15 Top Music Marketing Companies in 2024

Top Music Marketing Companies

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The music industry has been growing consistently, generating over $65 billion in 2023 according to Statista. Simply having talent is no longer enough to make an impact in this competitive field.

Effective marketing is the key to reaching out to music fans globally, and this is where the top music marketing companies can assist you. 

To save you from manual research, we have compiled a list of the 15 best music promotion services catering to new and established artists. 

You will learn more about these companies, their services, and which suits your budget best.

Let’s get started.


15 Best Music Marketing Companies to Boost Your Reach

Music marketing companies develop and execute promotional campaigns to increase awareness of an artist’s work. Their music marketing strategies may involve press releases, media coverage, and social media ads to generate buzz and make your music heard.

We have researched and compiled a list of the best music marketing companies to boost your reach and increase your fan base.

Let’s start immediately.


1. SoundCampaign

top music marketing companies

SoundCampaign is a music promotion platform that helps indie artists promote their music on Spotify and TikTok. The team’s exceptional rating on Trustpilot confirms its commitment to excellence.

As one of the best Spotify promotion services, SoundCampaign has a network of over 1,000 verified playlist curators with 11,000 authentic playlists waiting to hear and review your track. 

The platform also gathers more than 5,700 TikTok creators who can feature your music in their videos, providing one of the best TikTok music promotion services

SoundCampaign also supports over 1,200 music genres to increase your chances of getting playlisted

Say goodbye to manual outreach to playlist curators and content creators. SoundCampaign does it all for you.

Create a campaign now.


Key services

  • Playlist pitching: Connect with a network of independent curators who manage playlists across various genres
  • TikTok promotion: Connect with relevant TikTok influencers who can create video content featuring your music
  • Campaign management: SoundCampaign manages the submission process, communication with curators or influencers, and reports on campaign performance
  • Feedback and reviews: Get opinions from playlist curators to improve your tracks
  • Live support: Get immediate assistance each step of the way
  • Artist protection program: Get credits automatically if you don’t receive any reviews from playlist curators during a campaign 



SoundCampaign offers affordable pricing. Your reach depends on the budget.


SoundCampaign connects you with influential people who can help you boost your streams, grow your fanbase, and take your music career to the next level.

Create your first campaign.


2. Indie Music Academy

top music marketing companies

Indie Music Academy provides online video training for musicians, with a focus on music marketing education. They also offer promotion services for Spotify and TikTok, encouraging genuine organic growth. Their goal is to help artists receive authentic exposure and new opportunities.


Key services

  • Spotify playlist pitching: Pitch your music to playlist curators for potential placement.
  • TikTok promotion: Connect with TikTok influencers and get featured in their videos 
  • Community: Connect with other artists, share music, and learn from other’s experiences



  1. Spotify promotion packages start at $297 per campaign for 10,000 streams and go up to $1950 per campaign for 100,000 streams.
  2. TikTok promotion starts at $697 per campaign for 250-500k reach and goes up to $6,970 per campaign for a five million reach.


3. Drop Nation

top music marketing companies

Drop Nation is an artist collective that strives to offer high-quality content to its audience. They prioritize electronic music of various genres like Dubstep, Trance or Deep House. However, their focus may not be ideal for artists in other genres like country or classical.

Drop Nation is present on LabelRadar, YouTube and SoundCloud, providing a diverse range of tracks, albums, and playlists for listeners to enjoy free of charge. 


Key services

  • Demo submission: Artists can submit their demos on LabelRadar to get featured on Drop Nation channels.
  • YouTube placement: You can be featured in one of their videos and get exposure to over 250,000 subscribers, generating 150,000 daily views.



  • There is no pricing information available online.


4. Planetary Group

Planetary Group

Planetary Group is a music marketing company that collaborates with both emerging and established musicians, such as Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots, and John Mayer. 

They are renowned for their customized approach to music promotion, as they create personalized campaigns that cater to each artist’s individual needs, objectives, and musical genre.


Key services

  • Radio promo: Send your track and reach radio stations for airplay and feedback
  • Online promo: Reach online publishers and spread the word about your music
  • Consulting: Get ongoing media training to learn how to promote your tracks
  • International promo: Perform in China, India, Singapore and Scandinavia
  • Event / Festival promo: Showcase your music on live events and festivals



  • Pricing is not publicly available.


5. YouGrow

top music marketing companies

YouGrow is a reputable music marketing agency that can help you promote your songs on popular social media platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. 

YouGrow also provides a dedicated campaign manager who ensures prompt communication, frequent updates, and personalized support throughout the campaign.

The platform provides a 100% money-back guarantee if they fail to meet your streaming objectives.


