Should You Buy Spotify Streams And Followers?

buy Spotify streams and followers

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We live in the digital music era, which makes listening to it simpler than ever. Old and new music can both be accessed instantly, so you can literally have any type of music you want at your fingertips.

You can find any kind of song or album you want to listen to on one of the many websites that offer online music streaming. Spotify is one of the most popular.

With over 433 million users across more than 180 countries, Spotify has experienced significant growth on a global level.

Even so, Spotify offers more than just listening; it’s a well-liked social media platform where musicians can increase their success.

It is a viable way for many musicians to make money because Spotify allows many established and up-and-coming musicians to release their work and pays them when people stream it.

However, Spotify’s pay rates aren’t that great, so you’ll need a lot of streams and followers if you want to be able to make any money at all. So, in order to establish a strong artist brand, should you buy Spotify streams and followers? Please continue reading to discover the benefits and drawbacks of such a deal and my frank opinions.


Why Would You Consider Buying Spotify Followers and Streams

As I already mentioned, Spotify is a hugely popular music streaming service with millions of users worldwide. Putting your music on Spotify presents a rare opportunity for you to reach a large audience and expand your fan base internationally.

The great thing about that is that you can expand on your success; if you amass fans all over the world, you might even find yourself touring in new locations and generating more revenue from merchandise sales. But is buying plays and streams the best way to go?


What is Social Proofing?

You can perform better on Spotify and garner more attention over time by purchasing streams and followers due to social cred, also referred to as “social proof.” People are more likely to buy into what you’re offering when you have a large following because they find you admirable. People will want to check out your music and see what it’s all about if it has a lot of streams.

People will most likely be interested in being a part of your community if you have more followers because they don’t like to feel left out and because your music appears more popular when you have more followers.

In this way, having more streams can improve your performance.

Purchasing Spotify streams and followers can help you build the momentum you need to gradually attract more users, increasing both your popularity on the platform and in the music community.

In other words, social proofing affects first-time listeners who have never heard of you. A song with more than 200 million Spotify streams is more appealing to listeners than one with zero plays or streams. Everything about it is psychological, and it works.

The only issue is that it only functions when actual users visit your profile or account to view your songs, statistics, etc. Therefore, you are essentially wasting your money if you simply buy plays or followers without actually directing people to your page.

Artists can’t be stopped from doing something if they want to. It is entirely up to you if you decide to buy Spotify plays and followers that are fake. However, I would prefer to focus your attention on developing properly as an artist.

If you’re going to invest your hard-earned money in your music career, you might as well go about it the right way, right?

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Should you buy Spotify Plays

Knowing whether or not to get Spotify plays is a frequently asked question because the music industry is rife with fake streams, followers, likes, and anything else you can think of.

Depending on who you ask, some people would say that buying Spotify plays and followers is totally cool and just a part of the game. Others, however, might argue that purchasing Spotify plays is a shortcut to your professional demise.

Also, I don’t care or pass judgment if someone is adamant about wanting to buy Spotify plays. However, I advise staying away from any risks or disadvantages related to purchasing these fake streams and followers. Really, all that fake Spotify plays and followers do is boost your profile’s social proof.


The Results Will Depend on Your Goals

The purchase of play counts is nothing new. “Fake plays” were common back when people still purchased vinyl records.

Many times, wealthy musicians, managers, and the families of aspiring stars have literally gone out and purchased thousands of copies of a song in order to place it in the Top Ten of the charts.

Just because it’s simpler and less expensive to purchase those thousands of records in the digital age of plays and downloads doesn’t change the fact that you have no idea whether these listeners actually thought your music was good.

You need to find out what their opinions are. Even if you create a completely terrible song, release it, and pay for 10,000 unique Spotify listeners, the music will still be terrible. It’s already been tried and tested.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Spotify. Of course, you do. Spotify is a fantastic platform for independent musicians to get their music discovered and has helped create thousands of artists. But there are much more effective approaches to using Spotify than paying for plays.


Buying Spotify Plays and Streams Doesn’t Help You in the Long Run

Spotify’s muscles will continue growing if you feed it with authentic listener data, and the platform will actively use algorithms to increase your streams.

On Spotify, organic traffic must originate from actual ears. Decisions actually have to be made by real people. They’ll download it, stream it more, etc., if they enjoy your music. If they don’t, well, bad luck. Create more music, get better, put it out there, and keep expanding your catalog.

Just be aware that when you buy Spotify plays and followers, you are not providing Spotify with high-quality information that can benefit you over the long term.

For example, what would happen if you purchased a large number of fake followers for your Instagram, Twitter, or other social media accounts, etc.?

