How To Presave on Spotify for a Song Before It’s Released

how to create free spotify pre save links for song before it's released

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As an artist, one of the most exciting moments is the release of a new song. But how can you ensure your fans are ready and waiting to listen as soon as it drops?

The answer lies in Spotify’s pre-save feature. This powerful tool allows your fans to add your upcoming music to their Spotify library or playlist before its release date.

In the following text, I will explain to you how to create free Spotify pre-save links for a song before it’s released, so let’s dive into it!


Understanding Spotify Pre-Saves

A Spotify pre-save link is a promotional tool that allows your fans to save your upcoming music to their library before its release date.

This is similar to pre-ordering an album, but instead of purchasing it, your fans are simply saving the music to their Spotify account.

This early engagement is a significant metric that proves to Spotify’s algorithm that your track is important and entertaining to a lot of people, increasing the chances of your music being recommended to other listeners.


how to create free spotify pre save links for song before it's released

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Are you striving for an increase in Spotify streams and building anticipation? Your secret weapon might be the strength of pre-save links.

By consistently steering your audience towards a pre-save page and planning out regular campaigns, you’ll witness progressive growth in your streaming numbers. Spotify Pre-saves allow your fans to interact with your music before it’s officially out, creating a sense of excitement and exclusivity.

Moreover, they can help boost your music’s performance on Spotify’s algorithm, potentially leading to more visibility and streams once your new upcoming track is released.

Here’s how letting fans to pre-save your upcoming song can supercharge your Spotify presence.


1. Fueling Anticipation for Your Upcoming Release

The first and foremost advantage of pre-save links is the heightened excitement they generate for your forthcoming track.

A pre-save campaign naturally stirs up a buzz, intensifying the curiosity among your existing followers.

The pre-save page acts as a funnel, transforming this heightened curiosity into actual streams, as those who pre-save are more likely to tune into your song as soon as it’s out.

Essentially, you’re not just stirring up excitement but channeling it to drive Spotify streams. Possibly the best method for ensuring early engagement is to create a pre-save campaign.


2. Creating Momentum for Your New Release 

Creating buzz for new music, particularly for emerging artists, is crucial. Spotify pre-save links not only create awareness but also motivate fans to take action in the lead-up to the release date.

By incentivizing pre-saves, you encourage fans to repeatedly listen to your music once it’s out, thereby sustaining momentum.


how to create free spotify pre save links for song before it's released

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3. Enhancing Your Probability of Featuring on Spotify’s Algorithmic Playlists

Pre-save links can also augment your chances of making it to Spotify’s algorithmic playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly.

These Spotify-curated playlists can serve as a launchpad, introducing your music to a new audience. A strong initial stream count on the release day sends a positive signal to Spotify’s algorithm, indicating that your song is a potential candidate for these playlists.

Apart from paid Spotify promotion, a well-executed pre-save campaign can help you achieve the high stream count required to feature on these playlists.


4. Establishing a Stronger Connection with Your Audience

In addition to the benefits above, an effective pre-save campaign offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

By sharing behind-the-scenes content, personal stories related to the song, or exclusive access and rewards for pre-saving, you can foster a stronger bond with your fans.

This enhances fan loyalty and turns your audience into advocates for your music, further amplifying your reach and impact.


5. Data Collection and Audience Insights

Another significant advantage of pre-save campaigns is the valuable data they provide. When fans click on your pre-save link, you can collect useful information such as their email addresses and listening habits.

This data can be instrumental in understanding your audience better and tailoring your future marketing strategies. You can identify which promotional tactics work best, what kind of listeners are most engaged, and how to effectively target your audience for future releases.

This data-driven approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your music promotion, leading to more streams and a larger fan base.


how to create free spotify pre save links for song before it's released

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Creating a Spotify pre-save link is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:


Step 1: Distribute Your Music

Before creating a pre-save link, you need to upload your music to Spotify. This means getting your music on Spotify through a music distributor. Plan your release date well in advance, ideally two to four weeks ahead.


Step 2: Claim Your Spotify Profile

First, you need to claim your Spotify for Artists profile. After that you can start creating your pre-save campaign, This ensures that your fans can pre-save your album and see a preview of it.


Step 3: Obtain a Spotify URI for Your Forthcoming Release

Another small step you will have to take before the campaign is to get a Spotify URI code. This distinctive identifier enables a Spotify pre-save campaign to recognize your song within Spotify’s system, even before it’s publicly available. Once your track receives approval for release, you can obtain this ID (Spotify URI) from your Spotify for Artists profile.


Direct Spotify integration is provided by a music smart link such as SoundLink, a tool where you can create a free account, having options for paid upgrades. Learn more about music smart links on our blog!

