform’s catalog. And their number is growing every year.

These playlists on Spotify are run by both independent curators and Spotify-owned playlists.

But, for this article, we are going to specifically share with you 3 major tips to ensure you get on Discover Weekly, one of Spotify’s main playlists for rising artists.


What is Discover Weekly?

Before we share these 3 major tips, though, let’s first explain what Discovery Weekly is.

As already mentioned, Discover Weekly is one of Spotify’s main playlists that music artists can have a chance to get their songs on.

This playlist contains up to 30 songs that refresh with new ones each week on Monday mornings.

What is unique about this playlist is that each user’s Discover Weekly playlist is personally catered to that user, so no Discover Weekly is the same.

This means that every user on Spotify will have different songs on their Discover Weekly playlist, one that is only meant for that specific user.

So, even if your song doesn’t get a Spotify placement on one Discover Weekly, then you can still have a chance at getting onto another.

This is actually why Discover Weekly is the second most popular playlist on Spotify.

In addition, although songs on Discover Weekly only stay for that week, users can still access their Discover Weekly archive.

There are typically over 2 hours’ worth of songs on this playlist, so users are still able to discover your song if it made it to their Discover Weekly.

So, follow those tips and be sure you will enter the Discover Weekly playlist:

How to Get Your Music on Discover Weekly Playlist

Right now, there are three sure ways to get on the Discover Weekly list and reach new listeners:

  • Regularly upload tracks – please your fans with new hits from time to time;
  • Focus on the quality of your content – no one likes mediocre music;
  • Use your social media accounts – promote your tracks on all popular platforms;

You can enter the Discover Weekly playlist without any difficulties by following our recommendations. Let’s go over them:


1. Upload music regularly

In every media channel, the key to receiving attention is to upload music often.

The reason for this is because the more the media platform notices that you are an active user, then the more they will recognize you.

The majority of media channels are free to use, so in order for these platforms to determine who to favor, they have to separate the non-active users from those that are actually using the platform.

Furthermore, other users will also take notice of you as an active artist or musician if you regularly release songs.

This would then encourage them to check out your profile to see what is new or if you have anything worth listening to.

Plus, no listener ever wants to visit a profile with only a few tracks or that is dormant.


2. Focus on quality over quantity

When it comes to music, as much as you should be uploading as many tracks as you can to attract audiences and please your listeners, you never want to compromise quality just because of quantity.

If you think of the many famous artists throughout the world, you will notice that they have a lot of popular singles that have been listened to or played countless times compared to the number of total songs they have.

So, if your one great song is equivalent to another artist’s three songs, for example, then that is a very successful outcome.

Therefore, if your output is high, ensure that your standard is high also.

This, of course, might require extra effort, but you will find that the results will be worth it in the end.


3. Make use of all media channels for promotion

One thing that you should never neglect is the power of social media.

Despite how amazing Spotify is and how many opportunities it offers artists to reach a wide range of potential listeners, you should still not focus on Spotify alone.

By utilizing other social channels, you are not just expanding your reach to other aspects of the online world but also catering to the needs of listeners in their other personal spaces.

After all, not every music fan is on Spotify, and not all Spotify users will see your uploads.

So, make sure to promote your music on other platforms too, and take advantage of these free channels to grow your overall fanbase.


How does the Discover Weekly algorithm work?

How the Discover Weekly playlist determines what songs go into it is based on a simple algorithm.

What this algorithm does is it records all of the user’s actions on the platform.

So, it basically remembers what songs they liked, the kind of music they add to their personal playlists.

All of these behaviors plus more are taken into account so that the Discover Weekly algorithm can decide what songs to recommend to these users that they may also like to listen to.

One thing to keep in mind, especially as an artist, is that the Discover Weekly playlist can be completely different to the one users had the week before.

This is because of this playlist changes based on your listening history.

This makes Discover Weekly such a great way to get new and fresh chances each week to appear on thousands if not millions of playlists on the Spotify platform.

Besides, it’ll be a good idea to pay attention to another Spotify organic playlist – Release Radar. It runs on a similar algorithm and is unique for each user of the platform. The playlist provides the listeners with the new tracks of their favorite musicians on a weekly basis. Thus, any artist can ensure that the users who don’t keep an eye on their every move won’t miss the new release.

Please, consider that Release Radar provides the listeners with the tracks released by the artists they follow or listen to regularly. That’s why always ask your fans to follow you to make sure Spotify will notify them about your new releases.

If your tracks manage to get on both Discover Weekly and Release Radar, they are likely to bring you hundreds or even thousands of new loyal fans. 


Final Thoughts

The Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify generates more streams than any of the self-curated playlists on the platform.

Therefore, if you were to get just one song onto this playlist, then that could certainly mean a big boost to your music career.

These 3 major tips to ensure you get on Discover Weekly will help you gain an understanding of how you can get a Spotify playlist placement.

Here at SoundCampaign, our goal is to help every up and coming talented artist to achieve their music dream.

So, ensure that you follow this expert advice to begin making the most of what Spotify freely offers.

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Nadav Peleg
Founder, CEO at SoundCampaign
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