How to Get 1 Million Streams on Spotify

How To Get 1 Million Streams on Spotify

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My close friend and I were ecstatic when he received his first million streams a few years ago! He was one of my first clients to reach this amazing number, but his path wasn’t easy!

Years of diligent work had gone into honing his distinctive sound and building a loyal fan base. Despite numerous setbacks and rejections, he never gave up. He kept working hard, performing in local bars and clubs and networking with other artists and industry professionals.

After some time, he was finally able to reach his goal of getting 1 million streams on Spotify, and the numbers just got bigger and bigger with time.

I couldn’t help but feel happy to have been a part of his journey as we celebrated his success. He was aware that this was only the beginning for him and that many more thrilling achievements would come.

Having a million streams is amazing! You can easily increase your visibility and exposure by having a lot of streams. But, how much does Spotify pay for 1 million streams? The path does get more complicated after the first million streams, though.

It appears that you will have to work even harder and more diligently than ever before to justify the large number of listeners who enjoy your music!

But let’s go back one step. If you are reading this article, that means you want to learn how to get Spotify streams and reach your first million!

I have to tell you that there is no single magic trick that will guarantee your success. It all depends on your willingness to put in the effort, advance, and demonstrate that your music deserves to be heard. Now, let’s dive into this topic!


Spotify Streams: What Are Those?

If you are new to the world of Spotify, you get one stream each time a user listens to a song for more than 30 seconds. Learning how to check Spotify streams can give you valuable insights into your audience.

The great thing about it is the more streams you receive, the more data you can learn about your listeners and use to better promote your music and brand. Streams are essential for comprehending how your audience discovers and reacts to your music.

Considering that, I am sure you don’t intend to stop after earning your first million, right? That means you must keep moving forward and discovering every possible detail about your music. As you see, the stream count isn’t just there to boost your confidence!

How To Get 1 Million Streams On Spotify
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Is Spotify a Good Place to Get Your First Million Streams?

To spread their music around the globe, most musicians in the field use Spotify because of its remarkable features and high success rate. For independent artists and aspiring musicians, the app offers a platform where they can share their music and grow their fanbase.

Of course, success won’t come by simply sitting around and waiting for a miracle to happen. Artists must work hard to boost their monthly listeners and get Spotify streams to benefit the most from the Spotify streaming platform and similar streaming services.

The main issue with artists expanding their Spotify presence is that it can be extremely difficult to know where to begin or what to do in order to have the biggest impact.

Many musicians struggle to figure out how to increase their Spotify play count and develop a loyal fan base.

To learn more about how to get the most out of Spotify and become a successful Spotify artist, keep reading!


How Does One Get 1 Million Streams On Spotify?

There are a few skills you must master if you want to see results with your music.

Some of these include:

  • Finding out how to increase your Spotify artist profile’s streams, listeners, and fans;
  • How to develop a devoted audience for your music;
  • What are the tools that can be helpful along the way?

Keep reading for some pro tips on how to increase those streams immediately and get to your first million streams much more quickly.


But Hold On, Can You Purchase a Few Streams to Aid Your Growth?

I am against it because of one simple point. Being on Spotify’s good side will make it more likely that your music will be played by listeners who enjoy similar musicians, songs, and genres to you.

But getting the Spotify algorithm to start recommending your music does require some time and effort.

Additionally, you want to do it precisely so that Spotify can direct the right fans to your music. You must therefore adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Don’t deceive listeners into streaming and buying your music.
  • Don’t pay for streams and plays.
  • Don’t pay to get a playlist placement.

If you want to learn more about the topic of buying Spotify streams and followers and other reasons for avoiding such behavior, you can read what I think about it here.

How To Get 1 Million Streams On Spotify
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What Per-Stream Pricing Options Does Spotify Provide?

How does Spotify pay artists? How much does an artist actually make per stream? Well, that’s not really that simple to understand. Regarding it, Spotify is very evasive.

With an average payout of $0.004 per stream, the company formally establishes a payment range of $0.003 to $0.0084 per stream.

But a lot of things play into that. Various nations pay different amounts, for instance. Portuguese listeners will pay $0.0018 per stream, compared to US listeners’ $0.0039.

Additionally, Spotify royalties (find our Spotify royalties calculator here) are not based solely on the volume of streams. Depending on how their music is streamed or the agreements they have with labels or distributors, artists’ royalties may differ.


How Much Can You Earn With 1 Million Streams?

First, if your motivation is purely financial, you should think twice before making any decisions regarding your music career. 1 million streams can’t make you rich, but those can help you grow more rapidly as an artist.