SoundLink allows you to create a landing page where fans can pre-save your music.

To set up your Spotify pre-save campaign, log into the SoundLink account you previously made and navigate to the pre-save section.

You need to enter the following info:

  • Your artist name on Spotify
  • Under “Spotify Product ID”, type your release’s Spotify URI
  • Under “Product Name”, type your album name
  • Release dates (including free and paid Spotify users)
  • if applicable, the name of your custom playlist, its Spotify URI, and label.


Try SoundLink for free


how to create free spotify pre save links for song before it's released

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Step 5: Personalize Your Landing Page

After you’ve input all the necessary details, SoundLink will create a personalized landing page and corresponding link for you.

This serves as the hub for your fans to pre-save your upcoming album. You have the freedom to tailor this page to your liking, adding elements like album cover art and an artist banner for a more personalized touch.


Now that you have your pre-save link, it’s time to promote it. Share the link on your social media platforms, website, and email newsletters. Remember, the goal is to create a compelling story around your music to capture the attention of your fans. Here are a few concrete examples:


1. Broaden Your Reach

Don’t hesitate to share your link with everyone you know, including friends and family. Regularly post it on your social media platforms. If you have account, add it there. Pin it to your Twitter profile, feature it in your Instagram stories, and include it in your Facebook posts. You could even modify the button on your Facebook page to direct to your pre-save link.


2. Utilize Social Media Headers

Leverage the header images on your social media platforms. If there’s no option for a button or caption like on Facebook, incorporate the link into the graphic itself, such as the album artwork, to generate awareness.


3. Leverage Newsletters

Newsletters are a powerful tool for direct communication with your fans, unaffected by any algorithm. Craft an announcement email featuring the pre-save link and automatically send a reminder before the release. This strategy is crucial to maximize the impact of your campaign.


Step 7: Monitor and Adjust Your Pre-Save Campaign

Keep an eye on your pre-save campaign’s performance. If it’s not getting the engagement you hoped for, consider adjusting your promotional strategy. This could mean changing the way you’re presenting the pre-save link or finding new ways to engage your fans and encourage them to pre-save your music.


how to create free spotify pre save links for song before it's released

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Other Spotify Pre-Save Services

Try using these platforms if you want to make it easier to create your pre-save campaign:

  1. is a favored platform for creating pre-save links for your new release. Its pages boast a sleek and sophisticated design, and it automatically gathers email addresses from those who pre-save (up to 50 are free).
  2. is another excellent choice for creating the pre-save campaign. It was the first to offer free pre-save campaigns for independent artists. If you’re using CD Baby as your distributor, you automatically gain access to this amazing feature for your upcoming release!
  3. If you distribute your music with Distrokid, I have great news! HyperFollow is an incredibly powerful promotional tool available to all DistroKid artists free of charge. In today’s music landscape, it’s essential to have a single link that directs listeners to your music across all streaming platforms. That’s precisely the convenience HyperFollow offers! When you’re done uploading your music, HyperFollow enables you to kickstart your promotion and gather pre-saves on Spotify (along with fan email addresses). As your music goes live on the scheduled release day, your HyperFollow page will seamlessly update itself to incorporate links to various other music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer, etc. The best part? Your HyperFollow link remains constant, eliminating the need to revise your marketing content or social media posts.


HyperFollow has some amazing features:

  • Boosts followers: Clicking the pre-save button on your HyperFollow page automatically makes the user follow you on Spotify.
  • Increases the number of listeners: By clicking the button, your music is automatically added to a fan’s Spotify library.
  • Provides fan insights: You gain access to anonymized demographic information about your fans, including their city-level location.
  • Offers music insights: You can see what other music your fans are listening to, regardless of whether those artists use DistroKid.
  • Delivers stats: You can track the number of visitors to your HyperFollow page and the followers you’ve gained.


how to create free spotify pre save links for song before it's released

Photo by Ravi Roshan.


The time it takes to get a pre-save link can vary depending on your music distributor and how long it takes for your music to be approved for release on Spotify. Once your music is approved, you can create a pre-save link using a tool like SmartURL.



Spotify pre-save links are a powerful tool for promoting your upcoming music. By allowing your fans to save your music before its release day, you can build anticipation and engagement, boost your music’s performance on Spotify’s algorithm, and ultimately, increase your visibility and streams. So, next time you’re planning a release, make sure to include a Spotify pre-save campaign in your promotional strategy.

Remember, the key to a successful Spotify pre-save campaign is effective promotion. Don’t just rely on a single Instagram post or email. Instead, create a compelling story around your upcoming release and share it across all your promotional channels. With a well-planned pre-save campaign, you can ensure that your fans are ready and waiting to listen as soon as your new music drops.

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