If you were trying to land brand deals or record deals, it would not be easy to do so because the numbers and results wouldn’t add up.


Is It Possible To Be Paid For Fake Spotify Plays?

If you have fake streams on your songs, Spotify warned that they might withhold the royalties they collect for your music.

Be aware that if they find any use of bot activity of any kind, you run the risk of having your song completely removed from the platform.

Therefore, everything really depends on where you purchase the streams from and whether Spotify can tell if they are fake or not.

If you use a cheap service to buy Spotify plays or streams, the platform will probably notice your streams, and you won’t get paid for the streams you generated.

If you can find a reliable service, you may be able to make money from the plays and streams that you purchase. But that raises a more significant moral dilemma.

If you buy Spotify plays (or buy Spotify followers), you might be stealing money from the service. Consider purchasing 5,000 Spotify streams at the cost of $10. You are effectively taking $20 from Spotify if they pay out $4 for every 1000 streams. The primary justification for Spotify’s desire to remove your song from their service is this. A thief is despised by everyone.


How Can You Tell if a Site Selling Spotify Plays Is Trustworthy?

You’ll find a ton of Google Ad responses if you Google “buy Spotify plays and followers,” such as “Buy Spotify plays and listeners now and skyrocket your career.” It sounds amazing, but here are 3 indicators that a site is fraudulent:

1. They charge for a minimal number of streams.

2. For a low cost ($50 for 10,000 streams), the site offers a large number of streams.

3. There are precise spelling and grammar errors on the website.

How can you tell if the promotions you’re buying from these sites to buy Spotify plays are legitimate? The offering is, of course, a dead giveaway right away. A ten-dollar investment gets you a thousand plays? That seems off.

The same goes for sites where you can buy Spotify streams and followers, typically showing five or more packages, each with a precise stream count (5k, 10k, 20k, and 100k).

These services/packages are great if you want the “clout” but nothing else. The lesson here is to keep your cool when your artist account is affected, when other artists or business people pay attention, etc.

Big labels disapprove of artists who use these fake services. Remember that, in some ways, Spotify is similar to social media for music, so try to present yourself in the best possible way.


Is Purchasing Spotify Plays and Followers Illegal?

While purchasing plays or followers on Spotify is not against the law, using bots to add plays to your music amounts to stealing money from the service, which could come back to haunt you.

When promoting your music, I advise staying away from bots of any kind.

It has been clear from the start that Spotify does not accept the use of fake stream activity.

The possibility exists that your song or even your entire profile could be deleted.


If You Buy Spotify Streams, Can Your Song Be Removed?

If you purchase fake/botted plays or streams for your music on Spotify, your song may be removed.

When it comes to its anti-bot detection, Spotify has become more intelligent in recent years. 60% of the 300 artists claimed that Spotify had removed their song after purchasing fake plays.

As a company that organically promotes music on Spotify, we frequently observe users who have purchased stream removal for their songs.

It’s awful, especially for us artists who sometimes place the blame in the wrong places. If your song is taken off of Spotify, don’t get too upset about it.

When you decided to buy Spotify plays, followers, and listeners, you were aware of the risks involved.


Can You Get Your Song Back On Spotify After It Was Taken Down?

The good news is that if your song was removed from Spotify because of fake plays or streams, you could get it back up there.

You can actually go to a different distributor and re-upload your song as long as you keep your ISRC code close at hand. Check to ensure you use the precise ISRC, artwork, title, artists, etc. You’ll typically also get your stream count back.


Is Investing In Spotify Streams and Followers A Successful Music Marketing Plan?

Simply put, no! If you want to develop a real, long-term music career, marketing experts would say that purchasing Spotify streams is not a good music marketing strategy.

Learn how to incorporate concrete marketing strategies into your release strategy rather than buying Spotify plays or Spotify followers and monthly listeners.

Unfortunately, if it were that simple to grow by simply going out and purchasing the cheapest Spotify plays, everyone would be doing it.

Actually, creating excellent music is still crucial.

Not only do you need a strong music marketing plan if you want to advance as an artist, but you also need to create quality music. If you need to learn more about the music marketing strategy that works in 2023, follow this link.


What to Do Instead of Buying Spotify Plays and Followers?

The answer is surprisingly simple! Visit legitimate promotional agencies or make use of promotional tools available on Spotify and other social media platforms such as Facebook. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to obtain organic streams if you ask for assistance in the right place!

Suppose you’re willing to give your money away for all those fake plays and followers that will eventually lead you nowhere. In that case, it’s time to reconsider your priorities! Continue reading to find out what you should do to launch a fantastic career and gain a large number of faithful fans!


Get Your Music On Spotify First

Let’s start with the basics. All music that is submitted to Spotify for review must be unreleased. The delivery of this must be handled by a distributor or a record label.