Key services

  • Spotify promotion: Pitch music to curated playlists with real followers
  • Instagram promotion: Use Instagram Reels to showcase and promote your music
  • YouTube promotion: Launch ad campaigns targeting relevant audiences for your song or channel
  • TikTok promotion: Take advantage of influencer network to increase your reach



You can choose different pricing packages depending on the service:

  1. Spotify: From $77 for 2k-6k organic streams to $1,097 for 65k-100k streams.
  2. TikTok: From $117 for 20,000 organic listeners to $567 for 150,000 organic listeners.
  3. Instagram Reels: From $117 for 20,000 organic listeners to $567 for 150,000 organic listeners.
  4. YouTube: From $124 for 5k-8k targeted views to $773 for 55k-75k targeted views.


6. Omari MC

Best music marketing companies

Omari MC is a music marketing agency that helps you promote music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. They also offer radio and podcast promotion and press releases. Omari MC benefits new and established artists, offering services tailored to your needs.


Key services

  • Social media promotion: Benefit from a personalized approach to promoting music across multiple platforms
  • Custom ads management: Boost your reach on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram with highly-targeted campaigns
  • Consulting: Receive guidance on your music career, branding, and marketing strategies



  1. Spotify:  From $77 for 1-7 playlist placements to $1,797 for 33-57 playlist placements
  2. YouTube: From $77 for 2k-5k plays to $1,797 for 50k-300k plays
  3. TikTok ads: From $97 for 15k-60k video views to $3,497 for 1.2m-3m video views
  4. Facebook/Instagram ads: Bronze ads for $497, Silver ads for $997 and Gold ads for $1,997. Each includes ad creation, management fee, and actual ad spend. Plus, there is a one-time setup fee of $197.00.


7. Behind The Curtains Media

best music marketing companies

Located in Brooklyn, NYC, Behind the Curtains Media is a one-stop shop for independent artists seeking recording, music promotion, and publicity services. This full-service recording studio aims to help artists of all levels achieve major publicity, radio play, and exposure.


Key services

  • Music release promotion: Promote your music releases with comprehensive marketing strategies, including a release calendar and artist bulletin
  • Press release: Generate buzz and coverage with professionally prepared press releases
  • Spotify artist page optimization: Optimize your Spotify presence to increase fan engagement
  • Social media ads: Reach your intended audience with targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook
  • Recording facility: Access recording facility for TV shows, music production, advertisements, and album recording



Pricing varies based on the chosen service. Their website offers a detailed breakdown of their artist service packages, starting at $450, and music publicity packages, starting at $250.


8. Music Gateway

best music marketing companies

Music Gateway is a global music technology company empowering musicians of all levels to navigate the complexities of the music industry. They offer a comprehensive suite of tools and music promotion services designed to help artists build sustainable careers and reach new audiences.


Key services

  • Music promotion: Playlist submission to relevant curators, targeted music marketing campaigns and TikTok music promotion with influencer partnerships
  • Artist management: Get tailored professional support
  • Song distribution and publishing: Expand reach with top services
  • Licensing: Generate revenue through licensing opportunities
  • Free online music tools: Access free tools for producing your music



  1. Free plan: Includes up to 5 tracks with 2 masters per month
  2. Pro plan: Includes up to 80 tracks with 5 masters for $22 per month
  3. Unlimited: Includes unlimited tracks with unlimited masters for $37 per month


9. Playlist Promotion

top music marketing companies

Playlist Promotion is a music promotion service focused on getting your music featured on curated playlists on streaming platforms like Spotify. These playlists are created by individuals or organizations who have built audiences around specific genres, moods, or themes.


Key services

  • Spotify playlist promotion: Get featured on popular playlists to boost your streams
  • YouTube promotion: Boost your engagement on YouTube with targeted campaigns
  • Radio promotion: Get airplay and royalty payouts through strategic radio campaigns
  • Consultation: Get personalized coaching sessions to improve your music career



  • Pricing is not publicly available on the official website.


10. Starlight PR

best music marketing companies

Starlight PR is a company that offers music PR and marketing to help emerging artists reach their career goals. They provide customized PR campaigns that cover a range of services, including Spotify promotion and magazine placements. 

With a track record of success and a roster of notable clients such as Cardi B and Post Malone, Starlight PR brings expertise and experience to every campaign.


Key services

  • Artist branding: Establish and elevate your brand identity
  • Media coverage: Gain exposure through magazines, press releases, blogs, and live interviews
  • Organic music promotion: Leverage organic TikTok strategies, Spotify promotion, playlist pitching, and full PR support
  • Social media campaigns: Develop strategic campaigns to reach your audience on various platforms and increase engagement
  • PR campaigns: Amplify your presence with targeted PR strategies



  1. Artist essentials for $1,200
  2. Music career start up for $2,500
  3. Press release and media outreach for $5,000 (90 days)
  4. Instagram for musicians for $5,000 (45 days)
  5. Spotify promotion and organization for $5,000 (60 days)
  6. Release a new single for $5,000 per month
  7. YouTube monetization for $7,000 per month
  8. Virtual publicist basic subscription for $99 per month


11. Daimoon Media

top music marketing companies

Daimoon Media is a music marketing company that promotes independent and emerging artists on popular music platforms like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and TikTok. They have developed their own technology and tools to reach the most suitable audience for their clients’ needs and ensure the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns.


