Can You Buy Spotify Streams and Followers? And Should You?

buy spotify streams and followers

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We are living in an era where digital music has taken over, and any genre is accessible with a simple click. With old and new tunes right at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that numerous websites offer online music streaming services. 

Of all these platforms, Spotify stands out as one of the most popular ones, with a massive user base of over 433 million users from more than 180 countries

Spotify is more than a music streaming platform. It is also a social media platform for music artists to gain recognition and success. Having a Spotify account is an excellent way for established and up-and-coming musicians to release their work and get paid when people stream it. 

However, Spotify’s pay rates could be better, which means that artists need to have a lot of streams and followers to make significant money. This raises the question of whether you should buy Spotify streams and followers to establish a strong artist brand. 

In this article, I will explain the benefits and drawbacks of such a deal and provide my honest opinions on the topic.


Why Would You Consider Buying Spotify Followers and Streams

As mentioned earlier, Spotify is a popular music streaming service with millions of users globally. Adding your music to Spotify is an excellent opportunity to reach a larger audience and expand your fan base internationally.

The best part about this is that you can build on your success; if you gain fans worldwide, you might even find yourself performing in new locations and making more income from merchandise sales. 

However, is it advisable to purchase Spotify plays and streams?


What is Social Proofing?

buy Spotify streams and followers

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To boost your Spotify performance and attract more listeners, you can consider buying more Spotify plays and followers. Having a large following, also known as “social proof,” can make people perceive you as popular. 

When your music has many streams, it generates more interest among potential listeners who want to explore and know more about your tracks.


The importance of social proofing 

Spotify monthly listeners will most likely be interested in being a part of your community if you have more followers because they don’t like to feel left out and because your music appears more popular with more followers.

This way, having more streams can improve your performance.


The benefits of purchasing Spotify streams and followers

Purchasing Spotify streams and followers can help you build the momentum to gradually attract more users, increasing your popularity on the platform and in the music community.

Social proofing influences the perception of first-time listeners who may not be familiar with your work. Listeners generally perceive songs with over 200 million Spotify streams as more attractive than those without plays or streams.

This psychological phenomenon is quite influential in shaping listeners’ opinions.


The pitfalls of buying plays and followers

The main problem with buying plays or followers is that it only works when real users visit your profile. Purchasing streams or followers without directing people to your page wastes money.

Artists have the freedom to do as they please. Whether or not you want to purchase fake Spotify streams and followers is your choice. However, I suggest you concentrate on improving your skills as an artist instead.

If you want to invest in your music career, it’s essential to do it correctly.


Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

Is buying Spotify plays safe? This question is common in the music industry due to the prevalence of fake streams, followers, and likes.

Some people believe that purchasing Spotify plays and followers is a legitimate part of the game, while others think it can harm your career. 

Personally, I don’t judge anyone who wants to buy Spotify followers and plays, but I recommend avoiding any risks or downsides associated with fake streams and followers. 

In reality, all that fake Spotify plays and followers do is boost your profile’s social proof.


The Results Will Depend on Your Goals

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Buying play counts to boost a song’s popularity is not new. In the past, people used to buy thousands of copies of a vinyl record to push a song to the top of the charts. Today, the practice has shifted to purchasing digital plays and downloads.

However, purchasing plays does not guarantee that the listeners enjoy the music. It is essential to gather feedback from listeners to understand their opinions. 

If you create a lousy song, release it, and pay 10,000 unique Spotify listeners, the music will still be awful. In short, paying for plays is not an effective strategy.

Spotify is an excellent platform for independent musicians to showcase their music and gain exposure. There are better ways to leverage the platform than just buying plays.


Buying Spotify Plays and Streams Doesn’t Help You in the Long Run

Spotify’s growth depends on genuine listener data. The platform uses algorithms to increase your streams, but organic traffic must come from actual listeners. 

Real people decide on your music. If they like it, they will download, stream, and share it. Conversely, if they don’t, you won’t have much luck. 

To succeed, keep creating more music, improve your skills, and expand your catalog.

However, if you resort to buying Spotify plays and followers, you won’t provide the platform with high-quality information that can help you in the long run. 

Similarly, if you buy fake followers for your social media accounts, it will be challenging to land record deals or brand partnerships because the numbers and results will be fake.


Is It Possible To Be Paid For Fake Spotify Plays?

If your songs have fake streams, Spotify may withhold the royalties it collects for your music. Excessive bot activity can also lead to your song’s removal from the platform.

Whether Spotify can detect fake streams depends on where you purchase them. If you use a cheap service to buy Spotify plays or streams, the platform will likely notice, and you will not receive payment for the streams you generated. 

