How to Get on Spotify Curated Playlists [+10 Best Examples]

Spotify curated playlists

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Becoming a successful artist on Spotify can be challenging, given the platform’s vast number of tracks. However, Spotify curated playlists can help aspiring musicians expand their reach and attract more listeners. Collaborating with independent playlist curators can be one effective way to achieve this. 

In this article, you’ll find helpful tips on how to get on Spotify playlists and boost your music career. 

You’ll also learn more about SoundCampaign, the best Spotify pitching service that connects you with playlist curators, helping you get streams, grow the popularity of your tracks and increase your fanbase.

Let’s get started.


Why Landing on a Spotify Curated Playlist Matters

Spotify is the go-to platform for emerging artists to promote their music due to its large audience. According to Variety, in Q4 of 2023, Spotify added 10 million premium subscribers, making it an ideal place to reach new fans. Securing placement on curated playlists can be a significant strategic advantage.

Playlists on Spotify provide several benefits to artists, including:

  • Massive exposure: Curated playlists can help you reach new fans by exposing your music to a broader audience.
  • Increased streams: Appearing on a popular playlist can increase streams and reach a wider audience than going solo.
  • Algorithmic recommendations: They influence the algorithmic playlists. Whenever a playlist curator adds your song, Spotify gathers insights on the music they like and recommends the song to users with similar listening habits.


No wonder musicians are vying for playlist placements! Now, let’s explore the best examples of curated playlists.


10 Best Examples of Spotify Curated Playlists

Thanks to Spotify playlist curators, discovering new music is more effortless. The list below includes playlists that cover various genres, moods, and themes. They are suitable for different audiences’ preferences and tastes.

Let’s explore them!



1. Lofi Girl

Spotify curated playlist

Lofi Girl is a curated playlist for fans actively searching for relaxing music. They update the list frequently.

  • Genre: Lofi Girl focuses on chill beats, which include chill hop and Lofi hip hop
  • Likes: Currently, the playlist has more than 7 million likes
  • The number of songs: It features 500 songs
  • Duration: Spotify users would take 19 hours to listen to all the tracks



2. Deep House 2024

Spotify curated playlist

Deep House 2024 is sure to make music fans bust a move. It includes both classic and modern producers to cater to different tastes.

  • Genre: Deep house and electronic dance music enthusiasts frequent this playlist
  • Likes: It has over 5 million likes
  • The number of songs: It features 100 songs
  • Duration: Listeners have over four hours of music available



3. Trap Nation

Spotify curated playlist

Trap Nation features various genres. It provides top Spotify playlists for both established and up-and-coming artists to showcase their music.

  • Genre: It covers electronic and dance music
  • Likes: The playlist has been liked over 2 million times
  • The number of songs: Trap Nation features 149 songs
  • Duration: It’s about 8 hours long



4. Majestic Casual

Spotify curated playlist

Majestic Casual has a YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers, so it’s no wonder their Spotify playlist is also popular.

  • Genre: This Spotify playlist curator adds deep house, chill trap step and indie electronica music
  • Likes: It has more than 400k likes
  • The number of songs: Currently, there are 348 songs 
  • Duration: The playlist lasts about 19 hours



5. Rap Nation

Spotify curated playlist

Indie artists can get their music featured on Rap Nation alongside Kanye West, Meek Mills and other famous musicians.

  • Genre: This is the go-to playlist for hip-hop enthusiasts
  • Likes: It has over 100k likes
  • The number of songs: The playlist has 30 songs
  • Duration: It’s about one hour and 15 minutes long



6. Drum and Bass

Spotify curated playlist

Drum and Bass is an excellent example of user-generated playlists. An independent Spotify playlist curator who manages it aims to highlight classic and new music.

  • Genre: The focus is on the drum and bass genre
  • Likes: Almost 300k users have liked the playlist
  • The number of songs: 213 songs are available
  • Duration: Its duration is about 11 hours



7. Songpickr

Spotify curated playlist

Songpickr pays homage to various genres. The catch is that it focuses on the best songs from the past 12 months.

  • Genre: It includes folk, country, jazz, and pop music, among others
  • Likes: It has over 100k likes
  • The number of songs: Currently, there are 182 songs
  • Duration: It’s about 12 hours long



8. Compact Cassette

Spotify curated playlist

Updated every Wednesday, Compact Cassette is a good Spotify playlist for discovering new artists. The songs remain on the playlist for a week before the playlist curator replaces them with new tracks.

  • Genre: It spotlights dream pop, indie and lo-fi beats
  • Likes: The playlist has almost 60k likes
  • The number of songs: The curator adds 110 songs every week
  • Duration: Its duration is about five hours and 30 minutes



9. Independent Music Monday

Spotify curated playlist

Independent Music Monday maintains a playlist with the latest releases from independent labels. They update it on Mondays.

  • Genre: It supports different genres, including alternative, electronic and pop
  • Likes: Over 20k users have liked the playlist
  • The number of songs: 89 songs are currently available
  • Duration: The playlist lasts for about five hours



10. Fresh New Hits

Spotify curated playlist

Fresh New Hits features new hits only. However, it also adds songs they think should be a hit to give them the deserved attention.