If you’re unsigned, you’ll need to work with a digital distributor, also known as a digital service provider (DSP), who will take care of the licensing, distribution, and royalties. Your record label will help you put your music on Spotify.

For this service, you’ll probably have to pay a commission or flat rate, so do your research on each provider first.


What After?

You can claim your Spotify Artist Profile once you have a track on the service or when a distributor is about to upload your music to Spotify.

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Set up Your Spotify For Artists Profile

Everyone can use Spotify for Artists, and you can design your own artist profile to promote both you and your music in the manner that best represents you. Getting a Spotify Artist Profile is more complex unless you already have music on Spotify.

If you already have music on Spotify, you can “claim your profile” by going to the Spotify promotion for Artists’ home page. If it’s your first time, it’s best to work with a digital distributor to be able to get your music on Spotify.


Promote Your Music on Spotify

Create audio advertisements for the free Spotify app that last 30 seconds or less using Spotify Ad Studio.

On both desktop and mobile services, they can be seen during the commercial breaks between songs. By creating an account and choosing “Promote an artist’s music on Spotify” which will be your campaign objective, you can easily create an ad. Targeting and budget are in your hands.


Playlists and Organic Spotify Plays Promotional Campaigns

Although there is a lot of competition and curators frequently collaborate with reputable sources, this is a fantastic way to get your music heard. Playlist curators are constantly looking for fresh music to add to their playlists. Imagine all the playlists that exist today! Your task is to identify those who are appropriate for you. There are many excellent playlists for properly showcasing your work, regardless of whether you produce upbeat pop songs or soothing lo-fi beats.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you; we have connections with many of the Spotify curators.


Our Method For Spotify Playlist Promotion

By purchasing Spotify playlist promotion, you can access a section of the service where users are already listening to music. Because of this, playlists have evolved into the best method for being discovered.

Because people are already in the mood to listen to music, I actually see better results for artists getting discovered through playlist placements than I do for Spotify ads on social media (Instagram, Facebook). Ads appear to be most effective when they are retargeting your current fan base.

Here’s how we at SoundCampaign like to promote music on Spotify. By creating a promotion campaign for your music that is tailored to your genre, geographic location, and budget, SoundCampaign’s services can increase your Spotify numbers.

Starting the playlist submission process with SoundCampaign will give you a one-of-a-kind, personalized campaign in which the platform will send your song to their knowledgeable playlist curators, who will listen to it, give you an honest review that will help you improve your music and then give you the option of adding your song to their carefully curated playlists.

These playlists were created specifically for fans of that genre, who are likely to enjoy your song. This will increase your Spotify numbers and give you the boost you need to increase your chances of being included in Spotify’s official playlists. SoundCampaign is an open door for you to not only reach a ton of new listeners and streams each month but also to increase your Spotify numbers.

Additionally, SoundCampaign is totally open about how its campaigns operate, providing you with access to ongoing updates on how your campaign is progressing and a wrap-up update on how it went.


Create Playlists With Songs from Your Personal Library

Make a Spotify Artist Playlist of songs that sound similar to your music if you already have your own on Spotify. Don’t just make playlists with your own music on them. Like you would with any other playlist, share this one and connect with others!

Instead of clicking through Spotify to switch between songs, you can make customized playlists using your favorite songs for activities like workouts, events, or just relaxing at home. Additionally, Spotify artist playlists are a selection of songs you put together for the enjoyment of your viewers and supporters. As you can see, it’s a very well-liked feature by users.


Promote Your Music by Using Facebook Ads

Be sure to set up a Facebook page. Some believe that Instagram is the only relevant factor. Not really. With the help of targeted advertising, the promotion of Facebook events, and the use of “boosted” posts, Facebook is a very effective and powerful platform for marketing yourself and your music.

An excellent way for musicians to expand their fan base and draw in new listeners is through Facebook ads. Advertisements can be created to send users to any Facebook tab or an external site like Spotify. Advertising to your current followers or a wider demographic is your choice. Visit this link if you want to learn how to set up Facebook Ads!


How Much Should You Spend On Music Promotion? 

Since everything in this situation is relative, there is no correct response.

It will be simpler for someone with a lot of money to spend $100,000 promoting their new album. However, the typical up-and-coming artist doesn’t have a budget like that.

First off, we advise against spending a tiny amount on marketing.

No, this is not done to get more money from artists for us or any other agency. Simply put, $50 won’t make much of a difference in your ability to succeed.

Consider the resources labels invest in a music project. A music career takes time to develop.

While it may seem as though artists like Post Malone and The Kid Laroi rose to fame overnight, this is not always the case because they put a lot of effort and money into their careers.