Because it depends on numerous factors, Spotify does not want to disclose the exact earnings of artists. However, based on straightforward math, musicians need millions of streams in order to make a living off their music.

For instance, based on my knowledge, as an artist, you will make:

  • The average price per stream is $0.004
  • $4 for every 1,000 streams
  • $4000 for each million streams


Tips for Getting 1 Million Organic Streams on Spotify

Let me tell you about 10 pro tips that helped many artists I have worked with reach their goal of getting 1 million streams. Keep reading to understand the process of gaining organic fans and attracting new listeners every day!


Claim Your Spotify Artist Profile

The first step in increasing your Spotify streams is to sign up for Spotify For Artists and claim your profile.

Accessing Spotify’s backend and making use of all the tools they provide for artists to use is crucial.

Spotify offers a variety of social media sharing tools, embeddable players, and Spotify Ad Studio, in addition to Spotify For Artists.

You can view information about your Spotify followers, the number of streams, and a ton more about the performance of your music.

From your Spotify For Artists account, you can add your music to Spotify playlists as well.


Update Your Spotify Profile

Do you actually have an updated and clean Spotify profile?

  • Did you upload high-quality pictures?
  • A captivating bio?
  • Do you have any social media links added?
  • Artist pick?
  • Your own artist playlists?

If you want Spotify’s algorithm to reward you with playlist features, “fans also like” features, and other features, you must treat the service like you would your primary social media platform.

If someone visits your profile on Spotify, are they more likely to stay there, or do they leave quickly? This is something to always keep in mind!

By regularly updating your Spotify account, you can keep the platform happy. Make effective use of Spotify to spread your message and develop your brand.


Every artist knows how important it is to establish a strong following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It’s essential to engage with fans, produce amazing content, and look after listeners.

As a foundation, at least make frequent posts, show up, and add value for your followers.

You need to lead your listeners if you want to convert their interest into more Spotify plays.

  • Put a link to your Spotify account in your Instagram bio.
  • Pin it as a top comment on a YouTube video
  • Create a link in your email signature.
  • Include it in your band’s bio.
  • Advertise it on stories
  • Advertise it on your Facebook banner.
  • Add a pre-save button to your website.

The opportunities for promotion are endless.

Once you’ve attracted attention to your content, point those eyes and ears in the right direction.

You’d be shocked by how many people are eager to hear your music, but you’re making them search for it.

How To Get 1 Million Streams On Spotify
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Spread the Word About Your Spotify Music Using Social Media

Social media use is now a key component of musical success. Because you can use your current followers to gain more streams, cross-promotion is always a great strategy.

Instead of just gaining more followers and streams, the objective should be to attract true fans who will support you and your musical endeavors in the long run.

Ask your followers to like, share, and tag the song when you post your track to social media. Be creative in your explanations of why they should follow your page and pay attention to your music. Make sure that whatever you post is real and engaging for your audience because fans love to see authenticity from artists.


Promote Your Music on Twitter/X

Twitter, now called X, is like this massive party where everyone’s talking about the latest and greatest, and guess what? Music is a hot topic!

Most of the trending stuff on X revolves around music. So, if you’re making tunes, you’re in the right place. Big names in the music industry are jamming on X, sharing their vibes and connecting with fans.

Ex-Twitter’s not just about tweets; it’s a place to show off your unique voice, your music, and your personality. Plus, it’s awesome for discovering new music and artists.

If you want to successfully use this platform, keep in mind a few things.

  • Content is King: Make sure your content is Twitter-friendly. Short, snappy videos and tweets work best.
  • Links, Links, Links: Use them to direct folks to your music or other profiles.
  • Follow Smartly: Connect with accounts that vibe with your music style.
  • Make Your Profile Shine: A cool profile pic, a snazzy banner, and a catchy bio can work wonders.
  • Go Live: Host a live session or use Twitter Spaces for real-time chats.
  • Stay Active: Engage with your followers and keep the tweets flowing.
  • Hashtag Smartly: Use relevant hashtags to get noticed.
  • Track Your Wins: Use Twitter analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

Music Forums and Blogs

Music blogs are like those cool cafes where everyone gathers to chat about the latest tracks and artists. They’re online platforms where writers, critics, and fans share their thoughts on everything music. From album reviews, artist interviews, to the latest music videos, these blogs have it all.

Discover New Tunes: Music blogs are treasure troves for discovering new artists and tracks. They’re the modern-day record stores where you stumble upon your next favorite song.

Deep Dives: Want to know the story behind a song or an artist’s journey? Music blogs offer in-depth insights that you won’t find anywhere else.

Community Vibes: These blogs are more than just articles. They’re communities where fans discuss, debate, and bond over music.