Key services

  • SoundCloud promotions: Get your song reposted by big channels or popular active channels
  • TikTok growth: Run ads to boost video views and get new followers
  • YouTube campaign: Reach viewers worldwide or in specific countries
  • Spotify promotion: Get featured on popular or large playlists 



  • Spotify campaigns start at €69,99
  • YouTube campaigns start at €127
  • SoundCloud campaigns start at €69,99
  • Priority campaigns start at $999


12. Boost Collective

top music marketing companies

Boost Collective is a music distribution company that offers various services such as promotion, independent music distribution, and artist-friendly record label deals. 

The company distributes music to major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music and promotes all major genres and subgenres. 

Boost Collective team listens to your song and other songs on your artist profile to understand your music’s genre, style, and mood. Based on that, they add your music to the most relevant playlists. 

Additionally, if your song reaches 250,000 Spotify streams, Boost Collective will send you a custom-made RIAA-style plaque free of charge.


Key services

  • Playlist promotion: Get your music featured on relevant playlists
  • Music distribution: Distribute your music to major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music
  • Independent music promotions: Amplify your presence and reach through various promotional strategies
  • Music mastering: Optimize and enhance the sound quality of your tracks



  • Pricing is not publicly available on the official website.


13. SubmitHub

best music marketing companies

SubmitHub is a music submission platform that helps artists connect with music bloggers, influencers, and playlist curators on platforms like Spotify, TikTok and Instagram to gain more exposure. 

The platform also offers the SubmitHub Marketplace, which connects users with members who can assist with album artwork, mixing and mastering, and in-depth music reviews.


Key services

  • Targeted submissions: Choose reviewers based on genre, location, and audience size
  • Hot or Not feedback: Get your music rated by other artists and further improve
  • Playlist checker: Identify playlists that might be using bots to inflate their follower count
  • Landing page and smart link creation: Create professional landing pages and smart links to promote your music



SubmitHub leverage the credit system for playlist submissions:

  • Free credits with limitations
  • Premium credits: Start at $6 for 5 credits
  • Bulk order discounts: $10 for 10 credits, $27 for 30 credits, and $80 for 100 credits


14. Groover

top music marketing companies

Groover is another music marketing company facilitating connections between independent musicians and influential people in the industry. Artists can target specific individuals based on their genre and audience, and receive guaranteed feedback on their music within 7 days. 

Groover offers the potential for playlist placements, radio airplay, and media features, but does not guarantee these outcomes.


Key services

  • Playlist placements: Get featured on curator’s playlists
  • Radio plays: Get your music on radio shows
  • Articles and interviews: Connect with journalists and bloggers and feature your music in their publications



Groover operates on a credit system called Grooviz. Each submission costs 2 Grooviz, which is equivalent to $2. Curators must give feedback of at least 15 words per track to earn 1 Groovy for each.


15. Pressed PR

top music marketing companies

Pressed PR is a boutique public relations agency that empowers independent artists and changes traditional PR with intentional, personal, and innovative marketing solutions. 

Their campaigns include top publications like Billboard, Forbes, and Huffington Post to help artists build their public image, gain media attention, and expand their audience reach.


Key services

  • Publicity: Garner attention and visibility through strategic publicity campaigns
  • Brand partnerships: Collaborate with brands to expand your reach and influence
  • PR, influencer, and social media management: Use the best tactics to amplify your message.
  • Media relations: Build relationships with media outlets to secure coverage and exposure
  • Press coverage: Gain extensive coverage across various media platforms
  • Artist development: Receive support and guidance to nurture your artistic career
  • Music distribution: Distribute your music to reach a wider audience across platforms
  • Radio and streaming promotions: Get airplay and playlist placements to boost your music’s visibility.



  • Pricing information is not publicly available.


What is the Best Music Marketing Company in 2024?

When choosing the best music marketing company, consider your unique goals and your current promotional strategy.

We highly recommend SoundCampaign for your music marketing needs. Our company specializes in music promotion on TikTok and Spotify, and we have achieved excellent results so far, as reflected in our high score on Trustpilot.

SoundCampaign results

We offer a cost-effective solution with campaigns starting at $80 for Spotify and $200 for TikTok promotion. Our user-friendly interface allows you to start a campaign in minutes, with live support available at every step.

Additionally, we offer an artist protection program that enables you to receive refunds if playlist curators don’t provide feedback on your tracks.

Join our satisfied customers and create your first campaign today!


Conclusion About the Top Music Marketing Companies

Music marketing services offer artists a wide range of benefits, such as expertise, industry connections, creative solutions, and promotions to help them succeed in the music industry. 

When choosing from the fifteen companies that provide music distribution services, it is clear that each has excellent features worth exploring. 

However, if you are seeking a complete and cost-effective solution, SoundCampaign should be at the top of your list.

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