However, if you find a reliable service, you may be able to make money from the plays and streams that you purchase, but that raises a moral dilemma.

If you buy Spotify followers or plays, you might be stealing money from the service.

For instance, if you purchase 5,000 Spotify streams at $10, you effectively take $20 from Spotify if they pay $4 for every 1000 streams. It is the primary reason Spotify may remove your song from its service. 

It is crucial to refrain from taking money from the platform.


How Can You Tell if a Site Selling Spotify Plays Is Trustworthy?

buy Spotify streams and followers

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You can easily find numerous Google ads in search results for keywords such as “buy Spotify plays and followers” online. These ads claim to boost your career by selling Spotify plays and listeners.

It sounds fantastic, but three signs indicate a website might be fraudulent:

  1. They charge for a minimal number of streams
  2. The website provides a vast number of streams at a low cost
  3. There are spelling and grammar errors on the website


How can you tell if the promotions you’re buying from these sites to buy Spotify plays are legitimate? The offering is, of course, a dead giveaway right away. A ten-dollar investment gets you a thousand plays? That seems off.

The same applies to sites where you can buy Spotify streams and followers, which typically show five or more packages, each with a precise stream count (5k, 10k, 20k, and 100k).

These Spotify services are excellent if you want the “influence” but nothing else. It’s important to remain calm when facing issues with your artist account or drawing attention from other artists or business people.

Big record labels frown upon artists who use fake services to boost their numbers. Spotify is like a social media platform for music, so always present yourself in the best possible light.


Is Purchasing Spotify Plays and Followers Illegal?

Although purchasing plays or followers on Spotify is not illegal, using bots to add plays to your music is considered fraudulent and can lead to financial loss for the service provider. 

Avoid using any kind of bots to promote your music.

From the start, it has been clear that Spotify does not accept fake stream activity, and any such fraudulent action can have serious consequences. 

It is important to note that such unethical practices could result in the deletion of your song or even your entire profile.


If You Buy Spotify Streams, Can Your Song Be Removed?

If you buy fake or botted streams or plays for your music on Spotify, your song may get removed. 

Spotify has become more intelligent in detecting bots, and 60% of the 300 artists surveyed claimed that the platform removed their songs after purchasing fake plays. 

As a company supporting organic growth on Spotify, we have witnessed users who purchase streams often have their songs removed.

While frustrating, don’t get upset if your song gets removed from Spotify.

Remember that you knew the risks when buying Spotify plays, followers, and listeners.


Can You Get Your Song Back On Spotify After It Was Taken Down?

If Spotify took your song down due to fake plays or streams, don’t worry. You can still get it back up there. 

You can choose one of the best music distribution services and re-upload your song. Make sure you have your ISRC code ready and use the exact same artwork, title, and artist information as before. 

By doing this, you are likely to get your stream count back as well.


Is Investing In Spotify Streams and Followers A Successful Music Marketing Plan?

Purchasing Spotify streams is not a recommended music marketing strategy if you want to build a real, long-term music career. If it were easy to grow by buying cheap Spotify plays, everyone would do it.

Instead of relying on this method, learn to incorporate tangible marketing tactics into your release strategy.

Creating high-quality tracks is still critical to building a successful music career.

To advance as an artist, you must develop a strong music marketing plan and create quality music. 


What to Do Instead of Buying Spotify Plays and Followers?

buy Spotify followers and streams

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The answer is surprisingly simple! 

You can visit legitimate promotional agencies or use promotional tools available on Spotify and other social media platforms like Facebook.

You can quickly get organic streams if you ask for help in the right place!

If you’re willing to waste your money on fake plays and followers that will eventually lead you nowhere, it’s time to reconsider your priorities! 

Continue reading to discover what you should do to launch a fantastic career and gain many faithful fans!


Get your music on Spotify first

Let’s start with the basics.

Spotify accepts submissions only for unreleased songs. You need to work with a distributor or record label to handle the delivery of your music. 

If you are unsigned, you must work with a digital distributor, also known as a digital service provider (DSP). The DSP will handle licensing, distribution, and royalties. 

Your record label can also help you with this process. 

However, you will have to pay a commission or flat rate for this service, so be sure to research each provider before making a decision.


What after?

You can claim your Spotify Artist Profile once you have a track on the service or when a distributor is about to upload your music to Spotify.


Set up your Spotify for Artists profile

buy Spotify streams and followers

Image source: Spotify for Artists

Everyone can use Spotify for Artists to create their artist profile and promote their music. 

However, creating a Spotify Artist Profile is more complicated if you don’t already have music on the platform.