Show Behind the Scenes

Fans frequently enjoy learning about the songwriting process. If you give them a brief explanation of how the song came to be or what inspired it, that may be what makes them like it.

The behind-the-scenes process of everything you are doing regarding your music can make fans feel closer to you and understand you better.


Spotify and Facebook Ads

Promoting your tracks directly on the platform is another way to increase your Spotify audience. You can reach millions of people with Spotify ads, and you’ll get results you can count on. As a result, artists can interact with listeners by running a variety of ads, such as audio ads, mobile display ads, and conventional ads.

This is an effective way to market your music and learn more about your listeners so you can better target your advertising.

On the other side, Facebook ads can also be an excellent promotional tool in music marketing on which you can rely if you want to spread the word about your music.

You can point highly relevant listeners in the direction of your Spotify profile. Increasing your chances of deceiving the Spotify algorithm will help you gain more fans, and you can find more at a lower cost by taking advantage of Facebook’s tools and algorithms. If you want to learn everything about using Facebook ads, visit this link.


Email Promotion Is Still Very Effective 

Email has been and will continue to be a significant factor in artists’ success, even though social media is the dominant force in online marketing.

Directly promoting your tracks, EPs, albums, or singles to fans is a good idea with email marketing. You can use it to sell your music, merchandise, tickets, and other things.

In general, it’s a more exclusive way to communicate with your fans and inform them of the most recent events involving your company.

Every time you release new music, start a newsletter. Then, send your song to your mailing list and ask your audience to listen, like, share, and follow.

How To Get 1 Million Streams On Spotify
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Learn Why Spotify Playlists Are So Important

Did you know that playlists produce the vast majority of Spotify streams? The quickest way to connect with millions of potential fans is through this. One of the most crucial things you can do to accelerate the growth of your music is to secure a spot on a Spotify playlist.

It can be difficult to get your music on Spotify’s popular playlists, though.

Millions of playlists have been created on Spotify by users, independent curators, Spotify editorial staff, and algorithms. Follow the links if you want to learn more about how to get on a Spotify playlist, and contact Spotify playlist curators.

You can also make your own playlist of the songs by the artists who have most influenced you from the start. These are the artists that additional listeners are more likely to be familiar with and search for, which will direct them to your profile. Add one or two of your track to playlists of songs by well-known artists that share a sound with yours. Making a personal artist playlist is another fantastic way to connect with Spotify users.

And just in case you weren’t aware, starting the playlist submission process with services like SoundCampaign is the quickest and most effective way to achieve your playlist goals. Your song will be forwarded to the platform’s pro playlist curators, who will listen to it, give you a frank assessment that will help you improve your music, and then give you the option of adding your song to their expertly curated playlists.

You can see how amazing it is to have professionals on your side by looking at how SoundCampaign handles Spotify promotion.


Connect with Other Artists

When it comes to promoting your tracks on Spotify, networking is essential. In order to promote their music, both parties can greatly benefit from networking with other artists.

When you establish trusting bonds with other musicians, they will be more likely to recommend your music to their own fan bases. Many musicians who are part of the same genre may consent to promote your music in exchange for you doing the same for them.

Do some thorough research and make contact with other musicians who share your viewpoints and whom you believe would be interested in working with you on marketing initiatives.

In other words:

  • Look for musicians who are in a similar genre to your own.
  • Find musicians who aren’t too well-known but have a respectable number of fans who are similar to yours.
  • Seek opportunities to participate in discussions about music on their posts and to add your own observations and insights.
  • Check out the newest music from other artists, then leave a comment on their songs expressing your admiration.
  • Share your tracks in the comment sections of other tracks when and if it makes sense.


Create Excitement for the Release Date

Allow yourself time to relax and make plans.

I am aware of your excitement and desire to make that music heard. However, you also don’t want to be let down.

What you need are momentum and traction!

Preparing the final mix may take 2, 3, or 4 weeks. Take advantage of that time to develop a strategy, produce content for social media, and gain traction.

You need to be more aware of why your new music needs momentum to perform well if you recently released music and feel a little deflated, disheartened, and frustrated at the lack of response.

“Release and hope” is ineffective. Believe me. Create momentum and release your music to the public when the time is right!


Final Thoughts

After reading this article, I hope you finally understand how to get 1 million streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms as well, and essentially how to get more streams on Spotify!

Keep in mind all of the tips I learned from working with people who are exactly like you and whose goal is to have not just one but many more million Spotify streams to come.

The moment has come to take those first, frequently complex steps as an artist on Spotify and in the music industry! SoundCampaign is always here to motivate you and help you become the artist you always wanted to be!

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