Connecting Artists To Playlist Curators – Why It’s Important

Connecting artists to playlist curators

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Every artist’s goal is to be noticed.

They want their music to be discovered, and they want their name to be remembered.

For most artists, this is a life-long dream – for some, a childhood dream.

Well, in today’s world of music, Spotify playlist pitching is the way to go in order to achieve this dream.

So if you want to turn your hopes into a reality, you will need to submit songs to Spotify playlists.


Why Do You Need to Submit to Spotify Playlists?

Pitching to Spotify playlist is very cost-effective.

In fact, playlist pitching would save you on a lot of marketing investment if you do it right.

But be aware of music promoting scams out there that might lead you to illegal promotions such as payola.

If you aren’t familiar or want to know what payola is, then you can read our article on Why Payola Won’t Help You Get On Spotify Playlists to find out more about this topic.

But adding your songs on playlists, which can be done through submit to Spotify editorial curators or independent playlist curators, can undoubtedly boost your listening audience.

The thing with playlists is that they contain tens of songs.

Therefore, many people love listening to a playlist because they can play a lot of songs in one go.

Not only that, but most playlists are genre-specific.

So listening to a playlist that contains songs from your favorite genre is very attractive to listeners and is one of the main reasons why Spotify is so popular.

Rather than listening to or searching for your favorite songs one at a time, people find it easier to just listen to a playlist.

In addition, being placed on a playlist won’t just expose you to thousands of listeners, most popular playlists are monitored by record labels or music promotion companies.

This means that you will also have a chance to be recognized by industry professionals.

So submitting your songs to a playlist, most importantly, a Spotify playlist, can lead to achieving your goal of fame.


Why is Connecting Artists to Playlist Curators Important?

Besides being exposed to a broad audience and opening your chance of being found by record labels, there is another major reason why every artist should pitch their songs to playlists, particularly Spotify playlists.

This reason is that you, as an artist, can connect better with your fans or loyal listeners.

It is true that talent can take you a long way.

But without fans, you cannot do much with your music.

After all, it is your number of followers that makes you famous, and in today’s music community, people desire interaction.

And this is exactly what submitting to playlists can do for you as well – to help you to better connect with those who love your music.

Not only will this means of connecting build your relationship with fans, but it will also grow your fanbase.

If your fans feel like they are acknowledged or appreciated, then they will most likely tell their friends about you.

As a result, you are growing your name without making an effort to promote yourself.

Of course, there are more ways to build your name or grow your song reach, and one of these is the widespread usage of promotional campaign platforms like us at SoundCampaign.

What we do here is we help artists, especially new artists, to reach playlists curators that we have connections with from all parts of the globe.


Final Thoughts

Having a chance to get on a Spotify playlist – or any other playlist for that matter will have a considerable effect on your song reach.

This will also open up your chances of getting more playlist submissions in the future.

Sometimes, all it takes is just that one time effort to get the ball rolling, so it is always worth the time you need to put in to make it work the first time.

One of the things that I always like to say is that hard work does pay off and that never giving up is the key to making it big.

You just have to know what you are doing and make use of the tools that are available for artists.

So as you consider the importance of submitting your music to playlist curators, you will realize just how much you can grow your listeners and expand your fanbase.

By having this understanding, you will be better equipped to finally achieving your long-time or childhood dream of being a well-known artist.

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