Consider the five-year outlook first, followed by the horizon of ten years, rather than what might be possible in one year.

They start out losing money, just like the majority of companies.

You’ll achieve great results if you consistently push out music, promote it, learn about your audience (for example, learn how to see who follows you on Spotify), work on your craft, and remain hungry for success, just like when you invest in the stock market.


The Spotify “Touch Points” Effect

I suggest going after more than one track to promote. Artists who simultaneously promote two songs get great results and engagement.

When you are presented to the same listeners more than once, the same people are exposed to you more than once. In the music business, we often use the term “touch points” for this.

If a “cold prospect” (someone you have never met before) sees you more than once, they are more likely to engage with you. Before someone really sticks around and becomes a fan, they usually need to hear seven to ten of your tracks. Remember this as you advance in your career!

However, many artists only want to promote one song and are against releasing several songs and promoting them. Remember that sometimes the songs you predict will be your biggest hits won’t be; instead, the songs you didn’t expect to succeed will end up being your biggest hits. Strange are the ways of music!

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Collaborate with Other Artists

Use Spotify to find unsigned musicians who share your sound and work with them. Make playlists with each other’s music on them. This is a great way to increase the number of people who listen to your music streaming.


A Bonus Tip

It’s a little sneaky, but it could work out well for you if one of your songs just so happens to share the same track title as a popular Spotify song right now. It’s possible that people looking for that song will find yours, play it, and fall in love with it!

Of course, you can’t just pick a title out of thin air, but if it’s appropriate for your song and relevant, it might be helpful if your track also happens to share the same name.


Make Sure Your Music Is Available for Purchase

Make sure your music can be purchased by listeners who like it, for instance, through an iTunes or Amazon account.

Visit the essential information page on Spotify to learn everything there is to know about promoting yourself there. Keep in mind to add an artist playlist to your profile!


General Advice for Increasing Your Fans Without Spending Money

Here are a few extra tips for anyone looking to advance their musical career. To discover all the tips successful musicians have to offer, keep reading!


Make Amazing Music

The saying “Quality over Quantity” is true. Put your efforts into creating high-caliber music that can compete with that of established musicians. Be innovative and distinctive. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Don’t Be Shy

Busk, perform at small events and expand your faithful fan base. Everyone must start somewhere, and it is essential to perform in front of actual individuals in actual settings who are genuinely interested in music.


Start Small

Begin with modest establishments like bars and pubs, then expand gradually. Being successful in music often depends on having confidence, which comes with practice.


Make a Good Marketing Strategy

Prepare the resources you’ll need to launch a sincere media and social media marketing campaign, including a straightforward site, a video channel (such as YouTube), a compelling media bio, some high-quality photos, brief video clips, and cover art (you can find talented designers on Fiverr).

Make sure that everyone you interact with or the organizations you work for incorporate you into their own marketing and social media.


Social Media Can Help You Greatly

Pay attention to expanding your social media and online music profiles on all platforms and promoting your music there. Keep your social media account active and updated frequently. Use relevant hashtags to make yourself more visible; by following others, you can expect a follow-back. Keep in mind that Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify are all connected and can promote each other.


Use Some Old-School Methods

People used to get their music played before social media, Soundcloud, and Spotify were even around!

So, give the traditional method a shot: message radio producers and the music industry press. Investigate a bit (it’s simple to find producers of your local and national press and radio stations via websites and Linkedin) and make a direct pitch to them.

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Final Thoughts

Getting a quick audience response and fast delivery might seem like a good idea at first glance, but there are some issues.

Music-making should be an outlet for creativity rather than a marketing gimmick. If you’re considering paying for plays, take into account your desire for a musical career. Do you really want to grow your fan base and reputation that way? Would you instead take it slower and find real Spotify fans who genuinely love your music and will serve as your long-term advocates? Do you want to be known based on fake plays and fake fans? Buying Spotify plays is a dishonest way to promote your work. You should make music and be successful because people enjoy what you have to offer!

Think about it this way: what would you have thought of someone if they had offered to pay you to be their friend when you were in school?

On the other hand, have you ever paid someone to be your friend or to go out with you? I doubt it.

Would you charge actual people to hear your music? Would you approach a stranger on the street and offer to pay them to listen to your song, or would you prefer that they hear your most recent song on the radio, in a club, in a neighborhood pub, or on the street and then pay you for the privilege of doing so?

Of course, decisions are solely based on your goals and experience; don’t let anyone interfere with your plans! If you want to buy Spotify plays or Spotify followers and streams, no one can stop you!

The music industry can be challenging to navigate. With SoundCampaign, independent artists can access a wealth of knowledge to advance their careers.

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