If your music is already on Spotify, you can “claim your profile” by visiting Spotify promotion for Artists’ home page. If you’re new to the platform, it’s best to work with a digital distributor to get your music on Spotify.


Promote your music on Spotify

You can use Spotify Ad Studio to create audio advertisements that are 30 seconds or less in duration. 

You can see these ads during commercial breaks between songs on both desktop and mobile services. 

To create an ad, you need to create an account and select “Promote an artist’s music on Spotify” as your campaign objective. 

You have complete control over targeting and budget.


Playlists and organic Spotify plays promotional campaigns

Playlist curators are always looking for new music to add to their playlists. Many playlists are available today, and despite intense competition, curators frequently collaborate with reputable sources to promote new artists. 

It is an excellent way to get your music heard.

Your job is to identify suitable playlists for your music. Many great playlists can adequately showcase your work, whether you produce upbeat pop songs or relaxing lo-fi beats.

If you need assistance, please contact SoundCampaign. We have connections with over 1,000 Spotify curators who manage more than 11,000 authentic playlists across 1,200 genres.


SoundCampaign’s method for Spotify playlist promotion

Spotify promotion

When you purchase a Spotify playlist promotion, you can access a service section where listeners are already enjoying music. It makes playlists an effective way for artists to get discovered. 

I have seen that artists have better results with playlist placements than with Spotify ads on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Ads on these platforms work best when retargeting your existing fan base.


How SoundCampaign promotes music on Spotify 

SoundCampaign campaign manager

SoundCampaign can increase your Spotify numbers by creating a custom promotion campaign that caters to your specific genre, location, and budget.

When you start the playlist submission process with SoundCampaign, you will receive a personalized campaign tailored to your needs. 

The platform will pitch your song to verified playlist curators, who will listen to it and provide an honest review. This feedback will help you improve your music. 

If your song meets their standards, they will place it on their carefully curated playlists.

Spotify playlist promotion service

These playlists have fans of your genre who will enjoy your music. Getting featured on these playlists can boost your Spotify numbers and increase your chances of getting included in official Spotify playlists.

SoundCampaign can help you reach many new listeners, increase your monthly streams, and grow your Spotify numbers.

Additionally, SoundCampaign is open about how its campaigns operate, providing you ongoing updates on campaign progress and a wrap-up update on the outcome.

Submit your song to the playlist curators.


Create playlists with songs from your personal library

If you have your music on Spotify, you can create a playlist comprising songs similar in genre or style to your music. 

You can share your playlist and connect with other Spotify users.

Rather than manually changing songs on Spotify, you can create custom playlists of your favorite tracks for various activities or moods, such as workouts, events, or relaxation.

Artist playlists on Spotify are an excellent way to showcase your favorite songs to your fans and supporters. Spotify users highly appreciate this feature.


Promote your music by using Facebook Ads

Create a Facebook page for promoting your music. Some people think that Instagram is the only platform that matters, but that’s not true. 

With targeted advertising, promoted events, and “boosted” posts, Facebook can be a very effective marketing tool for musicians.

Facebook ads are an excellent way to grow your fan base and attract new listeners. You can create ads that direct users to any Facebook tab or an external site like Spotify. 

You can choose to advertise to your current followers or a broader audience. Learn how to promote your music on Spotify using Facebook ads.


How Much Should You Spend On Music Promotion? 

Since everything is relative in this situation, there is no right or wrong answer. 

It may be easier for someone with a lot of money to spend $100,000 promoting their new album, but the average up-and-coming artist has a limited budget. 


We advise against spending a small amount on marketing

It is not because we or any other agency want to profit more from artists. Simply put, spending just $50 will not make much of a difference in your ability to succeed. 


Consider the resources that labels invest in a music project 

It takes time to develop a music career. While it may seem like artists such as Post Malone and The Kid Laroi became famous overnight, this is not always true. 

They put a lot of effort and money into their careers. 


Consider the five-year and ten-year outlooks

Like most companies, artists start out losing money. 

Consistently releasing music, promoting it, learning about your audience, working on your craft, and remaining hungry for success will yield great results, just like investing in the stock market.


The Spotify “Touch Points” Effect

buy Spotify streams and followers

Image source: Unsplash

I suggest promoting more than one track simultaneously. Artists who promote two songs at the same time get great results and engagement.

When you present yourself to the same listeners more than once, they tend to remember you better. In the music industry, we often refer to this as “touch points.”

If someone who doesn’t know you sees you more than once, they will be more likely to engage with you.

It usually takes someone seven to ten of your tracks before they become a fan, so keep this in mind as you advance in your career!

However, some artists prefer to promote only one song and refrain from releasing multiple songs. 