  • Genre: From pop and R&B to house and electronica, listeners can expand their music knowledge with Fresh New Hits
  • Likes: It has over 20k likes
  • The number of songs: There are 150 songs on the playlist
  • Duration: It’s about eight hours long


These Spotify playlist curators have a broad audience. They are the best examples of Spotify curated playlists that spotlight different styles and artists.

Now, let’s explain how to get featured on similar playlists.


How to Get Your Music on Spotify Curated Playlists

Here are several steps to follow to get featured on popular playlists and achieve better Spotify promotion results:

  • Get verified on Spotify for artists: The first step is to learn how to get verified on Spotify. You need a Spotify for Artist account to provide the necessary information. The platform reviews the details to ensure they’re accurate.
  • Optimize your artist profile: Upload a bio with relevant keywords, prepare artwork for your tracks or albums and write compelling descriptions.
  • Create and share your own playlists: Curate your Spotify playlists to attract users. You can add your own or other artists’ songs. It will help you grow Spotify playlist followers over time.
  • Network with other artists and playlist curators: You can interact with fellow artists and playlist curators on music forums. That way, you’ll promote your songs and get your music heard by relevant people.


By staying proactive, more people will notice you. Some might curate the best Spotify playlists and decide to include your songs. That’s how you gain more exposure and followers.


How to Pitch to Spotify Playlist Curators

Follow these steps to pitch your music:

  1. Use Spotify for artists to pitch your music: This is the best tip on how to make the most out of your Spotify artist profile. Spotify allows you to pitch your music directly from the account. You can share upcoming tracks with Spotify editors.
  2. Contact playlist curators directly: Check the most active playlists to find the best Spotify playlist curators. Prepare an email outreach that lists your accomplishments and music direction to draw their attention.
  3. Leverage third-party playlist pitching services: The best Spotify promotion services do all the work for you. Platforms such as SoundCampaign maintain a playlist curator network. If they like your song, they will include it in their playlists.


Artists may find it challenging to search for suitable curators instead of focusing on their music. SoundCampaign offers a solution.

Let’s share more about it.


Using SoundCampaign to Your Advantage

Spotify music promotion

SoundCampaign is one of the best music promotion services for indie artists. It has received positive reviews from musicians and playlist curators worldwide. The team’s 4.3 rating on Trustpilot shows how dedicated it is to its users.

Besides Spotify promotion, SoundCampaign also offers TikTok music promotion services to help artists gain more exposure.

Spotify playlist promotion service

SoundCampaign has created a network of over 1,000 verified playlist curators and 11,000 authentic playlists across 1,200 genres and over 5,700 TikTok content creators to improve music promotion efforts.

You can create a Spotify campaign on the platform to pitch your music to these people and get a match based on your genre, language and budget.

It’s also an excellent option for playlist curators looking to earn money by doing what they love – discovering new music and expanding their playlists.

Submit your track to playlists.


How to Launch Spotify Campaign with SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign campaign manager

The platform created an easy-to-follow campaign process. You can launch your Spotify campaign in a few steps.

Submit your track to SoundCampaign. Select which campaign you want to launch – Spotify or TikTok.

SoundCampaign settings

If approved, you receive an email. Click on “Start campaign” in that email.

Spotify campaign settings

Submit details about your song, including genre and vocal language.

selecting genres and languages for the track

Choose the date to launch your campaign with SoundCampaign. You can start within 24 hours or select a later date.

selecting the campaign start date

Define the campaign budget. The platform determines how many curators you can reach based on the amount.

Campaign budget

Click “Pay & Start” to launch the campaign.

Reaching relevant playlist curators takes only seven steps. From then on, let SoundCampaign do everything—it will notify you about the results. 

To learn more, go over general information about campaigns.

Create a campaign now!


Conclusion About Spotify Curated Playlists

Getting your music heard on Spotify can be challenging, but it’s easier when your tracks are featured on playlists created by famous curators. 

These playlist curators have a huge audience of followers who regularly engage with their playlists, which means that your music could reach thousands of new fans with just one playlist placement.

However, getting your music featured on these playlists is not always easy. That’s where music promotion services like SoundCampaign come in. 

We specialize in promoting indie artists like you, and our platform helps you find the right playlist curators for your music. We carefully vet each curator, provide affordable pricing, offer an Artist Protection Program, and provide live support to ensure your music promotion experience is easy and stress-free.

So, if you want to increase your chances of getting noticed on Spotify, submit your songs to playlist curators through SoundCampaign today!


FAQs About Independent Spotify Playlist Curators

Spotify curated playlists feature songs carefully selected by a curator. These tracks usually center around a specific theme, mood, or style.
You can find them by typing a specific keyword in the search bar. For instance, you can target a particular genre.
You can’t pitch a curated playlist, but you can actively work on your playlist. Make sure it focuses on a genre, vibe or style. That way, people looking for that specific music can find it.
Playlist curators don’t receive compensation for adding songs to their playlists. Some music promotion services pay them to review songs and provide honest feedback.
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