Remember that the songs you think will be your biggest hits may not be, and the ones you don’t expect to succeed may become your biggest hits. 

Music can be unpredictable!


Collaborate with Other Artists

Use Spotify to discover and collaborate with unsigned artists who share your sound. Create playlists featuring each other’s music to increase your streaming audience.


A Bonus Tip

While it may seem a little sneaky, choosing the same track title as a popular Spotify song can work well for you. It can help people looking for that song to find yours, play it, and potentially fall in love with it.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the title of your track is relevant and appropriate for your song. 

You can’t just pick any random name out of thin air. If the title is appropriate, having the same name as a popular song can be helpful.


Make Sure Your Music Is Available for Purchase

To ensure listeners can easily purchase your music, make it available on platforms like iTunes or Amazon. 

If you’re interested in promoting your music through Spotify, be sure to check out the essential information page on their website to learn everything you need to know. 

Remember to create an artist playlist and add it to your profile!


General Advice for Increasing Your Fans Without Spending Money

increasing fans on Spotify

Image source: Unsplash

Here are a few extra tips for anyone looking to advance their musical career. Keep reading to discover all the tips successful musicians have to offer.


Make amazing music

The saying “Quality over Quantity” is true. Focus your efforts on producing high-caliber music that can compete with established artists. Be innovative and distinctive to stand out from the crowd.


Don’t be shy

It is essential to start performing at small events to expand your fan base. This will allow you to showcase your talents to people who are genuinely interested in music.


Start small

Start small with places like bars and pubs and gradually expand. Confidence comes with practice and is key to success in music.


Make a good marketing strategy

You must prepare the necessary resources to launch a genuine media and social media marketing campaign. 

These resources include: 

  1. A simple website 
  2. A video channel (such as YouTube)
  3. A compelling media biography
  4. High-quality photographs
  5. Brief video clips
  6. Cover art


You can find talented designers on Fiverr to create the cover art for you.

Ask that individuals or organizations you engage with or work for share your work on their social media and marketing platforms.


Social media can help you greatly

Focus on expanding your online presence by promoting your music on various social media platforms. Keep your social media accounts active and updated regularly. 

Use relevant hashtags to increase your visibility. 

By following others, you can expect to gain followers in return. 

Remember that Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify are interconnected and can be used to promote each other.


Use some old-school methods

In the past, people used to have their music played before social media, SoundCloud, and Spotify existed. 

You can try the traditional approach by contacting radio producers and the music industry press. 

You can easily find producers of your local and national press and radio stations through their websites and LinkedIn profiles. 

Once you have identified them, make a direct pitch to them.


Final Thoughts

Getting a quick audience response and fast delivery seems like a good idea. However, paying for Spotify streams can present problems. 

Music-making should be an outlet for creativity, not a marketing gimmick. Before purchasing plays, consider your desire for a musical career. 

Would you instead slowly grow your fan base and reputation by finding real Spotify fans who genuinely love your music and will serve as long-term advocates? 

Or do you want to be known for fake plays and fake fans? 

Buying Spotify plays is a dishonest way to promote your work. Your goal should be to make music and be successful because people enjoy what you offer!

Think about it this way: what would you have thought of someone if they had offered to pay you to be their friend when you were in school?

Likewise, have you ever paid someone to be your friend or to go out with you? I doubt it.

Would you charge actual people to hear your music? 

Would you approach a stranger on the street and offer to pay them to listen to your song, or would you prefer that they hear your most recent song on the radio, in a club, in a neighborhood pub, or on the street and then pay you for the privilege of doing so?

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Don’t let anyone interfere with your plans! No one can stop you if you decide to buy Spotify plays or Spotify followers and streams!

Navigating the music industry can be challenging, but with SoundCampaign, independent artists can access a wealth of knowledge to advance their careers.


FAQs on Buying Spotify Streams and Followers

Spotify has strict policies against buying streams and takes measures to detect and penalize any such activity. The best way to increase your streams on Spotify is to promote your music through social media, live performances, and other legitimate means.
The amount of money an artist earns from 1,000 streams on Spotify depends on various factors, such as the country where the streams are coming from, the type of Spotify subscription the listener has, and the percentage of the song that is listened to. However, an artist can earn around from $0.003 to $0.005 per stream.
Paying for Spotify streams is not recommended as it violates Spotify’s terms of service. Additionally, paying for streams doesn’t guarantee success, as it doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the music. Instead, it’s better to focus on creating high-quality music, promoting it through legitimate channels, and engaging with your audience to build a loyal fanbase.
Buying monthly listeners is not recommended as it can result in fake and low-quality listeners who will not help you grow your audience or engagement.
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